The smartest way to make paper history.

Series Scanners
The smartest
way to make
paper history.
The smartest way to scan the widest range of documents
Next-generation cameras deliver
razor-sharp images
Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners—the next scanning innovation
in Kodak’s document imaging solutions’ portfolio—deliver an
unprecedented combination of intelligent paper handling,
40% larger feeder capacity than other scanners in their class
and razor-sharp image quality, with the added benefits of
a user-friendly interface, easy maintenance and a low cost
ofconsumables. Users across industries can now convert
a wider range of documents into high-quality digital
images, quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
It’s an ingenious way to make, manage, and move
images and information.
The Ngenuity Scanners can deliver
600 dpi optical capture and output.
A special enhanced accelerated 300 dpi
scanning mode captures and processes
images at a high resolution to improve
image quality even as it increases
throughput speeds.
These advanced image capture
technologies result in higher OCR, ICR
and barcode recognition rates and more
reliable forms processing.
Advanced document handling = improved workflow efficiency
Hard-working for high efficiency
With daily duty cycles of up to 150,000
pages, Ngenuity Scanners breeze through
documents up to 12.5 inches wide and
200 meters long, at speeds that are
among the best in their class:
• 150 pages per minute in black-andwhite, color and grayscale at 200 dpi
Further, you don’t have to sacrifice
long-term efficiency for short-term speed.
Some components on the scanner
have been tested to last for more than
50 million scans.
Scan more. Sort and adjust less.
Ngenuity Scanners handle the widest
range of documents of any scanner
in their class,* from rice paper and
air bills to card stock and long EKG
strips. Streamline your document
workflows and maintain image
quality with ease.
Straight pass-through paper
path and document modes
add versatility
While most documents can make their
way easily through the scanner’s rotary
path, the Ngenuity Scanners include
an alternative “straight pass through”
paper path for exception documents
(such as stuffed envelopes and laminated
cards) that cannot make the turn on the
rotary path.
What’s more, special document scanning
modes auto-adjust the Ngenuity
Scanners’ feeding and transport
scanner settings for very long, folded
or fragile documents.
State-of-the-art technologies = enhanced image quality
Patch code detection: switch from
bitonal to color and back within a
batch without touching a key.
Onboard VirtualReScan
Professional: image enhancement
at no cost to speed
Sensors within the paper path of a
Ngenuity Scanner will detect the
presence of patch codes within a batch
to automatically toggle between color
scanning and black-and-white scanning.
You can feed batches of mixed documents
and signal the scanner to capture each
page in its optimum mode automatically
by inserting pre-printed sheets.
Onboard VRS Professional Application
is integrated into the hardware of the
scanner. This way, you can enjoy all the
image enhancement and error resolution
functionality of the VRS application
without sacrificing speed.
Minimal presorting and operator
intervention is required to capture mixed
document types. It’s easy to keep the
pages of entire files or dossiers together
for improved document integrity
and streamlined post-scan image
Advanced color management and more
precise image cropping are only two of
the many features at your fingertips with
Onboard VirtualReScan Professional
Application on the Ngenuity Scanner.
Added-value functionality = preferred user experience
Auto-adjustable feeder tray holds
40% more documents
The Ngenuity Scanners’ feeder tray holds
700 documents—40% more than other
scanners in their class.
The tray also rises and falls—literally—in
perfect sync with your batch size, thanks
to Variable Feeder Tray Capacity Control,
which remembers your most recent
batch size. And since the feeder does not
restrict you to manufacturer-set batch
size limitations, you can scan almost any
size batch you want, faster than ever
The feeder tray’s capacity and innovative
technology save you valuable time when
loading and switching batches.
Easy to install, use and maintain
The Ngenuity Scanners feature a USB 2.0
port and cable to make it easier for you to
connect the scanner to the PC. They have
a SCSI port as well.
Enhanced ultrasonic multi-feed
detect and ignore
Three independently controlled,
ultrasonic sensors raised the bar on
multi-feed detection.
Further, our user-friendly interface with
front panel functionality provides easy
access to frequently used features and
includes two user-customizable function
What’s more, the “Multi-feed Ignore”
setting on the Ngenuity Scanners now
allows you to accept scanned images and
continue scanning or alert the scanner in
advance to accept an intended multi-feed.
Ngenuity Scanners are also easy to
clean and maintain. The scanners’ only
consumables—the rollers and tires—
are easy to replace; and users can
install optional accessories, like the
imprinter, easily.
The “Ignore by Size” option lets you
proactively scan items—such as taped
receipts and sticky notes—that the
scanner might otherwise identify as a
multi-feed and stop.
Value, durability and performance
The Ngenuity Scanners are designed
to endure the many demands of a busy
production environment. A steel paper
path and durable parts, such as sealed
CCD cameras, long-lasting LED lights
and rollers that last for 600,000 scans,
help maintain uptime. And the Ngenuity
Scanners are designed for field upgrades.
As your needs change, we can add new
capabilities right at your site to minimize
interruptions in your schedule. All these
facts add up to less scanner maintenance
and a low cost of ownership.
Why wait? Ask to see a demonstration
of the Ngenuity Scanner today.
Fragile and thin documents
Very long documents
Exception documents
Thick and stiff documents
Legal and A4 size documents
Rice Paper • Airbills • NCR Forms
EKG Strips • Oil Well Logs
Receipts • Folded Documents
• Photographs
Stuffed Envelopes • Plastic Cards
• Cardstock
Contracts • Forms • Invoices
*Comparative statements are based on published specifications of certain other mid- to high-volume production scanners at the time of printing.
Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners
Letter Size Landscape at
200 dpi
150 ppm/300 ipm
125 ppm/250 ipm
90 ppm/180 ipm
Color, Grayscale
Portrait at 200 dpi
120 ppm/240 ipm
100 ppm/200 ipm
70 ppm/140 ipm
Scanning Speed
Daily Duty Cycle
Roller Life (bond)
600,000 scans
Output: 600 dpi, Optical: 600 dpi
Camera Technology
SharpShooter Trilinear 7.6k CCD
Lighting Technology
White LEDs—instant warm-up; designed to last the life of the scanner with normal use
Image Enhancement
Onboard VRS Professional
USB 2.0 (cable included); SCSI III
Supported Drivers (Included)
ImageControls, ISIS and TWAIN through VRS Professional; direct ISIS, TWAIN
Multi-feed Detection
Ultrasonic Multi-feed featuring: Three sensors, Preemptive Ignore, Ignore As Is, Ignore by Size
Optional user-installable pre- and/or post-scan imprinter, time and date stamping, 72 characters
Document Size
43 x 64 mm (1.7 x 2.5 in.) to 318 x 1016 mm (12.5 x 40 in.)
Document Size—Long Document Mode
Maximum Image Width
Up to 200 m (219 yards)
311 mm (12.25 in.)
Paper Thickness—Rotary
0.038–0.89 mm (.0015–.035 in.)
Paper Thickness—Straight-Through Paper Path
0.038–1.78 mm (.0015–.070 in.)
Paper Weight
30–1,200 gsm (7 to 320 lb. bond)
Feeder Capacity (75 gsm paper/20 lb. bond)
Scanner Size (HxWxD)**
49.5 x 52.1 x 76.2 cm (19.5 x 20.5 x 30 in.)
Scanner Weight
50.8 kg (112 lb.)
Power Requirement
Power Consumption
700 documents—Variable Feeder Tray Capacity Control
AC 100–120 V; 220–240 V; 50/60 Hz
Maximum (Scanning)
175 W
Minimum (Standby)
60 W
Sleep/Energy Star
6.7 W
10°C to 38°C (50°F to 100°F)
Relative Humidity
10% to 80%
Additional Features
Straight Pass Through Paper Path, Straight-Through Paper Path Tray Adapter,
Special Documents Mode, Advanced Color Functionality
Additional Contents
USB Cable, Installation Resource CD with Kodak Ngenuity Operator Utility (NOU) and
the VRS Professional Application, Power Cord, Starter Cleaning Kit, Camera Calibration Kit
Additional Options
User-installable Pre- and/or Post-scan Imprinter with Time and Date Stamping, Roller Kit,
Cleaning Kit, Power Conditioner
**Straight paper path door closed
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