The Ultimate in Ground Bond Analyzer Performance

The Ultimate in Ground
Bond Analyzer Performance
Speed, Flexibility & Value
At Vitrek, we believe that your investment
in safety compliance equipment is an
important one. The 930i Ground Integrity
Analyzer is a case in point. The output
current is fully user selectable from 3 to
30 amperes. So whether you’re testing to
a UL spec at 25 amps today or an IEC
spec at 30 amps tomorrow, you can be
sure that your Vitrek will stand up to the
test for years to come.
In fact, all test parameters of the 930i are
fully programmable-output current,
frequency, resistance limits and test
duration. And whether you’re running the
930i from its password protected test
database or via computer control, ground
bond testing has never been simpler or faster.
Measurement Confidence
That is Second to None
To provide unparalleled accuracy, the
Vitrek 930i employs a state of the art high
speed, 4-channel, 16 bit analog to digital
converter. The 930i simultaneously tracks
and controls the output current, while
measuring voltage drop across the load,
and monitoring the status of both power
supply and output amplifier.
The four-wire Kelvin configuration eliminates lead resistance errors to provide
measurement repeatability down to 10µΩ.
Performance that the other units cannot
begin to match.
Seamless Test Integration
The 930i works hand-in-hand with Vitrek
hipot testers so that dielectric testing and
ground bond testing can be accomplished
from a single set up. The results are
automatically integrated into a unified test
report with overall pass/fail status as well
as step-by-step results with final values.
• 3 to 30 amp test current - meets a wide
variety of regulatory test specifications
• Password protected test routine storage
• Frequency synthesis 50-400Hz
• 10µΩ resolution - more measurement
confidence and repeatability
• 4-wire Kelvin sensing - eliminates lead
resistance errors
• Fully programmable via front panel,
hipot or computer control
• Hipot and ground test from one set-up
• High speed test throughout with actual
measurement values
• Display prompted setup - easy to use,
fully adjustable
• CE mark certified to EN 61010
• Made in the U.S.A.
• 5 Year extended warranty
Providing confidence in every test you
make is our job. Isn’t it time to put the
unrivaled performance of the 930i to
work for your team?
Alternating Current Output
General Specifications
Ordering Information
Range: 3 to 30 amperes RMS, programmable
Remote Interface: VICL and serial
Resolution: 1 amp
com standard. PLC optional
Vitrek 930i Automatic Ground
Integrity Analyzer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Output Frequency: Sinewave synthesis,
Display: 40 character dot matrix illuminated
TL115HC Outlet Test Adapter . . . . . . . . . .
50Hz to 400Hz
liquid crystal display
Compliance Voltage: 3 volts RMS
Indicators: L.E.D. status indicators
Regulation: ± 0.25% no load to full load
Alarm: Audible and visual alarms provide
K-4 4-wire 4-clip 30A lead set. . . . . . . . . .
K-2 4-wire 2-clip 30A lead set. . . . . . . . . .
pass/fail indication
RM-1 Rack Mount Adapter Kit . . . . . . . . .
Resistance Measurement
Diagnostics: Built-in self diagnostics test
PLC-3 Logic Level Interface . . . . . . . . . . .
Resistance Limit: User programmable max.
ROM, RAM and output system
and min. Test is automatically aborted when
Safety: CE mark certified to EN61010
limit is exceeded
Accessories: K-2, VIC-3, BBL-2 and opera-
Resistance Range: 1Ω at 3 amps linearly
tors manual supplied with unit
decreasing to 100 mΩ at 30A
Warranty: Extended 5 year parts and labor
Resistance Resolution: 10µΩ
with annual factory calibration and mainte-
Measurement Accuracy: ± 1.0% of reading;
nance. Standard warranty one year
± 0.5% of range
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Accuracy: Specifications apply for 1 year, ±
Humidity: 90% RH 0°C to 40°C
5°C from the cal temp within 20°C to 30°C
Power: 115/230 VAC ± 10% 250 VA max
Calibration: Certificate of calibration trace-
Dimensions: 89mmH x 432mmW x 457mmD
able to the National Institute of Standards
(3.5”H x 17”H x 18”D)
and Technology (NIST) provided
Weight: 11Kg (24 lb.) Net/15Kg (34 lb.)
Test Time: Digital count down timer, pro-
RS-1 RS232 Cable 6 ft. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
VIC-3 930i to 944i 2 Meter
Communication Cable. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
OM-930 Extra Operators Manual. . . . . . . .
Represented by:
grammable 1 to 9999 seconds
Terminal Configuration: True four-wire kelvin
Vitrek Corporation
The 930i shown here with the Vitrek 944i Dielectric Analyzer and TL-115HC Test Adapter. These two
units in tandem provide hipot and ground bond test capability from the touch of a single button.
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
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