IBM Infoprint Color 1220 — A New Low

Product Announcement
January 29, 2002
IBM Infoprint Color 1220 — A New Low-Cost Color
Laser Printer for Small Workgroups
At a Glance
The IBM Infoprint  Color 1220 offers a high-quality, medium-volume color
printing solution for small workgroup environments. Its very affordable cost,
and flexible paper handling and networking options make this color laser
printer ideal for small businesses.
The Infoprint Color 1220 provides:
High-performance controller technology utilizing a 350 MHz RISC
64 MB of memory (512 MB maximum) standard
Three levels of monochrome and color toner savings
Automatic color correction
Optional Token-Ring, Ethernet and Coax/Twinax connectivity options
Optional finisher with stapling, hole punching and job offsetting
Robust driver support including Linux
The Infoprint Color 1220 comes with a one-year on-site repair warranty, which
provides quick service if needed.
The Infoprint Color 1220 is a
superior value workgroup color
laser printer that delivers excellent
performance and reliability. It is
part of IBM′s fast growing
workgroup printer product line and
provides the following benefits:
Up to 20 PPM print speed in
both monochrome and color
Outstanding print quality with
1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi)
Broad range of paper handling
options available
PCL 6 and PostScript Level 3
are standard
Robust printer management
software available
Planned Availability Dates
Printers and features: March 8, 2002
Finisher T: July 26, 2002
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Print Quality
The Infoprint Color 1220 supports following resolutions:
The IBM Infoprint Color 1220 is an A4/Letter color laser
printer with print speeds of up to 20 PPM.
Infoprint Color 1220 media handling capabilities include:
One 500-sheet tray and one 100-sheet auxiliary tray
standard for a total of 600 sheets standard input
Optional three 500-sheet drawers or one 500-sheet
drawer and one 2,000-sheet drawer for a maximum
3,100 sheets input capacity.
Optional duplex for two-sided printing.
250-sheet standard output capacity and 3,900
maximum output capacity with optional features
Optional 3,000-sheet finisher (Finisher T) with stapling,
punching and offsetting. It requires the duplex unit,
one 500-sheet drawer, and the 2,000-sheet drawer as
2400IQ (1200 dpi like) default resolution out-of-box (full
printer speed)
True 1200 x 1200 dpi (one half printer speed)
The Toner Darkness setting offers you five selectable
levels with level 5 being the darkest. This allows you to
conserve toner by selecting the darkest settings only
when needed. Level 4 is the default setting. When
printing in color level 5 it is equal to level 4. The printer
offers up to 50% toner savings, thus reducing the cost of
The “Toner Darkness” menu is available through the
operator panel under the Print Quality menu and also
accessible through the Infoprint Color 1220 PostScript
Font Support
The printer′s resident fonts include support for following:
Usage Rates
The maximum monthly usage is 60,000 impressions. IBM
does not recommend printing to the monthly maximum
on a consistent basis.
Number of
Number of
PostScript 2
Accessibility by People with Disabilities
Infoprint Color 1220 Models
For Hardware Offerings
The Infoprint Color 1220 printer has two base models and
two network models. All models include the printer with
64 MB memory. The low-voltage model is Model 001 and
the high-voltage Model is 002.
The following features support use by people with
The network models include a 10/100BaseTX Fast
Ethernet card. The low-voltage model is Model n01 and
the high-voltage Model is n02.
Controls and latches operable with one hand and
minimal dexterity.
Keys are discernible by touch without activating them.
The display, controls, latches, and
accessible to someone in a wheel chair.
Color is used as an enhancement for conveying
information, and as an additional method of
distinguishing between buttons, controls, and latches.
High-Performance Controller
The Infoprint Color 1220 controller features a 350 MHz
PMC-Sierra RM7000A processor and 100 MHz internal
data bus. It is equipped with robust data stream support
with PostScript 3 emulation and PCL 6 emulation
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Printer System Attachment Interfaces
IEEE 1284 Parallel interface with a Type B connector
and a USB interface (standard on base models)
USB interface and integrated 10/100BaseTX Fast
Ethernet interface (standard on network models)
Optional features are available for other network
Euro Currency
All printer models have 64 MB SDRAM standard
soldered on the controller board.
The controller
supports a maximum of 512 MB of SDRAM memory
(total of soldered and memory slots). There are two
slots available for SDRAM memory and flash memory.
A maximum of 16 MB of optional flash memory is
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Detailing euro related requirements
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