IP215 - PERI Software Solutions Inc.

IP215 - PERI Software Solutions Inc.
Cost Effective VoIP Phone
Great features and Refined design for user
Economical VoIP solution for Soho market
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r Great features and Refined design for user
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A И e Prei Economical VolP solution for Soho market
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As VoIP phone for business based on standard SIF, it meets every function of various IP The best features as contrasted with price. IP210 is the revolutionary and economical
PBX and soft-switches embodying linked function enough. It proved their stability and solution for various business and home user.
VoIP technique by installing them into domestic and overseas sites. Based on the proved
technique, it increase the convenience and productivity.
(( )) Speaker phone function built in phone guarantees high qual-
У ity sound, supporting Full Duplex like conference phone.
| | 4 speed dials
5 menu buttons
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8 functional buttons
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Cutting the hacking and wiretapping by SRTP(Secured Real time
Transport protocol), TLS(Transfer Layer Security), the system sup-
ports secured telecommunications.
By Remote Management and installation over Web
Interface, it makes effective management be possible.
IP215 Specification
Call Function
* Call Forwarding
* Call Hold
* Call screen/ Do Not Disturb
* Call Pickup
* Call Transfer
* Call Waiting
* 3-Way Conference call
* SIMPLE Based Instant Messaging and Presence
e Auto Provisioning (HTTPS, HTTP, TFTP)
SIP Protocal
e Proxy Registration and Failover
e Outbound Proxy
e Multi-User Registration
* Registration Timer
* SIP Transport — UDP. TCP, TLS
e Secured Media Negotiation(SRTP)
* Realm-Based Authentication(Digest Authentication)
e Session Timers
DNS Query (A Record, SRV, NAPTR)
e CoDec Negotiation
e DTMF Relay RTP Payload(RFC 2833) or SIP Info
* Hook Flash Signaling
* Visual Message Waiting Indicator
DTMF/Ring Signal
e DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency)
o Multiple Ring Tones
e My Bell : 10 Ring Tones
e Call Progress Tone Generation
(Dial Tone, Busy, Audible Ring Back)
* DTMF Generation
(RFC 2833 In-Audio or Out-of-Band SIP Info)
RFCs supported
Voice & Codec
CNG (Comfort Noise Generation)
* Echo Cancellation : G.168 Compliance
* Codec Auto Negotiation
* CoDecs
- Narrow Band -G.711pLaw/aLaw with PLC, G.722.1,
G.723.1/A, 6.726, G.728, G.729A/AB/E , Broadvoice®16
- Wide Band — G.722.1, Broadvoice®32
e Echo Suppression (G.164)
* Enhanced Packet Loss Concealment
e Silence Suppression (G.164)
* VAD (Voice Active Detector)
* Adaptive Jitter Buffer
e SIPFrag (RFC 3420)
e Dynamic Payload Support
e Adjustable Audio Frames per Packet
e Flexible Dial Plan Support with Inter-Digit Timers
IP Network
® |Р\4 (ВЕС 791), IPv6(RFC1883) Dual Stack
(Optional), TCP, UDP, HTTP, ARP, ICMP
* RTP/RTCP, Secure RTP
* DNS: A Record (RFC 1706), SRV Record (RFC 2783)
* VLAN: IEEE 802.1q
* QoS : IEEE 802.1p, DiffServ(RFC 2475)
* Network Address Assignment: Static IP/DHCP, PPPoE
e Password Protection for Admin Mode and User Mode
* Management Protocol : SNMPv2 (RFC 2782)
* Auto Provisioning : DHCP TFTR, Static TFTP, HTTP
e Remote Software Upgrade : http, tftp
* Remote Configuration
* Dual Switched 10/100 Based-T Through RJ-45 Interfaces
e 10/100BASE-T : 2 Ports Providing Auto-MDI/MDIX,
Enabling the Use of Straight or Crossover Cable in Either Port
e 1 RJ-45 Port to Connect LAN or Wan, This Port Supports
Optional PoE (IEEE802.3af or In Line Power)
e 1 RJ-45 Port to Connect PC
Key & Button
* Dial Keys : 12 Keys (0 to 9, * and # Key — ITU(E.161)
* 10 Function Keys
e Speaker Phone Button for Conference Call
* 3 Memory Dial Keys
* 5 Navigating Keys : Up, Down, Left, Right, Menu, Enter, ESC
* Volume Up/Down Keys for Ringer, Speaker and Handset Receiver
* Phonebook: Record 100 Entries
* Call History Logs: Records 60 Entries for In/Outbound Calls
and Missed Calls.
® LCD : 128x32 Black/White Graphic LCD
¢ Multi-Language Support : English, Korean, Czech, and Others
* Power Adaptor: Output DC5V/1A, Input
* Power Consumption: 5Watts (Max)
Technical Spec
* Dimensions (Main body) : 220x160x61mm (WxHxL)
* Weight : 600g
* Color : Black / Beige
* Operating Temp : 0-45 * c
* Storage Temp : -20-60 °c
e Humidity : 10-85% (Non-Condensing)
IETF drafts supported
RFC2327 Session Description Protocol(SDP)
RFC3428 SIP Extension for Instance Messaging
Draft-ietf-sipping-cc-transfer-01 SIP call control — Transfer
RFC2976 The SIP INFO Method RFC3515 The SIP Refer Method Draft-ietf-sip-replaces-02 The SIP Replaces Header
RFC3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol REC9725 Best Current Practices for Third Party Call Control Draft-letf-sip-session-timer-08 The SIP Session Timer
in SIP
RFC3262 Reliability of Provisional Responses in SIP
RFC3842 A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indica-
RFC3263 SIP: Locating SIP Servers
tion Event Package for SIP
RFC3264 An Offer/Answer Model with SDP
RFC3892 The SIP Referred-By Mechanism
RFC3265 SIP — Specific Event Notification
RFC3903 SIP Extension for Event State Publication
RFC3420 Internet Media Type message/sipfrag
RFC4568 SDP Security Descriptions for Media Streams
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