For better water resistance please wrap the RJ4

For better water resistance please wrap the RJ4
1. Check the parts in your box
DC 48V @ 400mA PoE Power Adapter
Hose Clamps
Detachable AC Power Cord
CD user manual
2. Hot to fix the CPE on the Pole (1”- 1.5”)
(For better water resistance please wrap the RJ45 connector)
3. PoE connection
1. Connect (Data + PWR) RJ45 Jack to CPE RJ45 Jack with good quality
Ethernet cable. (Up to 100 M maximum)
2. Connect (Data) Jack to PC or Switch Hub LAN port.
3. Plug the AC power Cordially,
4. CPE configuration
The WLAN Broadband Router is delivered with the following factory
default parameters on the Ethernet LAN interfaces.
Default IP Address:
Default IP subnet mask:
WEB login User Name: <empty>
WEB login Password: <empty>
The device has three operation modes (Gateway/Bridge/WISP).
The default IP addresses for the device are, so you need to
make sure the IP address of your PC is in the same subnet as the device,
such as 192.168.1.X.
It will take about 55 seconds to complete the boot up sequence after
power on from PoE.
5. Wireless ISP mode to connect ISP AP
The NAT (Network Address Translation) is enabled and PC’s RJ45 ports
share the same IP to ISP through wireless LAN. You must set the
wireless to client mode first and connect to the ISP AP in Site-Survey
page. The connection application is most valuable for this CPE to access
internet freely.
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