McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response Family Data Sheet

Family Data Sheet
McAfee Endpoint
Threat Defense and
Response Family
Detect zero-day malware, secure patient-zero, and combat
advanced attacks
Key Advantages
Detect, protect, and correct
while proactively adapting
your defenses against zeroday malware, greyware, and
Protect more effectively
using dynamic reputations,
behavioral analysis, and
Minimize impact to users
and trusted enterprise
applications with enhanced
Respond and remediate
more threats, faster with
threat intelligence shared
across your security
Streamline incident
investigation and
remediation with unified
workflows and a single
console for management
through McAfee® ePolicy
Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™)
The escalating sophistication of cyberthreats requires a new generation
of protection for endpoints. Advancing threats and the increasing risk
of unknown vulnerabilities are causing organizations to piece together
overlapping, disconnected security solutions that provide limited visibility
and increased complexity. Intel Security solves this problem with McAfee®
Endpoint Threat Defense and McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and
Response. Both solutions leverage static and behavioral analysis and
synthesized intelligence to protect, detect, correct, and adapt to combat
emerging threats. Unified security components act as one through an
open, integrated approach with shared visibility and threat intelligence and
simplified workflows. Connected security and actionable threat forensics
provide a secure infrastructure to quickly and confidently convict threats and
stay ahead of potential attackers.
Defeat Zero-Day Malware, Greyware, and
Stay ahead of emerging threats with static
and dynamic threat analysis leveraging
enhanced reputation and behavioral analytics
to detect potential exploits. Apply synthesized
intelligence with McAfee Threat Intelligence
Exchange to immediately block and contain
threats and instantly update threat reputation
to prevent future attacks.
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and McAfee
Endpoint Threat Defense and Response defeat
zero-day malware by identifying similarities
between exhibited malicious behaviors and the
extensive Real Protect threat models using a
cloud lookup (data centers hosted in the United
States). This behavioral classification technique
is used to root out live threats that may have
evaded other security software defenses. It
provides actionable threat intelligence through
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software to enable
zero-day discovery and real-time remediation.
Behavioral classification is automatically
evolved through dynamic machine-learning,
providing maximum protection and efficiency
while limiting security exposure.
Family Data Sheet
Reduce the Number of Events and
Resolve Threats Faster
Focus on what’s most important by reducing
the number of security events, automatically
convicting more threats, sharing intelligence,
and utilizing proactive alerts to define
automatic responses. Ease the effort required to
investigate and resolve threats with simplified
workflows that resolve events faster and expand
security capacity while increasing protection
across your entire organization.
Connected components automatically share
valuable security information through McAfee
Data Exchange Layer. McAfee Threat Intelligence
allows you to synthesize comprehensive threat
intelligence across your entire ecosystem,
including McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
and other third-party sources, and immediately
share threat information to automatically adapt
your protection.
Secure Patient-Zero
Detect and stop zero-day malware from
making malicious changes to endpoint systems.
Dynamic Application Containment watches the
behavior of greyware and prevents malicious
changes to effectively stop exploits before they
begin. Secure endpoints on and off networks
and contain malicious behavior with protection
that is invisible to users.
Operationalize Security Processes to
Scale and Adapt
Policy enforcement, incident investigation,
and remediation are streamlined through
McAfee ePO software, a single-pane-of-glass
management console that provides visibility
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response Family
across all systems so you can readily assess
the security posture of endpoints and enable
protection in real time. Reduce monitoring,
search, and response efforts with unified
workflows and single-click remediation across
a single endpoint or the entire infrastructure.
With McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response,
leverage automated machine-learning to update
behavior classification models and instantly
share threat intelligence across all security
components so they can act as a single, unified
system against emerging threats. Prevent future
attacks and leverage pre-configured reactions to
contain potential threats, so you can free up your
staff and allow them to focus on other security
management priorities.
Uncover, Prioritize, and Remediate
Advanced Attacks
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response
helps you determine the origin, scope, and
impact of an attack. It uses McAfee Active
Response technology to provide both live and
historical visibility across endpoints in your
infrastructure. Indicators of attack are identified
and prioritized with robust context to enable
faster response.
Proactively hunt with precision, speed, and
agility to defeat threats that are actively
propagating, lying in wait, or have erased their
tracks to evade detection. Knowledge-driven
visibility and control can pinpoint where threats
are attempting to establish a foothold and allow
your responders to immediately contain and
remediate, reducing exposure from months to
minutes or even milliseconds.
Family Data Sheet
Figure 1. The threat workspace traces the origin and behavior of suspicious incidents to speed incident response.
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response Family Capabilities
Secures patient
zero by preventing
greyware from
making malicious
changes to
endpoints both on
or off the network.
•Enable potential threat
analysis without sacrificing
patient zero.
•Enhance protection without
impacting users or trusted
•Reduce the time from
encounter to contain
with minimal manual
•Secure patient zero while
maintaining endpoint
productivity and isolating
the network from infection.
•Integrated part of
the Intel Security
infrastructure for optimal
protection and efficiency.
•Works with or without an
internet connection and
requires no external input
or analysis.
•Transparent to the user.
•Observe mode provides
instant threat visibility
to potential exploit
behaviors within the
Real Protect
Applies machinelearning behavior
classification to
block zero-day
malware before it
executes and stops
live threats that
evaded previous
•Easily defeat more zero-day
malware, including difficultto detect objects, such as
•Automatically unmask,
analyze, and remediate
threats without requiring
manual intervention.
• Adapt defenses using
automated classification
and a connected security
•Static and dynamic
behavioral analysis
provide better protection
than single-stage
•Detects malware that can
only be found through
dynamic behavioral
•Deep integration shares
real-time reputation
updates and enhances
security efficacy for all
security components.
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response Family
Customer Benefits
Threat Defense
and Response
Family Data Sheet
Connects security
components to
share contextual
and provide
organizationwide visibility
and control for
adaptive threat
•Enable patient-zero threat
identification and instant
sharing across the security
system to prevent the next
•Reduce total cost of
ownership and efficiently
operationalize endpoint
•Connect security
components to create
closed-loop protection by
transforming independent
security technologies into
a single coordinated system.
•Synthesize McAfee Global
Threat Intelligence feeds,
third-party, and local
•Define what is trusted
and not trusted with local
or third-party intelligence.
•Instantly connect threat
reputation information
across endpoint, web,
network, and cloud
•Extract detailed
actionable threat
intelligence reports to
adapt defenses.
McAfee Data
Connects security
to integrate
and streamline
with both Intel
Security and
other third-party
•Reduce risk and response
•Lower overhead and
operational staff costs.
•Optimize processes and
practical recommendations.
•Share threat information
across all security
•Instantly share patientzero threat insight with
all other endpoints to
prevent infections and
update protection.
McAfee ePO
A single pane of
glass for highly
scalable, flexible,
and automated
management of
security policies
to identify and
respond to
security issues.
•Unify and simplify security
workflows for proven
•Single-pane visibility across
all systems to readily
assess security posture and
protection in real time.
•Quickly deploy and manage
Intel Security protection
with customized policy
•Reduce the time from
insight to response with
dynamic automated queries,
dashboards, and responses.
•Granular control,
lower costs, and faster
operational security
management through a
single console.
dashboards provide
increased real-time
visibility across the entire
•Open platform software
development kits (SDKs)
facilitate rapid adoption
of future security
McAfee Active
Proactive threat
visibility, timelines,
live and historical
hunting, and
detection, with
the ability to
take immediate
actions and adapt
•Quickly search live and
historical threat data to
determine the full scope
of an attack, accelerate
investigations, and reduce
the time to respond.
•Automate threat responses
and provide live security
protection without manual
•Prioritize high-priority
•Use continuous monitoring
and customizable collectors
to search deeply for
indicators of attack that are
not only running or lying
dormant, but that may have
even been deleted.
•Instant visibility of
unknown exploit
attempts and risky
behaviors executing in
the environment that
were not detected by
protection technologies.
•Investigate timeline
of events on each
endpoint with integrated
live search across all
endpoints to hunt for
•Single-click action to
protect, correct, and
adapt, reducing multiple
tools and steps into a
single operation.
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response Family
Customer Benefits
Threat Defense
and Response
Family Data Sheet
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response
Supported Platforms:
Supported Platforms:
•Microsoft Windows: 7, To Go, 8, 8.1, 10, 10 November, 10 Anniversary
•Microsoft Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10 Anniversary
•Mac OSX version 10.5 or Later
•RedHat 6.5
•Linux: RHEL, SUSE, CentOS,
•CentOS 6.5
•OEL, Amazon Linux, and Ubuntu latest versions
•Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
•Windows Server (2003 SP2 or greater, 2008 SP2 or greater, 2012),
Server 2016
•Windows Embedded (Standard 2009, Point of Service 1.1 SP3 or greater)
•Citrix Xen Guest
•Citrix XenApp 5.0 or greater
1. McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response includes hosted data centers located in the United States used to validate customer authentication,
check file reputations and store data relevant to suspicious file detection and hunting. Although not required, Dynamic Application Containment will
perform optimally with a cloud connection. Full McAfee Active Response, Dynamic Application Containment and Real Protect product capabilities
require cloud access, active support and are subject to Cloud Service Terms and Conditions.
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