Ultrium improved data protection to backup, archive and complement IBM xSeries servers
IBM 2U Universal Tape Autoloader
When your company’s backup or
archive requirements exceed a
standalone tape drive but don’t yet
warrant an enterprise solution, let a
cost-effective IBM autoloader handle
your tasks.
IBM 2U Universal Tape Autoloader
Advanced features
Investment protecting
architecture and performance
Value-priced, highperformance tape autoloader
delivering up to 8TB of
uncompressed storage with
LTO-3 tape technology.
Industry standard LTO-3 tape
technology in 2U rack space.
Integrated Barcode Reader
features fast tape cartridge
inventory time.
Easy-to-use LCD front
operator panel and Remote
Management Unit (RMU) for
advanced setup, monitoring,
and diagnostic over a
Leading-edge scalable
architecture that allows
upgrading of tape drive
technologies as new products
are introduced extending the
useable life.
This autoloader enhances your total
data protection landscape through
consolidated, shared and networked
storage technologies when coupled
with IBM System x™ servers.
The rack-mountable IBM 2U Universal
Tape Autoloader combines features
and performance found in larger
libraries with a flexible architecture
that enables potential investment
protection as increases in capacity are
needed or when new tape drive
technologies are made available.
Designed with ease-of-use attributes,
the IBM 2U Universal Tape
Autoloader is a high- capacity, highreliability solution at an affordable
Leveraging Linear Tape Open (LTO)
tape format, up to 8TB of LTO-3
uncompressed data can be stored in a
single 2U unit. This is five times more
useable capacity then the previous
LTO-2 generation products.
The IBM 2U Universal Tape
Autoloader comes standard with a
barcode reader for enhanced media
management and an integrated
remote management unit (RMU).
Web-based administration can be
conducted through any Ethernet port.
The RMU can configure, control and
update the library functions from
virtually anywhere. Additional
advanced diagnostics and firmware
upgrades can be performed through
the RMU.
The new, enhanced tape cartridge
magazines are designed for easy
removal for transportation or bulk
shelf storage. Ease-of-use field
upgrades/service components may
be changed without special tools.
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IBM 2U 33622LX tape autoloader at a glance
LTO Generation 3
Form factor
2U rackmount
Part numbers:
Universal Base Autoloader
LTO Generation 3 SCSI Drive
Barcode Reader
Remote Mangement
Autoloader drive capacity
1 full-height
Autoloader cartridge capacity
Capacity per cartridge1,2
Up to 20 data cartridges + 1 cleaning cartridge + 1 mail
Up to 400 GB (native)
800 GB (compressed)
Sustained data transfer rate
Up to 8 TB (native)
16 TB (compressed)
Up to 80 MBps (native)
Ultra160 SCSI LVD
Out of box (HxWxD)
3.4 x 17.5 x 31.5 in (8.8 x 44.5 x 80.7 cm)
Shipping (HxWxD)
9.8 x 22.8 x 39 in (25 x 58 x 99 cm)
Capacity per library1,2
Operating enviornment
Temperature (F)
Relative humidity (%)
41° to 95° F (5° to 35° C)
10% to 80%
System support
For information on IBM ^ xSeries
Limited warranty3
3 years parts and labor
Tape media 5 packs
LTO Generation 3
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Using 2:1 data compression. This is the highest
available capacity and throughput current as of
June 2006. Tape drives that use data
compression technology have storage capacity
that will vary depending upon whether the drive
is operating in native mode (without
compression) or compressed mode. Although
the compression technology used in IBM tape
drives can typically double the amount of data
stored on the media, the actual degree of
compression achieved is highly sensitive to the
characteristics of the data being compressed.
The 400/800 internal LTO-3 Tape Drive can
store 400GB in native capacity and up to about
800GB using hardware compression technology.
See web site for latest information.
When referring to storage capacity, GB equals
1,000,000,000 bytes and TB equals
1,000,000,000,000 bytes. Total user accessible
capacity may be less.
IBM hardware products are made from new
parts, or new and serviceable used parts.
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