Meets Flexibility
LifeSize® Icon 800™
LifeSize Icon 800 delivers the ultimate
communication experience to auditoriums and
other large meeting spaces. Designed to radically
simplify video conferencing with its intuitive
“heads up” UI, six-button remote and touchscreen
LifeSize® Phone, LifeSize Icon 800 offers
››Four Full HD video inputs
››Two Full HD video outputs
››Seven audio inputs
››Four audio outputs
Seamless Call Escalation
Accept requests to join your call
or add others via your directory
with one simple click of your
Streamlined Intuitive UI
Meeting directory, unified user
interface during multiparty calls,
unified directory, name-based
dialing, search and favorites
Integrated with LifeSize
UVC core applications*
Easily add powerful video
capabilities by turning on mobile
video calling, multiparty calling,
streaming/recording and more
Remote Control
Sleek, new design for quick and
easy navigation by any user
Video Quality
Up to 1080p60
Presentation Quality
& Sharing
Up to 1080p; physical data port
HD Monitors
Connect up to two displays
HD Cameras
Pan, tilt and zoom camera
options, including support for up
to 1080p60 HD and 10x zoom
Touchscreen powers both audio
and video
››Two USB 3.0 data inputs
››Secure connectors for server racks
With the additional video inputs the LifeSize Icon 800 provides users
incredible flexibility. Connect multiple video devices, such as PTZ cameras,
laptops or DVRs, as well as audio devices, such as MP3 players, to the
LifeSize Icon 800 and deliver an unprecedented immersive experience.
Simplified Input Selection
Users can easily choose the video input for both primary and secondary
streams with the remote control or through the LifeSize Phone touchscreen
display. Audio sources are automatically heard at each end when the user
pushes play eliminating the need to call support when the audio source
doesn’t match the video input.
Free! LifeSize Link Adapter
Included with your purchase is the new LifeSize Link Adapter, which supports
especially long cable runs between the LifeSize Icon 800 unit and a LifeSize
Phone or Digital MicPod—up to 61 meters (200 feet). Now, LifeSize Phone
can be positioned deeper in the auditorium.
Ideal for Systems Integrators
Systems integrators seeking a video conferencing solution that readily
integrates with existing custom third-party solutions need look no further
than the LifeSize Icon 800. Its rack-mount design enables systems
integrators to install the LifeSize Icon 800 into any industry-standard server,
podium and other rack-mount space with ease. The internal power supply
and the locking rear connectors ensure a simple and secure installation.
* Requires LifeSize UVC Platform, available as virtual
machine software or hardware
Product Specifications
LifeSize Icon 800
System Components
LifeSize Link Adapter
LifeSize Icon 800 video system, 2RU 48.3 cm (19”)
with rack mounts attached
LifeSize Camera 10x
LifeSize Phone, 2nd Generation
LifeSize Link Adapter
Remote control
Passive adapter converts LifeSize Link to Cat5e/6
Supports cable distances:
Shielded Cat5e: 46 m (150’)
Shielded Cat 6: 61 m (200’)
LEDs ensure proper installation
Supports locking RJ45 connectors
Ability to disable HTTP, SSH services
H.235 (AES) encryption support including strict
TLS/SRTP support
Audio Features
SIP, H.323, 128 Kbps–6.0 Mbps
1xRJ-45 Network LAN 10/100/1000
1x LifeSize Link for LifeSize Phone, 2nd Generation
WebRTC NetEQ packet loss concealment
Full duplex for natural conversations
Echo cancellation for echo-free calls
Automatic gain control
Automatic noise reduction
Support for Up to Two Displays
Any 720p or 1080p HD displays
Video Out 1 (primary) supports DVI-D/HDMI
Video Out 2 (secondary) supports DVI-I/HDMI/VGA
HD 1080p60 PTZ Camera (LifeSize
Camera 10x)
Wide-angle zoom lens with 70° field of view
Up to 10x optical zoom
Auto focus/automatic gain control
10 camera presets (near or far end)
Standard 3.0 m HDMI cable
Video Specifications
Maximum resolution 1920x1080, 16:9 aspect ratio
All resolutions progressive scanning up to 60 frames
per second
Over 200 resolutions supported
Example bitrates and resolutions (H.264 High Profile,
600 Kbps (720p30)
820 Kbps (720p60)
1.2 Mbps (1080p30)
1.7 Mbps (1080p60)
Intelligent Networking Features
Adaptive motion control (AMC) including forward
error correction (FEC) for superior video quality in all
network conditions
NAT/firewall traversal (H.460/SIP)
Auto bandwidth detection
Directory and Address Book
G.711, G.722, G.722.1C licensed from Polycom®,
Up to 100,000 directory entries
Global search tool
LDAP support/H.350 compliant Calendar/meeting
directory support H.323 URI dialing support
(Annex O)
Audio Inputs (4 Inputs)
System Management
2 x Line In balanced (Phoenix)
1 x LifeSize Link (LifeSize Phone, 2nd Generation with
optional LifeSize Digital MicPods)
4 x HDMI via Video inputs
Web interface
Auto configuration
Backup and restore capability
2x USB 3.0
Audio Outputs (4 Outputs)
1 x Line Out balanced (Phoenix)
1 x LifeSize Link (LifeSize Phone, 2nd Generation)
2 x HDMI via Video outputs
AC voltage 100–240V, 50–60 Hz, 2.5A via internal
power supply
Audio Standards
Environmental Data
Other Supported Standards
H.221, H.224, H.225, H.231, H.239/BFCP, H.241,
H.242, H.245, H.281, RFC 3261, RFC 3264, RFC 2190,
RFC 3407, RFC 2833
Operating temperature: 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F)
Operating humidity: 15% to 85%, noncondensing
Storage temperature: –20°C (–4°F) to 60°C (140°F)
Storage humidity: 10% to 90%, noncondensing
User Interface & Features
Video Device Dimensions
Width: 440 mm (17.32”)
Depth: 310 mm (12.2”)
Height: 85 mm (3.35”)
Weight: 6.99 Kg (15.42 lbs)
4 x HD Video In (up to 1080p60) DVI/HDMI/VGA
Simplified user interface
Heads-up remote control
Video input selection
Seamless call escalation to a multiparty call
Graphical user interface administration console
Multiple languages supported
Do Not Disturb mode
Video mute
Video Outputs (2 Outputs)
UVC Core Applications
2 x HD Video Out (up to 1080p60) DVI/HDMI/VGA
enabled— primary and secondary display
Seamless call escalation for video and voice
Calendar, meeting directory, favorites, unified
searchable directory
Single button streaming and recording
Mobile calling
Video network management
Secure firewall traversal, plus NAT
Microsoft® Lync® integration
Video Standards
H.264 High Profile, H.264 Baseline Profile, H.263+,
Video Inputs (4 Inputs)
Fully Integrated, HD Audio Conference
90 Hz up to 22 kHz frequency support
Audio pickup range up to 4.57 m (15’)
Powered by LifeSize Icon 800 directly through
LifeSize Link Cable
Touchscreen user interface
Manage HD video, audio and presentation
Additional support for up to two LifeSize Digital
Included 9 m (30’) LifeSize Link cable
Optional 4 m (13’) and 15 m (49’) cables available
Austin, Texas, USA
+1 512 347 9300
Toll Free US +1 877 543 3749
EMEA Regional Office
Munich, Germany
+49 89 20 70 76 0
Toll Free Europe +00 8000 999 09 799
APAC Regional Office
+65 6303 8370
Regulatory Model Number
LifeSize Icon 800 = LFZ-031
LifeSize Link Adapter = LFZ-032
Delivering the Ultimate Communication Experience
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