Friday, August 29, 2008
ActiveKEY Battery Tips
Please read the following tips to get the most out of your ActiveKEY’s battery and make sure
your ActiveKEY is ready to go whenever you need it.
The ActiveKEY doesn’t need a cradle to update — it updates automatically through a cell
signal — but the ActiveKEY still needs to be plugged into power to keep its battery charged.
An ActiveKey with a full charge should keep working without having to connect it to
power for about 3 days
A full charge takes approximately 4 hours.
Use only the provided wall charger or optional car charger. Using any other charger will
void the warranty on your ActiveKEY and may damage your ActiveKEY. Note:
Connecting your ActiveKEY to your computer with the USB cable will not adequately
charge your key. Most computers do not pass enough charge through the USB cable to
offset a cellular radio’s consumption.
You can conserve battery by turning the radio off in the ActiveKEY. To turn the radio off,
first press the On/Off button on the ActiveKEY to turn the key on. Then press and hold
the On/Off button for 10 seconds or until the key says RADIO IS TURNED OFF. The next
time you turn on your ActiveKEY, press 1 to turn the radio on. Please note: With the
radio in the ActiveKEY off, you will not receive messages or showing notifications. For
information about sending text showing alerts to your cell phone, please call
Consider a car charger: You can leave your ActiveKEY in your car plugged into a car
charger when you’re not using it. Your ActiveKEY will be on hand and ready to go
whenever you need it
For questions or support, please call (800) 925-1525 or visit
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