Warning Statements
The wall structure must be capable of supporting at least a maximum
weight of 100kg (220.6lbs) for 37”-71” televisions. If not, the wall must
be reinforced. Proper installation procedure by a qualified service
technician, as outlined in the installation instructions, must be adhered to.
Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury, or even death.
Safety measures must be practiced at all times during the installation of
this product. Use proper safety gear and tools for the installation
procedure to prevent personal injury.
Prior to the installation of this product, the installation instructions should
be read and completely understood. The installation instructions must be
read to prevent personal injury and property damage. Keep these
installation instructions in an easily accessible location for future
A secure structure must support the weight or load of the display, When
mounting to a wall that contains wooden studs, dead center of the
wooden stud must be confirmed prior to installation.
Do not install on a structure that is prone to vibration, movement or
chance of impact. Failure to do so could result in damage to the display
and/or damage to the mounting surface.
Do not install near heater, fireplace, direct sunlight, air conditioning or
any other source of direct heat energy. Failure to do so may result in
damage to the display and could increase the risk of fire.
At least two qualified people should perform the installation procedure.
Injury and/or damage can result from dropping or mishandling the
Recommended mounting surfaces: wooden studs and solid-flat concrete.
If the mount is to be installed on any surface other than wooden studs,
use suitable hardware (which is commercially available).
Hardware kit:
(x4) M4x12 Bolt
Bag (x4) M4x30 Bolt
(x4) M4 Lock Washer
(x4) M5x12 Bolt
(x4) M5x30 Bolt
(x4) M5 Lock Washer
(x4) M6x12 Bolt
(x4) M6x35 Bolt
(x4) M6 Lock Washer
Tools Required:
Phillips Head Screw driver
Stud finder for drywall installation
5/16” Socket and Wrench
Electric drill and 5/16” (8mm) masonry bit for concrete/brick installation
Set the size of the mounts
Before starting to install your television, you
need to set the size of the mounts since it is
1. Measure out the width and height of the
four holes on the back of your television.
(Fig 1)
2. Separate the middle part of the mount from the
two end parts by removing the 8pcs screws.
3. Set the wall plate size according to
following points and assemble by 8pcs
a)Width of Hole Pattern on television
(Wall Plate should be wider than the
horizontal distance between threaded
inserts on the back of your TV by at
least 2″ [50.8 mm])(Fig 3).
b)Width of television (Wall Plate
Assembly should be configured so the total width is less
than the overall width of your television)
c)Stud Spacing (you are recommended attaching Wall Plate
Assembly to three studs for televisions over 125 lbs. [56.7
4. Set the size of the two television brackets according to the
height of the hole distance on the back of your television by 2
″ [50.8 mm](Fig 4)
(x4) M8x16 Bolt
(x4) M8x40 Bolt
(x4) M8 Lock Washer
(x4) M4/M5 Spacer
(x4) M6/M8 Spacer
(x4) M4/M5 Washer
(x1) Bubble Level System
(x8)M8x60 Lag Bolt
(x8) Washer
(x8)Concret anchor
Note: You need to put the bubble level system on the pipe when you install the
wall plate and take it away after you finish installation.
Wood Stud Installation
For secure wood stud mounting, the wall plate must be mounted to two studs at least
12” apart.
1.Use a high-quality electronic stud finder (commercially available) to locate two
adjacent studs and mark their locations with a pencil.
2.With the help of an assistant, and using the bubble level to ensure the wall plate is
level,position the wall plate against the wall in the desired mounting location.
3.Mark the right, upper and lower and the left (upper and lower), positions of the
small horizontal slots that are in alignment with the studs.
4.You should mark four positions
5.Next, pre-drill a 5/16” hole in the
wall stud at each marked location.
6.With the help of an assistant,
position the wall plate against the
wall and line up the mounting slots
with drilled holes.
7.For each location, insert a lag bolt and washer into the wall.
8.Tighten bolt with an open ended socket wrench by turning clockwise until tight.
CAUTION: Do not over-tighten bolts-doing so may cause unnecessary damage to
the wall. Avoid excessive torque.
CAUTION: Do not release the wall plate until it is properly mounted and secured to
the wall.
Concrete/Brick Installation
NOTE: The concrete anchors must be used for concrete installation. They can be
purchased at your local hardware store.
1. Begin by placing the wall plate into position against the wall, using the bubble
level to keep it level.
2. Mark off four holes to be used for securing the mount and place the wall plate
3. Next, drill holes using an electric drill and 5/16” masonry bit.
4. Insert a concrete anchor into each hole.
5. If necessary, a hammer can be used to lightly tap each anchor into place so that
they are flush with the wall.
6. Once all of the anchors are in place, move the wall plate back into position.
7. Attach the lag bolt into the achor that is placed in the wall.
8. Do not tighten until all nuts are in place.
Display Bracket Installation
1. To ensure optimal installation, this kit
includes various screws of different
diameters and lengths.
2. Place your TV screen down on a soft, flat
surface, and locate the threaded mounting
points that are located on the back of the
3. Determine which screw is the correct
length by carefully inserting a straw, or
toothpick, and mark how deep the mounting point is.
4. If your display has a curved back or a recessed thread mounting point, a spacer
must be used.
NOTE: Select the spacer that is closest in depth to the recess to keep your
bracket as close to the display as possible.
5. Place the spacer between the mounting bracket and the display.
6. If a smaller screw is being used(M4,M5 or M6), please use a washer with each
screw for added stability
Final Installation
Attach each bracket to the display by
aligning the holes on each bracket, with
the threaded inserts on the back panel of
your display, inserting the screws
through both and turning clockwise until
they are fully inserted.
1. Tighten with a Phillips head screw
CAUTION: Two people are required for
this step.
2. To complete the installation of your
new plasma mount, carefully place
the television brackets over the upper and lower mounting crossbars.
3. Making sure that the safety-bar is not in place when placing the television on the
For additional security, you can install the safety-bar that is included with your mount.
The safety bar can be inserted from either side of the mount. It should pass through
the interspace of the lower part of the two TV brackets.
You can also attach a padlock (not included) to the end of the safety-bar to prevent
unwanted removal of your TV from the mount.
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