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Lighted Pushbutton Switches
Since 1968, our VIVISUN line of ruggedized, illuminated pushbutton switches and indicators have offered the best-in-class solution for MIL-SPEC and aviation
applications worldwide. Our products are engineered with leading edge technology to ensure ease of installation and maintenance-free operation throughout
the life of the platform. VIVISUN is preferred around the world for quality, and Applied Avionics customers experience the industry’s fastest delivery time and
highest commitment to outstanding customer service.
Switches & Indicators
Superior LED Performance
VIVISUN combines life of the platform reliability,
MIL-SPEC quality and superior performance in
sunlight readable lighted pushbutton switches and
indicators. Our products are designed for the most
demanding applications in avionics, naval shipboard
and military ground systems.
LED lighting and the unique electrical drive and
dimming circuit allows the use of VIVISUN products
where dimming control for NVIS compliance and low
level lighting applications are required. Wide viewing
angles and layered fault tolerance deliver unparalleled
LED products are available in a standard 0.75"
(19mm) square cap and a 0.94" X 1.18" (23.9mm
X 30mm) rectangular cap with additional viewing
area for increased legend capacity. Flexibility in
voltages, termination, sealing, circuit configurations
and cap lighting provides substantial design options.
Additionally, the ability to incorporate NEXSYS
Component Technology in the indicator or switch body
further enhances custom configuration opportunities.
Captive mounting lugs and reversible
mounting sleeve accommodates lighted
overlay panel and panel thicknesses from
.032" to .187" (0.81mm to 4.74mm).
Full complement of lighting colors,
lighting types, and dimming
options available, including 4-way
legend splits. Excellent off-angle
viewing, sunlight readability and
low level uniformity.
Termination flexibility including the
standard keyed solderless connector
plug for ease of installation or the
reduced size turret for behind the panel depth limitations.
Body options include indicators and
1-4 pole switches rated to 7.5 amps.
Optional NEXSYS components can
also be accommodated internal to
the switch body.
✓ DO-160 Witnessed and Conformed
✓ MIL-PRF-22885 Qualified
✓ MIL-STD-3009 NVIS Compliant
Caps are fully independent from switch body and can be
ordered together or separately. Separable caps also allow
for a simple LED upgrade without replacing installed body.
Cap Options
Body Options
Square Cap
(19 mm)
(19 mm)
Rectangular Cap
(24.4 mm)
(29.5 mm)
(35.6 mm)
High-Capacity Body
w/ Connector Plug
Short Body
w/ Solder Turret
(24.4 mm)
(23.9 mm)
(30 mm)
Compact Body
w/ Connector Plug
* Shown with Standard Square cap. All switch bodies
are available with Large Rectangular cap option.
Avionics Interface Solutions
NEXSYS is the newest brand from Applied Avionics, manufacturers of the industry leading VIVISUN pushbutton switches and indicators. NEXSYS products are
focused on providing avionics interface solutions, including the versatile NEXSYS Component Technology and the new ARINC 429 Signal Converter. NEXSYS
components can provide robust behind-the panel interface capabilities via a NEXSYS Module or can be incorporated internally into a VIVISUN illuminated switch
or indicator body. NEXSYS components provide substantial design customization opportunities and the entire NEXSYS product line has been designed and tested
in accordance with DO-160 and equivalent MIL-SPEC standards.
NEXSYS Component Technology
NEXSYS Component Technology includes over 1,000,000 combinations of mix-and-match integrated electronics such as electronic latching flip flops, edge-detecting
pulse timers, ARINC 429 signal converters, Boolean logic array, solid-state relays, electronic rotary components, voltage sensors, diodes and terminal blocks.
The NEXSYS Module
offers three mounting
options; in-line
harness boot, single
bracket mount and an
M81714/5-5 Type 1
rail mounting system
that holds multiple
NEXSYS Modules in
each rail.
Cutaway view of a VIVISUN
High-Capacity Body
with integrated NEXSYS
components. A Compact Body
version is also available.
NEXSYS Component
Type Options
Signal Converters
Service & Support
At Applied Avionics, customer service begins with a knowledgeable person to
answer your call and continues until your order arrives on your dock exactly on
schedule. Benefits like automated order confirmations and advance shipping notices
make it easyto do business with us. We specialize in quick turnaround situations,
and our paperless quotation and ordering process gets your order started quickly
and accurately. Unparalleled customer support and demonstrated performance is
a promise Applied Avionics delivers on every day.
Online Part Configuration
Our ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429/1) is a unique interface
solution that contains no software, firmware or programmable logic and
is tested to DO-160 and equivalent MIL-SPEC standards. For maximum
flexibility, the SR429/1 is available as either a factory preset unit or as a
universal (user configurable) unit. The SR429/1 is ideally suited to support
ADS-B applications and can be used in any application requiring an ARINC
429 to discrete interface.
Our online Part Configurator allows customers to easily specify all aspects of a new
part (including lens cap and NEXSYS components) and generate new part numbers
at anytime from anywhere in the world. Registered users can even access a database
of their previously configured VIVISUN and NEXSYS parts.
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