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The Model ME series Modulator Drivers include a crystal
controlled RF oscillator, fast modulation circuit, and a
broadband RF power amplifier in a housing with power supply,
RFI line filter, and line switch. The standard crystal controlled
oscillator has a calibration tolerance of 25 ppm. Crystals at
other than the specified frequencies can be factory installed.
The standard modulation input configuration is analog with a
digital input option available. A CW RF output level is adjusted
by the front panel level control which inserts a dc offset to the
input of the modulation circuit with no modulation input voltage.
The class AB broadband amplifier has sufficient bandwidth for
pulsed operation. RF output power capability can be up to 10
watts for some models. Configuration options include a front
panel user accessible connection between the oscillator and modulation circuit (N option) so that an external
source frequency can be used in place of the internal crystal oscillator. Also available is an optional front panel
connection between the modulation circuit and the RF power amplifier (H option) to give the Model ME drivers
capability to be used as a stand alone RF power amplifier. Drivers with option E provide a CW +10 dBm crystal
oscillator reference output.
Input Configuration
RF Amplifier Operation
Rise/Fall Time
Harmonics (at full power)
Output Mismatch Tolerance
Input / Output Impedance
Extinction Ratio (RF on / RF off)
Line Voltage (standard)
Analog (0-1 volt for 0-specified RF power)
Class AB
30 nsec
-20 dBc
100 percent
50 ohms
40 dB
115/230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
100 Vac, 50-60 Hz (option J)
Size (inches)
Oscillator Frequency1
RF Output Power2
3.5 H x 9.0 W x 13.5 D
8.9 H x 22.9 W x 34.3 D
40 MHz
2 watts
40 MHz
5 watts
40 MHz
10 watts
80 MHz
2 watts
110 MHz
2 watts
200 MHz
1 watt
OPTIONS: D…Inverse digital, input<0.8 volts for RF/on, input>2 volts to 5 volts for RF off, 50 ohm input impedance.
E...Low level oscillator RF output, +10 dBm level. e.g., ME-402E
H…Front panel access between modulator circuit and RF power amplifier. e.g., ME-402H
J…100 Vac line voltage for Japan. e.g., ME-402J
N…Front panel access between oscillator and modulator circuit. e.g., ME-402N
P…Internal pulse generator for q-switch applications with triggered, gated, and free running capability.
T...Digital input, input<0.8 volts for RF/off, input>2 volts to 5 volts for RF/on, 50 ohm input impedance.
T7…Same as option T, but with 70 dB extinction ratio. e.g., ME-402T7
-6…Analog input plus option T (analog + digital), total extinction ratio is 70 dB. e.g., ME-402-6
Other frequencies available.
Other RF output power levels available.
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