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 IB FR 1DZ1 EN 1009
FR 1DZ1 User Manual
Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Dear customer,
We thank you for having purchased Microlife FR1 DZ1, the thermometer that takes à
fast, precise body temperature reading from a distance.
Microlife FR1DZ1 is a high quality product incorporating the latest technology and test-
ed in accordance with international standards. With its unique technology, the
Microlife FR1DZ1 can provide a stable, heat-interference-free reading with each meas-
urement. The instrument performs a self-test every time it is switched on to always
guarantee the specified accuracy of measurement.
The Microlife FR1DZ1 allows a simple and quick measurement of body temperature.
Please keep in mind that, like any skin temperature, the temperature at the forehead
and temporal area might differ from the core body temperature (e.g. obtained by rectal
measurement). For example a basic physiologic effect called vasoconstriction can occur
in the early stages of fever, resulting in a cool skin effect, so the recorded temperature
using a forehead thermometer may be suspiciously low. If the measurement result is
not consistent with the patient's finding or suspiciously low, repeat the measurement
every 15 minutes or double check the result by another core body temperature meas-
urement, e.g. use an infrared — eardrum thermometer or a rectal pen-type thermometer,
Skin temperature of babies reacts very quickly to the ambient temperature. Therefore,
do not take a measurement while or after nursing, as the skin temperature may be
lower than the core temperature.
Table of Contents
1. Features
2. Important Safety Instructions
3. Product Overview
4. Icons and display sequence
5. Directions of Use
6. Reference site
1. Switching between °C and °F
8. Recalling Readings in Memory Mode
9. Error Messages
10. Cleaning and Storage
11. Battery Replacement
12. Guarantee
13. Technical Specifications
14. Website
1. Features
Non-contact Measurement within seconds
The innovative infrared sensor measures temperature without even touching the sub-
ject for a safe and sanitary measurement within seconds.
Human and Object Measurement
Conveniently measures the temperature of a human being or an object with its sliding
Customized and Localized Option of Measurement
Reference site selection function enables you to take measurement for readings com-
parable to readings taken at conventional measuring sites (rectal, oral, axillar) with a
common pen-type thermometer.
Tracking light
Blue tracking light easily keeps you concentrated to the measured area while scanning
the forehead above the eye brow with the thermometer at a distance.
Fever Alarm
Red LCD glow and ten short beeps alert the patient that he/she may have a fever.
Multiple Reading Recalls
Recall the last 30 readings when you enter the Memory Mode.
“ Auto-Display Memory
The last reading is automatically displayed for 2 seconds when the unit is switched on.
2. Important Safety Instructions
e This instrument may be used only for the purpose described in this booklet. The man-
ufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect application. '
* Never immerse the thermometer into water or other liquids (not waterproof). For
cleaning, please follow the instructions in the “Cleaning and Storage” section.
* Keep the instrument away from direct exposure to the sun and keep it in a dust-free,
dry area with a temperature between -20 to 50 °C (-4.0— 122 °F).
* Do not use the thermometer if there are signs of damage on the probe area or on the
unit itself. If damaged, do not attempt to repair the instrument. Please contact the
nearest Microlife customer service center.
* This thermometer consists of high-quality precision parts. Do not drop the unit!
Protect it from severe impact. Do not twist the unit or the measuring probe.
æ-The use of this thermometer is not a substitute for consultation with your physician.
3. Product Overview
Side View Back View
No. ltem Mode Description
1 | Display area mometer symbols
Displays measurements and other ther-
Power Off | Memory Mode.
2 | Start button
between °C and °F .
Press and release immediately to enter
Press and hold for 3 seconds to switch
Power on Press to measure the temperature.
object mode.
3 | 0/1 button Press to switch the thermometer on or off.
4 | Battery cover ; Covers the battery for protection.
5 | Tracking light - Focus on the subject to measure tempera-
6 Probe - Infrared sensor to measure the tempera-
Sliding the switch down and up again acti-
7 | Slide switch Power on vates the reference site selection. See
“Selecting the Reference Site”.
e Slide the switch up to activate the body mode.
Power on/off — | eSlide the switch down to activate the
4. Icons and Control Display
The icons on the display indicate different settings of the thermometer:
Icon Setting Description
0) Body mode The thermometer will take or has taken a
body temperature.
1 Object mode The thermometer will take or has taken an
object temperature.
or Celsius display The thermometer will take or has taken a
temperature in degree Centigrade. `
or Fahrenheit display | The thermometer will take or has taken a
temperature in degree Fahrenheit.
Oral reference site — | When this icon flashes, the body tempera-
® ture measured corresponds to the oral tem-
Axillary reference site | When this icon flashes, the body tempera-
в. ture measured corresponds to the axillary
Rectal reference site — | When this icon flashes, the body tempera-
A ture measured corresponds to the rectal
M Memory recall The thermometer displays a stored temper-
ature from the memory.
In different stages of the operation sequence, the display shows different types of information.
Display area Sequence Description
Tn: Power On |Press the 0/1 button to turn on the unit. All seg-
888 ments are displayed for 2 seconds.
ел Last Memory | The last reading is displayed for 2 seconds with M
icon, measuring Mode icon (body or object), and
reference site icon(rectal, oral or axillar)
TAO | Ready The °C or °F icon is continuously flashing. The unit
is ready for measurement with measuring Mode
icon (body or object), and reference site icon (rectal,
oral or axillar) in Body mode.
= af Measurement | The reading is shown on the display area with
Completed — |measuring Mode icon (body or object), and refer-
ence site iconfrectal, oral or axillar) in Body mode.
ag" Further ~~ |After 2 seconds, the °C or °F icon flashes again.
229 || Measurement | The unit is now ready for the next measurement.
5. Directions of Use
Measuring Body Temperature
1.Make sure the mode switch is in the upper position to enter the Body Mode.
2.Press the 0/1 button. The LCD is activated and performs an all seg-
ment check.
3.The last readings are displayed on the LCD for 2 seconds.
4.The thermometer is ready for measurement when
/ À short beep sound is heard
Y The *C/*F and the reference site icon on the LCD are flashing.
5.For starting the measurement, aim the probe at the center of
the forehead with any distance of no more than Scm. If the
forehead area is covered with hair, sweat or dirt, please
remove them beforehand to improve the reading accuracy.
6. Then keep pressing the Start button. The blue tracking light
is activated as a reference of area under detection.You can
take measurement at any distance within 5 cm seeing the
blue light. Steadily move the thermometer towards the tem-
ple to detect the body temperature. As the sensor scans the
area, quick beep sounds will be emitted as indicator of tem-
perature detecting process. The beep sounds will slow down
to indicate that the body temperature has already been
7.As soon as beeps slow down, please release the Start button to get
the result. Stop aiming the probe. The display area shows the meas-
ured temperature.
8.Body temperature intelligent analysis.
sea ()
* |f the detected temperature is lower than fever level, a long beep is emitted and the
result is displayed with a green backlight.
* |f the detected temperature is equal to or higher than fever level, ten short beeps
will be emitted while the result is displayed with a red backlight to alert the patient 30 minutes before performing a measurement.
of possible fever. e Wait at least 2 minutes between consecutive measurements and the thermometer
= ; must be turned off and on again.
Site option Fever level e Don't take a measurement while or immediately after nursing a baby.
Rectal 37.8°C/100.04°F * Don't use the thermometer in high humidity environments.
e Patients should not drink, eat, or exercise before/while taking the measurement.
Oral 37.5°C/99.5°F * Before aiming the probe, clean the scan area; remove dirt, hair or sweat.
e Before aiming the probe at an object, remove water, dust or dirt.
o o
arn LURE , Don't move the thermometer away from the measuring area before hearing the termi-
(Based on physician recommendation, temperatures taken at different body sites nation beep.
belong to varied ranges. Fever levels also comply with this logic.) e |f the probe gets dirty during or after the measurement, use an alcohol swab to care-
fully clean the probe before putting it away for storage.
Measuring Object Temperature * e Always take the temperature in the same location, since the temperature readings
1.Make sure that the mode switch is in the lower position to enter the Object Mode. may vary from different locations.
e In the following situations, it is recommended to perform a reference measurement
2 Press the 0/1 button. The LCD is activated and performs an all seg- |Deea"O with a common pen-type thermometer(make sure the measuring site, rectal, oral, or
ment check. 888 gu axillar, is the same habitual site also selected for FR1DZ1) :
1. y 1.If the measurement result is surprisingly low/high
2 Newbom infants in the first 100 days.
3.The last reading is displayed on the LCD for 2 seconds. же^ О 3 Children under three years of age with a compromised immune system and for
35 gi whom the presence or absence of fever is critical.
4.The thermometer is ready for measurement when 6. Reference Site
/A short beep sound is heard =r A
/°C/°F icon on the LCD is flashing. -- =" Microlife FR1DZ1 specially enables you to take measurements and judge the readings
according to your local habits. This is based on the considerations that people of
5.Aim the probe at the center of the object with any distance of no different regions have their customs about where to take the measurements with an
more than 5 cm. If there is water, dust or dirt, please wipe them Л ordinary pen-type thermometer. (Rectal, oral, or axillar)
beforehand to improve the reading accuracy. 7 = Microlife FR1DZ1 can measure for three types of readings comparable to readings
measured at such three conventional measuring sites as rectal, oral, and axillar with an
ordinary pen-type thermometer. We call this function as reference. site.
6.Then keep pressing the Start button. The blue tracking light is .
To set the reference site:
activated and the sensor measures the temperature.
1.Turn on the unit in Body Mode and wait until the °C or °F symbol is or
flashing to indicate that the thermometer is ready for measurement.
7.Release the Start button after a few seconds to get the resultanda — [>
long beep will be heard. Stop aiming the probe. The display area 6 0 gr
hows the measured tem | : : soe . a
Move Me mesa EMO 2 Slide the mode switch down and up again (if the slide switch is already | sea
Note: down, you need to slide up, down and up again). The present reference
e Patients and the thermometer should stay in steady-state room conditions for at least site icon flashes while the other two icons are steady.
6 7
3 Press the Start button repeatedly to scroll between the three measuring sites. 4 Press and release the Start button repeatedly to recall the readings in succession. Up
La A to 30 readings can be recalled.
N 136
Pressing the Start button after the last 30 readings will resume the sequence from
reading 1.
A short beep sound is heard when changing the reference site.
4.The symbol for the selected mode flashes and after 5 seconds, the flashing icon will
be set as the reference site and the unit will automatically enter the ready for meas- 9, Error M
urement mode. de See
| The thermometer is equipped with predefined error messages to notify the user of
7. Switching between °C and °F measurement discrepancies.
This thermometer can display the measured temperature in either Display area Display Meanin Possible cause and remedy
Celsius or Fahrenheit. > —
To switch between °C and °F, turn the unit off. Press and hold the Start | не NM Coment a ner = a Fa
button for 3 seconds. The flashing °C or °F icon is shown on the LCD. To Ñ 5 too high. é 100 °С а oF ci d y
switch the measurement scale, press the Start button again. Settings 1 = М = à Maseursd = retro : rie
are finalized after 5 seconds and the thermometer will automatically ---* | ml ali PEINE e 340°C 7 °F (Body Mode)
enter the ready for measuring mode. L Is too low, 0 °C or 93.2 °F (Body Mode
e 16°C or 60.8 °F (Object Mode)
8. Recalling Readings in Memory Mode = Ambient temperature | Ambient temperature is higher than
. т . . o o
The thermometer can recall the last 30 readings. To recall readings, do the following: A a e 0p Goliad +
(Body and Object Mode)
1.Press and release the Start button in the off mode to enter the Memory a Ambient temperature | Ambient ETC SN
Mode. The icon flashes EE L L Is too low. * 16.0 °C or 60.8 °F (Body Mode)
: i ® 5.0°C or 32.0 °F (Object Mode)
2 Press and release the Start button again and 1 is shown briefly on the LCD, then the
latest reading is displayed.
| €
| 36.6
3 Press and release the Start button again and 2 is shown briefly on the LCD, then the
second latest reading is displayed.
= Error function display | When the system has a malfunction.
о *
Blank display Check if the batteries are loaded cor-
pe Low battery indication | The battery level is low. Please
replace the batteries immediately.
o 10. Cleaning and Storage
N 0
0 50, A Use an alcohol swab or cotton tissue moistened with 70% Isopropyl alcohol to clean
the thermometer casing and the measuring probe. Ensure that no liquid enters the inte-
thinners or benzene for cleaning. Never immerse the ther-
mometer into water or other cleaning liquid.
Be careful not to scratch the surface of the probe lens and the
Remove the batteries from the instrument if it is not required
for extended periods of time to avoid potential damage to the
thermometer resulting from leaking batteries.
rior of the thermometer. Never use abrasive cleaning agents, S
11. Battery Replacement
The thermometer requires 2 DC3V (AAA) batteries. Replace the batteries when the
flashing battery icon appears on the display.
Remove the battery cover with the screwdriver.
To remove the batteries, insert the tip of a screwdriver into the slot as indicated to
move the batteries out of the battery compartment.
12. Guarantee
This high-quality measuring device is covered by a 2-year-guarantee from the date of
purchase. The guarantee is valid only on presentation of the guarantee card completed
by the dealer (see back) confirming date of purchase or the purchasing receipt.
Warranty claims must be filed within the guarantee period.The guarantee covers the
instrument; batteries and packaging are not included. Opening or altering the instru-
ment invalidates the guarantee. The guarantee does not cover damages caused by
improper handling, discharged batteries, accidents or non-compliance with the operat-
ing instructions.
This product was manufactured with the utmost care according to international quality
standards. Should you have a reason for complaints despite this, please send the
device, accompanied by the completed Guarantee Card with the dealer's stamp as well
as original proof of purchase directly or through your medical supplier to your nearest
Microlife Distributor.
Name and address of responsible dealer:
13. Technical Specifications
Measuring Range:
Switch Off:
Non-contact Forehead Thermometer FR 1DZ1
Body Mode 34.0 °C to 42.2 °C
(93.2 °F to 107.96 °F)
Object Mode 0 °C to 100 °C
(32 °F to 212 °F)
Body Mode 16 °C to 40 °C
(60.8 °F to 104.0 °F)
Object Mode 5 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
LCD, 4-digits plus special icons
a. The unit is turned ON and ready for measurement: 1 short
beep sound.
b. Completion of Measurement:
Body Mode: 1 long beep sound if the reading is less than
fever level (refer to diagram #1); 10 short beep sounds if the
reading is equal to or higher than fever level (refer to dia-
gram #1).
Object Mode: 1 long beep sound
¢. System error or malfunction: 3 short beeps
d. Fast and slow beeps during measurement.
a. Auto-Display the last measured temperature when the unit
is turned on.
b. 30 readings recall in the Memory Mode.
a. The display is lighted GREEN for 4 seconds, when the unit
is turned ON.
b. The display is lighted GREEN for 5 seconds, when a meas-
urement has been completed with a reading of less than
fever level.
c. The display is lighted RED for 5 seconds, when a measure-
ment has been completed with a reading equal to or higher
than fever level.
-20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)
Approx. 3 minutes after the last measurement has been taken.
Two DC 3V (AAA) batteries
146.93mm (L) x 38.14mm (W) x 21.34 mm (H)
48g (with battery), 45g (without battery)
Reference to standards
Device standard: Device corresponds to the requirements of the standard for
infrared thermometers
ASTM E 1965
IEC 60601-1
IEC 60601-1-2
Electromagnetic Compatibility:
Device fulfills the stipulations of the standard IEC 60601-1-2
CE 0044
The stipulations of EU-Directive 93/42/EEC for Medical Devices Class Ila have been ful-
14. www.microlife.com
Detailed user information about our thermometers and blood pressure monitors as well
as services can be found at www.microlife.com.
Batteries and electronic instruments must be disposed of in accordance
with the locally applicable regulations, not with domestic waste.
ИВ Read the instructions carefully before using this device.
Type BF applied part
Reference number
Lot number
ad Manufacturer
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