Tektronix: Spring 2006 Product Catalog &gt

Tektronix: Spring 2006 Product Catalog &gt
Spring 2006
Product Catalog
Video Test and Measurement Solutions
For our customers and for Tektronix Innovation never rests...
Our customers are continually
striving to improve business
efficiency and competitive
advantage. They require the
ability to quickly embrace new
technologies and positively
impact workflow efficiency. The
ability to quickly deploy new
services, maintain QoS and
quickly isolate and correct
errors are critical components
of this model.
Use this Solutions Matrix to see where we can help you.
For Tektronix our goal is to stay
ahead of the technology curve
and ensure delivery of test &
measurement solutions to our
customers when they need
them. Tektronix solutions
enable our customers to
effectively integrate new
technologies, improve workflow
MPEG Monitors
MPEG Monitors
Content Creation
& Post Production
Diagnostics &
Signal Monitors
Signal Generators
Signal Analyzers
MPEG Generators
MPEG Analyzers
Protocol Analyzers
efficiency and achieve business
MTM400 Transport
Stream Monitor
The MTM400 Transport Stream
Monitor is a scalable solution that
detects DTV system degradation, and
enables operators to easily perform
diagnostics and rapidly pinpoint
problems, ensuring an error-free
network and minimal downtime.
Features and Benefits
See and Solve™
Monitor key measurements
according to DVB standard with
real-time monitoring of key TR 101
290 parameters
- An Example of How We Can Help You
Information, not data - making your life clear, simple, and intuitive.
Take the complication out of compliance.
Arrowhead, and
Lighting Displays
Intuitive power to the people.
These easy-to-read displays
dramatically simplify gamut
compliance, giving everybody (even
colorists, editors, and other nontechnical user/operators) the ability to
confirm signals are within color space
at a single glance. This kind of visual
"go/no go" indication is a must when
working with today's computergenerated content.
Remotely monitor and control all
units in a monitoring network from
a central control point via industrystandard SNMP
Timing Display
CaptureVu ™
So much to see. So easily.
Shows what others miss.
Use the Tektronix timing display to see
a comparison between a house
reference signal and a digital or analog
television signal. You can easily see
and directly measure the timing
differences as the timing is corrected.
Intermittent and complex problems
have nowhere to hide. This triggering
and stream capture technology is
perfect for solving MPEG transport
issues in real-time or off-line. And the
slick, easy-to-understand interface
makes for fast work.
Surround Sound
See what you’re hearing.
Check out this visual representation of
volume - it lets you monitor even the
most complex digital audio signals
across today’s multi-channel systems.
You won’t believe your eyes. Or ears.
MPEG Generators
MTM400 with RF interface can
switch between RF monitoring and
transport stream monitoring within
the one probe, enabling monitoring
of the input and RF interface with a
single unit, minimizing down time
and contractual penalties
Terrestrial distribution
Contribution and primary
Cable headend monitoring
DTH or network operator satellite
uplink monitoring
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recorder and player
Signal Generator
The MTX100A MPEG Recorder and
Player reduces product development
expense and time-to-market by
offering a flexible, portable, player and
recorder for quick design verification,
standards compliance and
determination of operating margins.
The RTX100A ISDB-T RF Signal Generator
offers a flexible, affordable solution for
design evaluation and conformance testing
of digital video products conforming to the
Integrated Service Digital BroadcastingTerrestrial (ISDB-T) standard for digital
terrestrial TV systems. The RTX100A
provides the capability to record and play
out MPEG-2 transport streams, and
modulate the up converted RF signal.
Features and Benefits
High capacity storage and high
data rate recording and playout of
MPEG transport streams let you
build, maintain and use a large
local library of test streams
Real-time updating of timestamps
and time tables for error-free
Embedded solution provides a
high-reliability system for
unattended 24x7 operation
PCR jitter insertion to help you fully
stress your product or system
User-defined template monitoring
option to ensure right content at
the right place at the right time
Color hierarchical display of
transport stream components for
quick and easy interpretation of
complex structures
User-configurable alarms allow
activation of relays, TTL outputs,
and SNMP traps by any test
A full suite of electrical interfaces
lets you address a wide range of
Support for H.264 AVC and VC1
stream types enables stream
identification and monitoring where
next-generation compression
systems are used
IEEE1394b, USB2.0, DVD drive,
and GbE interface download of
Transport Streams for optimum
flexibility in storing and managing
Transport Stream Libraries
Confidence monitoring at the RF
layer with optional QPSK, QAM,
COFDM, 8VSB, Turbo 8PSK, and
QAM-B interfaces
Use the outputs from an MTM400
Transport Stream Monitor to trigger
the recording of a transport stream
on the MTX100A
The COFDM interface displays
Impulse Response which lets you
measure multi-path interference
and delay in Single Frequency
RF diagnostic mode enables
measurements on signals where
lock cannot be achieved
Critical RF Measurements, MER,
and EVM provide early indication of
signal degradation before any
picture impairment is visible to the
end customer, without additional
costly RF test equipment
IRD/STB design and
manufacturing test
Evaluation of professional MPEG
Performance verification of MPEG
For further details visit:
Features and Benefits
Rapid setup using automatic detection
of parameters from the broadcast
stream, to modulate the RF output
The RTX100A can be used as a
simple ISDB-T modulator as it can
modulate the stream from ASI directly
without the need to store the stream
Real-time Updating of Timestamps,
Time Tables, and ISDB-T Reed
Solomon FEC for Error-free Looping
IEEE1394b, USB2.0, DVD drive, and
GbE interface download of Transport
Streams for optimum flexibility in
storing and managing Transport
Stream Libraries
Integration with automated systems
enabled by Ethernet remote control
using SCPI (Standard Command
for Programmable Instruments)
command set
Quick and Easy Interpretation of
Complex Structures by utilizing a Color
Hierarchical Display of Transport
Stream Components
ISDB-T consumer receiver design and
manufacturing test
Evaluation of professional ISDB-T
Performance verification of ISDB-T
Simulation of digital terrestrial
broadcasting transmission
Scheduling of stream playout and
recording for broadcast and
production line applications
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MPEG Analyzers
The MTS400 Series MPEG Test
System provides the unique
CaptureVu™ ability to automatically
monitor, analyze and debug live and
deferred time video transport streams.
The MTS400 Series also provides the
highest performance analysis engine
on the market, along with real-time
Video over IP monitoring, analysis and
recording support for broadband video
and Video on Demand applications.
The MTS400 provides fast time to
problem resolution on video transport
Features and Benefits
CaptureVu™ technology captures
and analyzes system events in realtime and deferred time to debug
the intermittent and complex
problems that traditional
analyzers miss
Real-Time Video over IP analysis
and recording
Analyzes stored transport streams
at up to 400 Mbps to greatly
reduce analysis time
Innovative “program centric” user
interface brings expert power to
the novice user
Broadest and deepest range of
analysis of legacy and next
generation compressed standards
including MPEG-2, MPEG-4,
H.264, VC-1, 3GPP & DVB-H
Customizable scripting supports
the broadest range of ratified and
evolving World-Wide DTV
standards (ATSC, DVB, and ISDB)
and includes local language
service information
Video thumbnail view provides you
with a confidence check that the
content within the stream is the
right content
MTS430 Solution for
Equipment Manufacturers Research & Development
Multiplexer/Re-Multiplexer allows
test stream creation and
Rapid and in depth analysis of
selected elements of transport
streams to confirm functionality
and compliance to standards
Set Top Box buffer testing and
MTS4SA PC based
MPEG Analysis
The MTS4SA Transport Stream
Compliance Analyzer is a new class
of analysis tool, the world’s first
Compressed Digital Video
Debugger/Analyzer that introduces the
CaptureVu™ technology, a new
capability that captures and analyzes
system events in real-time to debug
the intermittent and complex problems
that traditional analyzers miss.
Codec design and optimization
Features and Benefits
MTS400 Solution for
Broadcasters and Network
Tests contribution feeds,
multiplexer inputs, and outputs
Tests PCR insertion, recovery, and
re-generation equipment
Encoder and other equipment fault
diagnosis and evaluation
Analysis of transport streams to
confirm correct system operation
and isolate faults during installation
and commissioning
For further details visit:
The MTS4SA software runs standalone on computers with Microsoft
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000,
or Windows XP operating systems
Separate packages are available for
Deferred Time Transport Stream
Compliance Analysis, Real-time
Video over IP Transport Stream
Compliance Analysis, Transport
Stream Multiplexing, Elementary
Stream Analysis, PES and Buffer
Analysis, Data Broadcast Carousel
Analysis, and Data Broadcast
Carousel Generation
Both Transport Stream Compliance
Analyzer packages offer PCR
measurement and graphing
Real-time Video over IP analysis
and recording
Analyzes stored transport streams
at up to 400 Mbps to greatly
reduce analysis time
Innovative “program centric” user
interface brings expert power to
the novice user
Broadest and deepest range of
analysis of legacy and next
generation compressed standards
including MPEG-2, D10 (SMPTE
386M), MPEG-4, H.264, VC-1,
Customizable scripting supports
the broadest range of ratified and
evolving World-Wide DTV
standards (ATSC, DVB, and ISDB)
and includes local language service
Video thumbnail view provides you
with a confidence check that the
content within the stream is the
right content
Equipment Manufacturers Research & Development
Multiplexer/Re-Multiplexer allows
test stream creation and
modification for transmissions not
yet on-air. Create custom streams
for Set Top Box and Multiplexer
testing offline
In depth analysis of selected
elements of transport streams
to confirm functionality and
compliance to standards
Set Top Box buffer testing and
Codec design and optimization
Broadcasters and Network
Encoder and other equipment fault
diagnosis and evaluation
Analysis of transport streams to
confirm correct system operation
and isolate faults during installation
and commissioning
For further details visit:
Compressed Video
Elementary Stream
The MTS4EA Elementary Stream
Analyzer offers the widest analysis
breadth and depth and provides
flexibility through plug-ins for different
codec standards. This allows you to
purchase just the codec standard
required for a particular need or a full
selection of codec solutions.
Now you only need to talk to
one company to test emerging
compressed video standards, from
Elementary Streams to Transport
Features and Benefits
Next Generation (VC-1,
H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 & 3GPP) and
Legacy (MPEG-2, H.261, H.263 &
H.263+) CODEC support
Frame-by-Frame and Block-byBlock analysis to allow easy
CODEC comparison
Easy-to-Interpret Detailed Graphical
Displays (requires user installed
Microsoft Excel)
Comprehensive semantic trace file
output to determine Block-byBlock encoder decision making
Real-time and non real-time
decoding and analysis of
compressed video streams
(dependant on PC performance)
Batch mode to allow automated
YUV decoded video output for
baseband video analysis
Elementary Stream Editing
Extraction of Elementary Stream
from Transport Stream
Audio extraction and playback for
MPEG2 Layer 1 & 2, AAC &
Available as single user local
license or server based floating
Equipment Manufacturers
Semiconductor device designers &
Video codec software and
hardware developers
STB, PVR, DVD consumer
electronics developers for cable,
satellite, terrestrial, and IP
Video conferencing &
communications equipment
Mobile video infrastructure and
handset developers
Video Content Transmission
& Distribution
CODEC and equipment evaluation
and comparison in cable, satellite,
terrestrial, and IP applications
For further details visit:
K15 - Protocol
Analyzer V.2.10
Powerful 3G Monitoring Solution.
Integration of K15 Version 2.10 and
MTS4EA video elementary stream
analyzer provides a video quality analysis
application for H.324M video telephony.
This powerful monitoring solution with
the highest port density per platform in
the market enables to effectively test
critical network segments and all mobile
standards with the same unit. Version
2.10 now also includes H.324M video
telephony QoS analysis. By tracking
H.324M video calls on the Iu-CS
interface, the “H.324M video telephony
QoS analysis” application enables:
To calculate H.324M key
performance indicators (KPI) to
speed-up troubleshooting activities
To extract the H.324M video/audio
stream to assess its quality
To look and listen at video calls to
asses the customer perceived
quality of service
To extract the video stream in .3gp
format for subsequent in-depth
off-line video quality analysis with the
Tektronix MTS4EA software suite
Version 2.0 now also includes UMTS
3GPP R6, H.324M, HSDPA, Real-Time
IuB deciphering and advanced EDGE
monitoring capabilities.
Troubleshooting support for UMTS video
telephony (H.324M/3G-324M protocol
suite for real-time video service), GERAN
Multimedia Services (multi vendor EDGE
Abis protocol suite) and UMTS High
Speed Multimedia Services
(3.5G HSDPA protocol suite).
Network trials and first office
Network infrastructure and new
service performance evaluation
For further details visit:
Spectra2 IP
Protocol Analyzer
with Video Quality
Industry-First Portable Diagnostics
Package for IPTV, provides perfect
diagnosis and analysis of Single
Program Transport Stream (SPTS)
video transmitted over Internet
Protocol (IP). A monitoring solution that
carriers and cable networks can use in
the emerging video programming over
IP opportunity.
Features and Benefits
Monitors video streams transported
over RTP and MPEG2-TS (transport
stream) protocols
Supports measurement of standarddefinition (SD) video streams as well
as high-definition (HD) video streams
Correlate between the Mean
Opinion Score (MOS) and other
factors including Packet Loss, Delay
and Jitter along with MPEG2-TS
priority statistics. Integrated
reporting analysis tools provide
interactive views of all
Spectra2|VQM video metrics. Video
data capture and decode also ease
trouble-shooting activity
Track metrics graphically in real-time
Export statistics to a file or use the
integrated online analysis tools to
browse historical data
Perform and analyze Forward Error
Correction (FEC) algorithms
Detect codec over-compression
and incorrectly configured FEC for
fine-tuning bandwidth versus quality
Detect perceived video image
quality in real-time or historically for
individual video streams
Real and deferred time diagnostic
testings for IPTV networks
Deployment trials, System
installations and Network
For further details visit:
Signal Monitors
WFM601 and
WFM700 Waveform
The WFM601 and WFM700 families
of waveform monitors are self
contained, half-rack wide monitoring
solutions for SD and SD/HD SDI
operating environments. The WFM601
family is the industry standard monitor
for standard definition (SD) SDI
environments. The WFM700 family
provide monitoring capabilities for
HD-only or combined SD/HD systems
with extensive error-logging and
optional surround-sound audio
Features and Benefits
Exclusive Tektronix gamut displays
ensure compliant content
Patented Tektronix timing display
makes facility timing easy
Presets for quick recall of
commonly used configurations
Digital cursors for precise timing
and amplitude measurements
Line select with field and picture
Range of remote control
configurations for complete
installation flexibility
Extensive alarming and error
logging screens
Safe Action and Safe Title
Graticules help editors and
operators easily identify incorrectly
positioned video content
Digital audio monitoring capability
with surround sound verifies
compliance of digital video and
digital audio signals in a single
instrument, conserving space and
lowering capital expenses
Signal Generators
WVR6100 and
The WVR7100 and WVR6100 provide
multi-format environments (composite,
SD, and HD video and/or analog,
digital, Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby
E audio) with a cost effective and
easy-to-use monitoring tool that
enables them to ensure production
and broadcast of quality content
that adheres to various broadcast
764 Digital Audio
Handheld Monitors
The 764 Digital Audio Monitor is an
advanced monitoring tool for
production and quality assessment in
modern digital audio facilities. It
combines the features of a phase and
level meter with those of a digital audio
data monitor. The 764 provides
technical personnel with a setup and
calibration tool and production
personnel with an operational monitor
capable of conventional and advanced
audio assessment tasks.
The WFM91D is a handheld,
multifunction monitor ideally suited to
the monitoring needs of field
production, equipment installation or
any situation where portability and
battery operation is required for
analysis of PAL and SDI systems. The
combination of features and monitoring
modes provided makes this instrument
powerful enough to set up, time and
troubleshoot complex video and audio
Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
FlexVu™ display – unique, flexible
tiling for true “Four in One”
Exclusive Tektronix gamut displays
ensure compliant content
Patented Tektronix timing display
makes facility timing easy
Presets for quick recall of
commonly used configurations
Digital cursors for precise timing
and amplitude measurements
Line select with field and picture
Range of remote control
configurations for complete
installation flexibility
Extensive alarming and error
logging screens
Eye Pattern Display and Jitter
Measurements indicate system
degradations before they become
quality problems, and improve
efficiency in failure recovery
Two balanced or unbalanced
AES/EBU or SPDIF loop through
inputs drive four-channel level
Adjustable clip/mute indicators
Audio phase display
Phase correlation meter
VITC and LTC time code inputs
Channel status and user data
Optional serial digital video
(embedded audio) input
Optional balanced analog line
Mono compatibility and soundstage monitoring assured via
phase display
Quality control certificate via
session statistics compilation
Time code stamping of errors
pinpoints audio needing correction
Monitor sound via loudspeakers
without external converters
Broadcast monitoring in standard
definition (SD) and mixed SD/HD
Digital audio monitoring in
broadcast and post production
Broadcast monitoring in standard
definition (SD) and mixed SD/HD
Content QA and compliance
Creative adjustments in digital
audio production
Camera shading
For further details visit:
Content QA and compliance
Contribution validation
Camera shading
Contribution validation
Features and Benefits
Battery or AC powered
Truly portable
4 in./102 mm color LCD display
Picture monitor
Waveform monitor
Line select display
Audio monitor
Waveform-in-picture mode
Video output for routing to external
AutoDetect of PAL or SDI input
SPG300 and
SPG600 Standard
Definition sync and
signal generators
Cost effective Sync Pulse Generators
for analog, digital and analog digital
mixed facilities with “Stay GenLock™”,
a unique, robust genlock architecture
that provides stable synchronization
signals for digital and traditional
broadcast facilities.
Features and Benefits
Choice of form factors;
full rack width - SPG600,
or half rack width - SPG300
Stay GenLock™ – Unique, robust
Genlock mode for analog or digital
production facilities
Field production
Equipment installation
For further details visit:
Designed for the requirements of today
and the future, the TG2000 is a
modular and multiformat Signal
Generation Platform that addresses
the signal generation requirements of
most application areas of the test
and measurement segment of the
television test signal generator market.
The stress test capabilities for analog,
SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals provide
additional tests for video products
and systems.
Features and Benefits
Multiformat analog and digital test
signal generation
Reference generator performance
All signal output channels are
configurable with black burst or
test signal outputs
Conforms to analog and digital,
video and audio industry standards
SNMP and Web-based remote
control for easy integration into any
operational environment
Designed for the requirements of
today and the future
ECO422D Automatic Changeover
unit for fully redundant sync system
TG2000 Multiformat
Master sync/signal generators for
standard definition post production
and broadcast facilities
Modular expandable platform
Fully supports VM700T video
measurement routines
RAM-based test signal generators
with nonvolatile storage
Test signal libraries for all formats
Variable analog and digital video
For further details visit:
Research and development
Studio reference generator
Manufacturing test
TG700 Multi-format
sync and signal
Designed with the changing needs of
the video industry in mind, the TG700
offers sync pulse generation (with next
generation “Stay GenLock™”
architecture) and test signal generation
for a wide array of analog, serial digital,
and digital high definition formats.
Features and Benefits
Modular platform which holds up to
4 modules – choose specific
configurations from 8 available
The TG700 has a unique genlock
architecture, “Stay GenLock™”, that
provides high stability with the
AGL7 module. The AGL7 module
adds the capacity to lock to a
variety of signals which makes the
TG700 an ideal solution as the
master house and slave reference
for broadcast, production and
post-production applications
Network interfaces allows you to
download test signals, frame
pictures, logos and new firmware
as well as backup, restore and
duplicate settings of the TG700
Frame Picture Option FP allows
you to generate full frame test and
custom patterns for AVG7,
modules. Take BMP pictures and
transfer them to picture files for
the TG700
Equipment design maintenance
Post-production and broadcast
Automated manufacturing test
SD/HD post and production
Research and development
For further details visit:
Equipment design and
For further details visit:
For further details visit:
For further details visit:
Signal Analyzers
PQA300 Picture
Quality Analysis
A complete picture-quality analysis
system, integrating reference video
clips, signal generation, capture, and
analysis capabilities into one solution.
The PQA300 analyzes picture quality
with repeatable, objective
measurements that directly replicate
subjective human visual assessments.
These measurements provide
invaluable information for engineers
working to optimize video compression
without compromising picture quality.
Features and Benefits
Provides fast, accurate and
repeatable objective picture quality
Measurement Set
The VM700T automates measurement
and testing of analog composite and
digital SDI video signals. The VM700T
is the de-facto industry standard for
SD analog and digital video
measurements, delivering test results
that are recognized, understood, and
trusted across the entire video
measurement industry.
Features and Benefits
Reference Standard Accuracy,
aided by precision relative to
reference measurements
NTSC, PAL, Component SD and
Digital SDI Measurement Options
Picture, Vector, and Waveform
Replaces time consuming and
expensive human picture quality
assessment, by utilizing a human
vision system model, JNDmetrix
Application specific measurement
options for sync timing wander,
camera, teletex data, and audio
signal analysis
In-depth picture quality analysis
Accepts a wide range of industry
standard test signals, with minimal
reconfiguration required
- PQR measurement
- PSNR measurement
- PSNR difference maps
- Tabular frame-by-frame and
graphical results
Choice of Tektronix supplied or
user-supplied reference video test
Measures impairments relative to
reference video
Encoder product and component
design verification
Transmission equipment and
systems evaluation
Picture quality video content
verification and analysis at the
program (Video) layer
For further details visit:
Configurable function mode and
programmable auto mode enable
customized and fully automatic
signal analysis, error detection, and
results documentation
Eye diagram for digital SDI signals
that integrates rise time, fall time,
and jitter measurements with the
eye diagram display
Optional GPIB remote control
Research and development
Quality assurance and signal
compliance testing
Automated functional test
Unattended monitoring of video
signals from studios, STL's, earth
stations and transmitters
Baseband network monitoring
For further details visit:
Automated Video
Measurement Set
The VM5000 is an integrated solution
that speeds testing of digital consumer
video devices such as HDTV set top
boxes, PVR’s, PC graphics cards, and
video semiconductors. A synergystic
set of automated measurements,
displays, and test utilities deliver fast,
accurate, and reliable results for
product development and quality
control applications.
Features and Benefits
Automates test of consumer HDTV
video devices
Automates VESA compliance test
for PC graphics devices
Fast, accurate, and reliable video
Comprehensive component analog
video signal analysis
SD, HDTV, and RGBHV component
analog format support
Picture, vector, and waveform
Pass-fail limit testing
Automatic report generator
Complete DPO functionality
1 GHz bandwidth, 4 channels
LAN connectivity
CD-RW drive
Design validation
Standards compliance testing
Quality control
Installation & troubleshooting
Automated manufacturing test
Off-air video systems test
For further details visit:
Related Products
TDS7804B with
TDSDVI Compliance
Test Solution
Multi-layer Monitor
Engineers involved in design,
characterization and validation of DVI
devices face constant pressure to
speed new products to the
marketplace. Developers need to
improve efficiency with faster validation
cycles. Design and validation engineers
need tools to perform quick and
reliable compliance testing right on
their bench. Option TDSDVI addresses
the wide spectrum of transmitter, cable
and receiver tests. The portfolio of
tests includes eye diagram, jitter, skew,
and rise and fall time testing.
Features and Benefits
Wide range of tests enable
complete validation to standards
Automatic "one-button" testing
ensures faster testing with higher
Comprehensive range of tests for
transmitter, cable and receiver
testing – Eye diagram test,
Peak-to-Peak jitter, Inter-pair and
Intra-pair skew, Rise and Fall time
Automatic Pass/Fail notification for
quick conformance to standards
Supports all resolutions up to
Half clock and pseudo random
patterns for various resolutions
allow testing as per DDWG
Online context sensitive help
provides assistance
Sophisticated report generator
saves time
Unique result comparison feature
enables comparing results of tests
conducted on two different devices
The MLM1000 is the only
management software that fully
integrates Tektronix video, audio and
MPEG monitoring solutions. It offers
the most comprehensive information
on the health of digital video and audio
content in both uncompressed and
compressed formats.
Features and Benefits
Geographic and network views let
operators quickly identify and isolate
errors in a video network.
Full integration of Tektronix WVR
Rasterizers, WFM Waveform
Monitors, and MTM400 Transport
Stream Monitors
Error logging and quality statistics
help operators and engineers
detect system degradations before
they become quality problems
Remote access and control of a
fault monitoring network from a
central location over an enterprise
network reduces operating costs
SNMP, TCP/IP, and Java
technology give platform and
operating system independence
and supports integration into
existing networks and
Flexible and scaleable ordering
configurations to ensure a costeffective system for the number of
monitoring probes required
At-a-glance status of complex
digital broadcast networks for 24x7
monitoring of Tektronix monitoring
Monitoring of TV broadcast
transmission networks
Monitoring of TV contribution and
distribution networks
Request a quote
Online look-up tool
Ask the experts/FAQs
Request a demo
Product registration
Product calibration
Technical Content
Application notes
Technical briefs
MyTek Resources
Download manuals
Access to software
and drivers
Check on order
Interactive product
Review service status
For further details visit:
Selection guides
White papers
DVI Physical Layer compliance
For more detailed and product specific
information, please research in your own
time by using the following resources
from the Tektronix web site:
My product support
Characterize the quality of your DVI
For further details visit:
Summary of Basic Service Coverage
Repair Service
Coverage of equipment,
parts, labor and transportation
Applicable product updates
Applicable safety and reliability
Calibration Service
Accredited calibration
Traceable calibration
Functional verification
Applicable product updates
Applicable safety and reliability
Calibration records retention
On-site Service
Your instruments remain
in your workplace
Turn-around time is measured
in hours, not days
Compliance is assured through
calibration or functional
verification using
factory-certified procedures
Service is pre-arranged to fit
your schedule
Factory trained experts perform
the work at your location
The Tektronix Customer Service Advantage
The full value of a Tektronix Calibration
You can trust Tektronix to offer
unequalled engineering expertise and
a customer-centric approach to ensure
the optimal performance of your
Tektronix products and maximize the
lifetime value of your Tektronix
investment. We call it your Customer
Service Advantage.
Ensuring measurement accuracy, the
breadth of testing performed with a
Tektronix Calibration provides
confidence in all measurements
conducted by the calibrated
instrument. Added to breadth of
testing, Tektronix delivers the full
capability and expertise of the original
equipment manufacturer to make, on
the spot, any necessary adjustments,
This is what you get with the Tektronix
Customer Service Advantage:
Access to the source of product
knowledge: No one can do it
better than Tektronix. We designed
it. We know how to optimize it. We
ensure that your Tektronix products
deliver peak performance.
Your challenges solved: Our people
listen to you. We go out of our way
to get the exact expertise
necessary to satisfy your need – it
is part of the way we do business.
It is part of standing behind our
Comprehensive and thorough
treatment: Software updates,
safety and reliability modifications,
and cosmetic enhancements are
included if applicable. Products are
returned to you in a “like new”
condition. Worldwide support is
available through the Tektronix
Efficiency and convenience: No
hassle service from initial service
call to turnaround and delivery –
our goal is to ease your service
management and minimize
downtime while your instrument is
being serviced.
Flexible repair and calibration
service: Your specific needs
addressed by a team of
professionals focused on getting
your instrument back in operation
as soon as possible. You have
choices of flexible options and
service packages to meet your
needs. And access to the best
on-call technical support staff in
the industry, with over 20 man
years of training per support
keeping your instruments in operation
at your site. The latest equipment and
procedures designed for calibrating
Tektronix instruments are used,
delivering a complete set of tests.
Enhancing the lifetime value of your
instrument, Tektronix brings to you the
unique ability to install the latest
product updates and upgrades.
On-site Calibration Service keeps your instruments at peak
performance and your operations at peak efficiency.
Customer centric approach
dedicated to serving your needs
everyday: We value your
relationship and believe you
deserve a better price for your
loyalty. Tektronix Customer
Service Advantage Programs are a
cost effective addition to your
standard warranty – and are
designed to optimize your
Tektronix product performance.
Gain productivity and return on
your investment through efficient
service management and fixed
cost of service.
Contact Tektronix:
ASEAN / Australasia / Pakistan (65) 6356 3900
Austria +41 52 675 3777
Balkan, Israel, South Africa and other ISE Countries +41 52 675 3777
Belgium 07 81 60166
Brazil & South America 55 (11) 3741-8360
Canada 1 (800) 661-5625
Central East Europe, Ukraine and the Baltics +41 52 675 3777
Central Europe & Greece +41 52 675 3777
Denmark +45 80 88 1401
Finland +41 52 675 3777
France & North Africa +33 (0) 1 69 86 81 81
Germany +49 (221) 94 77 400
Hong Kong (852) 2585-6688
India (91) 80-22275577
Italy +39 (02) 25086 1
Japan 81 (3) 6714-3010
Luxembourg +44 (0) 1344 392400
Mexico, Central America & Caribbean 52 (55) 56666-333
Middle East, Asia and North Africa +41 52 675 3777
The Netherlands 090 02 021797
Norway 800 16098
People’s Republic of China 86 (10) 6235 1230
Poland +41 52 675 3777
Portugal 80 08 12370
Republic of Korea 82 (2) 528-5299
Russia & CIS 7 095 775 1064
South Africa +27 11 254 8360
Spain (+34) 901 988 054
Sweden 020 08 80371
Switzerland +41 52 675 3777
Taiwan 886 (2) 2722-9622
United Kingdom & Eire +44 (0) 1344 392400
USA 1 (800) 426-2200
For other areas contact Tektronix, Inc. at: 1 (503) 627-7111
Updated February 2006
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