High Brightness
High Resolution
T C-7 W M S 1
7" LCD Color Display
1 - 5/16 thin
16: 9 W i d e scr e e n Vi e w i n g
Panasonic’s new TC-7WMS1 7" LCD Color Display greatly expands
monitoring in both field and studio environments. Mount it directly on
your camcorder to gain a better view on composition, framing, color
assessment and focus, and at the same time reduce eyestrain associated
with small viewfinders. With its ball head mounting system, this versatile display can be rotated and angled to accommodate most viewing
requirements. It’s also great for tape playback review and assurance.
Add the TC7-BAT Battery Powered Framework, and the TC-7WMS1
becomes a freestanding portable monitor — convenient for producers’ and
directors’ viewing of live feeds and tape playback.
The TC-7WMS1 also serves as a convenient monitor when used with VTRs.
Place it next to a desktop or rack mounted VTR for monitoring
set-up menus, input, output and ‘super’ feeds. Add it to any control
room environment for graphics preview, return video feeds, off-air
checks, timecode monitoring, POV cameras, and much more.
Video Camera Monitor
Mount the TC-WMS1 on a portable or studio camera for use as
a large-screen viewfinder or over-the-shoulder monitoring. Also
convenient for playback from the camcorder’s VTR. Alternately,
use it for return video or teleprompter messaging.
VTR Monitor
Mounts in any physical configuration next to a studio or field VTR.
Convenient for setting menus or simply adjacent monitoring.
Connect to "super" composite output.
General Purpose Monitoring
OFFICE VIEWING – Use for VTR Playback or off-air receive.
Use the appropriate number of screens to monitor multiple
sources simultaneously.
SECURITY – Small size allows for discrete placement.
FILM CAMERA – Video assist monitoring and playback.
TC-7WMS1 mounted on DVCPRO Camera
7" TFT active matrix LCD panel
High brightness, anti-glare screen
High resolution – 336,960 pixels
16:9 widescreen or 4:3 standard screen aspect ratio
NTSC / PAL compatible
Two selections for video display presets
Automatic dimmer sensor – automatically adjusts for
surrounding brightness
Built-in loudspeaker with volume control
Lightweight and rugged, built for field applications
Wide range of mounting accessories available (use any
standard photographic system mounting scheme, i.e.,
ball heads, tripods, clip on mounts, etc.)
7" LCD Color Display
TC7-CAM Camera Connection Kit
Designed for use with a portable camcorder. Attaches to carry handle.
● 2' cable assembly
● Ball head mount (mounts on front of carry handle)
● Hood for shielding light (Hoodman Model H700P)
Cable assembly connectors:
● Audio - M6 RTS plug (plugs into headphone jack)
● Video - BNC
● Power - 2-pin Anton/Bauer Power-Tap male connector (plugs into battery
adapter plate)
TC7-VTR VTR Connection Kit
Designed for use with any video source, especially studio or portable VTRs.
● 6' cable assembly
● Mini tripod with built-in ball head
● AC adapter power supply
Cable assembly connectors:
● Audio - XLR-female
● Video - BNC
● Power - 2.1 mm coaxial power plug
TC7-BAT Battery Powered Framework
Bracket and battery mount designed to hold TC-7WMS1. Custom Mount for
TC-7WMS1 monitor includes Gold Mount for power from any Anton/Bauer
battery (note: the ‘ProFormer’ battery is almost the same exterior size as the
TC-7WMS1). LCD monitor attaches via the 1/4" female thread at the bottom
of the monitor. Includes breakout RCA and BNC connections for audio and
video input from source feeds. Also available from Anton/Bauer as model
number QR-7LCD.
(top view)
Top View - Controls
TC7-CC Carry Case for TC-7WMS1 and Accessories
Padded case with zip top houses TC-7WMS1, plus cable and hood.
Sufficient room for other accessories is provided.
External Power Supply
Cable Length
BNC – Composite NTSC / PAL
M6 TRS plug – .775v / XLR Fem.
2-pin Anton/Bauer Power Tap battery connector
for power from camera battery
2.1 mm Coaxial power plug for external AC
Adapter 12 volt power supply
12 VDC / 0.83 amps
2 ft. for camera / 6 ft. for VTR
Screen Type
Screen Dimensions
Package Dimensions
Video Input
Thin film transistor active matrix LCD panel,
high-brightness, anti-glare screen
6 1/8" (W) x 3 7/16" (H) x 7" (diagonal)
156mm x 87mm x 178mm
7 1/8" (W) x 5 3/16" (H) x 1 5/16" (depth)
181 x 131 x 34 mm
NTSC/PAL composite
Display Format
Pixel Count
Pixel Pitch (H x V)
Aspect Ratio
Automatic Dimmer
Contrast Ratio
Viewing Angle
Display Method
Light Source
Audio Amplifier
Power Supply
Current Consumption
Usage Temp. Range
Storage Temp. Range
480 H x 234 V (RGB)
0.107 x 0.372 mm
16:9 (4:3 aspect ratio selectable)
Display brightness adjustment by
exterior-light sensor
>300 cd/m2
Vertical: +15° / -35° Horizontal: +55°
Transparent color filter format
Internal lamp (U-shaped, cold cathode fluorescent)
0.5 watts
4 cm round
1 lbs. 4 oz. (579 grams)
12 volts DC (11 V ~ 16 V)
< 750 ma
0°C to +40°C
-20°C to +80°C
Description and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
TC7WMS1-900A Printed in USA
Broadcast & Television Systems Company