300 Mbps
802.11b/g/n Indoor High Power Access Point with 802.3af PoE
The AIR-AP600GHP Access Point is a high-performance AP that is designed for enterprise and public access applications. Embedded with
Atheros XSPAN chipset, it boosts network robustness and stability and wider network coverage. Based on latest 802.11n Wireless
Technology, it has high-speed data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps, providing 15X the speed and 7X the range of 802.11g Access
Points. The AIR-AP600GHP is optimized for streaming video, and play multiplayer, online games without dropped frames. It is also ideal for
wirelessly sharing music, photos, movies, and high speed Internet access.
AIR-AP600GHP is able to operate in different modes such as Access Point or Client Mode for either Bridging or Routing Applications, which
makes it suitable for a variety of wireless applications and deployments. Equipped with two SMA antennas, AIR-AP600GHP provides a wider
coverage for your network. An integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows AIR-AP600GHP to be used in areas where power outlets are
not readily available.
To protect your security and privacy, AIR-AP600GHP is armed with many enhanced wireless security features compatible with WPA™,
WPA2™ (with Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm) MAC Address Filtering, IEEE 802.1x Authentication and 64/128-bit WEP (Wired
Equivalent Privacy) to ensure privacy for the heterogeneous mix of users within the same wireless LAN, while maintaining full access to the
establishment's resources.
The AIR-AP600GHP uses Repeater WDS mode to extend the wireless range and coverage of the wireless network allowing access and
communications over places generally difficult for wireless clients to connect to the network. The AIR-AP600GHP is able to map several
wired VLANs to the wireless LAN thanks to the Multi SSID feature and create priority access and different levels of security.
• Atheros XRTM eXtended Range Technology
• IEEE 802.11n compliant and backward compatible with 802.11b/g
• 2 x 2 MIMO spatial multiplexing technique
• Supports up to 300 Mbps physical data rates
• Maximum 29dBm/800mW Output Power
• Transmission Power Control (TPC) and Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
• Supports 802.3af PoE
• Surge arrestor support
High Capacity Wireless Networks
• WEP & WPA2 Support
• Virtual Access Point (VAP) - Up to 4 SSIDs with unique
MAC Addresses (BSSID)
• Multicast Routing support
• Bandwidth Control
• Supports IEEE802.11i , IEEE802.1x authentication
• 2 x RP-SMA Connector and Antenna
Airnet 300 Mbps
Indoor High Power Access Point
In an enterprise or campus area, some mobile users may need a
continuous network connection. By installing AIRNET 300 Mbps
Access Points in the area, mobile users can be always on the network
by installing a wireless card in their notebook or PDA and Wi-Fi Phone.
The roaming capacity allows users connecting to the network to
transparently roam from one access point to another.
Small Wireless ISP
A first mile solution now is simple with AIRNET 300 Mbps access
points. No wiring is required and the provided bandwidth can be up to
omni-directional antenna in the user`s neighborhood, all users around
the access point can easily connect to Internet through the access
point by installing a wireless USB Adapter, PCI Card or a
AIR-AP600GHP in client mode.
LAN to LAN or LAN to Multi-LAN Connection
Wiring inside your own building may be an easy job, but it is hard if network cabling needs to route through some public areas or difficult
wiring environments. AIRNET 300 Mbps Wireless Access Points can work in bridge mode to provide a robust solution for connecting two
or more wired Ethernet buildings. By extending distance, using NETKROM's external antenna, the installation is easy and the distance
between buildings can be 20km or more.
High Capacity Wireless Networks
Airnet 300 Mbps
IEEE 802.11n
Frequency Range
2.400 ~ 2.497 GHz (Programmable for different country regulations)
Supper Channel: 2.300 ~2.500 GHz
Wireless Operating Range
802.11n: 600m (300Mbps outdoor), 100m (300Mbps indoor)
Network Interface
RJ45 10/100Mbps auto-negotiating Ethernet Port
Modulation Techniques
Operating Channels
11 Channels: US and Canada / 13 Channels: Europe / 14 Channels: Japan
RF Operation Mode
Access Point, Station,
Access Point WDS, Station WDS
Repeater WDS, Access Point + Router
Station + Router
Virtual Access Point (VAP)
Up to 4 SSIDs with unique MAC Addresses (BSSID)
Station Isolation
MAC Address Filtering
WEP 64/128 - bit
WPA-PSK and WPA-EAP (TTLS, PEAP) , WPA2 (with AES encryption technique)
Advanced Features
IP Routing - static Routing, NAT and Port Forwarding (Routing mode only)
PPPoE Client, PPTP for VPNs Network (Routing mode only)
RIP v1 / 2 (Only in Routing Mode)
802.1Q Tag and Untag VLAN / VLAN Pass-through
802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.11h (DFS & TPC) DFS (On/Off) Ability
DHCP Server, Relay, and Client / DHCP Server Reservation
Remote Firmware Upgrade
Transmission Power Control (One dB per step)
Firewall and Packet/URL Filtering (Routing mode only)
Multicast Routing support
Monitor Utils (Ping, ARP table, Bridge Table, DHCP active leases, CCQ)
Bandwidth Control based on IP or MAC address
WAN Type
Static IP
Dynamic IP
HTTP/ HTTPS Web Server
Telnet / Secure Shell (SSH)
Data Capture & Notification
Event Login (Syslog)
Detailed Statistics per Client
Antenna Type
Two detachable 2dBi antenna with RP-SMA connector
LED indicators
Power, Diagnostic, LAN, WAN, WLAN
Power Requirements
24VDC Power Adapter ( 802.3af PoE support )
Output Power
29dBm @ 11bg
23dBm @ 11gn HT20
22dBm @ 11gn HT40
Receiving Sensitivity
802.11gn HT20:
802.11gn HT40:
FCC, CE Mark
Environmental Requirements
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C to 80°C
Operating Humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity non-condensing
RoHS Compliant: Yes
5.7 in. (145mm) x 5.2 in (132mm) x 1.6 in (41mm)
9.2oz (260gr)
-73dBm@MCS15 (150Mbps)
-71dBm@MCS15 (300Mbps)
Ordering Information:
High Capacity Wireless Networks
AIRNET 300 Mbps 802.11b/g/n Indoor High Power Access Point with 802.3af PoE (29dBm/800mW)