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March 7, 2018
Field Download of GTOCP4 Software
One of the advantages of the GTOCP4 over the previous GTOCP1-3 is that updates to the software can be made
electronically in the field by the customer. There are two methods of updating GTOCP4 software in the field.
The preferred method uses a standard Web Browser. The other involves the use of a serial or USB port and a
terminal emulator (Hyperterm or TeraTerm). These instructions are for the Browser update. Terminal emulator
instructions will be prepared in the near future, but they are significantly more complicated, and the process is
At this time, we require that you to update software using the Ethernet connection. Currently, download over
the WiFi is slower and more error prone, so we are not allowing WiFi updates.
Download the Package If you have not downloaded the zipped software package yet, please do so now. We
recommend that you create a folder in a location where it will be easy to find, and unzip the package contents
into this folder. The contents MUST be unzipped prior to loading and cannot be run from the zip folder.
Additional instructions for the download are on the website’s downloads page.
IMPORTANT! Park your Mount to a defined position. Do this BEFORE you start the upgrade. You will
need to resume from that same defined position after the upgrade to reestablish your calibration. If you
are using the keypad, first switch to auto-connect = NO, and then park the mount.
Note: After parking the mount, you can remove the GTOCP4 if you wish to perform the software upgrade;
it does not need
to be
Addressto the mount. This may make establishing an Ethernet connection easier.
Many of you will have already determined your IPv4 cabled Ethernet IP address. If you know this address, you
can skip the following and proceed directly to the “Download Using a Browser” section. For those who have not
determined the Ethernet IP address, please use the following instructions.
First, power up the GTOCP4, and connect the Ethernet (i.e. Cat6) cable to the GTOCP4 on one end, and to your
computer or a router or network switch (port) on the other end.
IMPORTANT: Allow several minutes for the connections to be fully established.
We suggest that you read all of the options first to determine which one will be most appropriate for your
situation. The first few options apply to ALL Operating systems – Windows, Mac, Linux etc. If you have APCC or
even just the ASCOM driver installed, you may wish to consider using them to determine your IP address.
Direct peer-to peer connection where the Ethernet cable runs directly from the computer to the GTOCP4.
connections will have an IP address starting with 169.254 (unless you have already made changes). The
remaining two parts of the IP address are based on your GTOCP4 serial number, and are found by using the
following formula:
1. Divide the numeric portion of the serial number by 256. Truncate the result so that only the whole
number value remains. Do not round up! This is your first value. Serial numbers less than 256 will use
“0.” Numbers 256 to 511 will use “1.” and so on.
2. Multiply the first value from #1. above by 256, and subtract it from the serial number. The difference is
your second value.
3. EXAMPLE: Serial number = CP4-0635. Numeric portion = 635
a. 635/256 = 2.4804…
b. Truncate to 2.
This is the first value. (Remember “remainders” from grade school?
635/256 = 2 with a remainder of 123)
c. 2*256 = 512.
d. 635-512 = 123
This is the second value (the remainder from above)
e. IP =
For connections into a local network. If you have connected via WiFi in the past, make that connection now
and then open the GTOCP4’s web page in whatever browser you use by entering the WiFi IP address in the
browser’s address bar. This can also be done from a Smart Phone (like iPhone) or a Tablet (like iPad).
o The Main page of the GTOCP4 Web page will show you the cabled Ethernet IP address that your router
has assigned.
NOTE: In most cases, the cabled IP address will begin with the same values as the WiFi IP address if you
connect to your wireless network. This will not be the case if you connect with the GTOCP4 as a WiFi
access point.
o If you have the GTOCP4 configured as a “Server”, meaning you are configured for Peer-to-peer
connection, but you are now connecting through your local network, you may need to click the button
to open the Advanced Ethernet Settings window to reset the DHCP Mode to either “Client” or “Both.”
A power cycle of the GTOCP4 will then be required for the change to take effect – power OFF – wait a
few seconds – power ON.
Use the Find_Mounts.jar Java applet that is included in the zipped download
package. You must have Java installed on your computer to use this applet. Double click the Find_Mounts.jar file
and then wait a minute or so. It will give you the IP address(es) for your GTOCP4
and any other GTOCP4s that are also on your network.
For APCC Users (v. or later recommended)
1. In the Connection group box, select: TCP LAN/WiFi (GTOCP4 Only) or
UDP LAN/WiFi (GTOCP4 Only) from the
top dropdown list.
2. Click the small button to the right of your selection. This will open a list of
available GTOCP4s. Get the IP address from this list. Be sure to select the LAN
IP address – not the WiFi IP address.
ASCOM driver (no APCC) and serial connection
(including USB). Use the E-net_WiFi_Poll_20160711.exe program that is included in the zipped
software package. Simply double click the program
file and it will open the driver and find the mount.
If you have Internet Explorer, it will even open the
GTOCP4’s Web page for you.
Use Hostname. Windows users can often find the mount in their browser using the Hostname. The factory
default Hostname is GTOCP4_xx, where xx (or xxx, or xxxx) is the serial number of the GTOCP4 without
leading zeros. The hostname is user-configurable. (Use of hostname as the URL currently only works with
Windows systems that have NetBIOS enabled.)
Download using a Browser
These procedures are for ALL USERS.
1. Save the program files. If you have not already done so, save the new program files that you
downloaded from Astro-Physics to a directory on the computer that will be running the web browser.
2. Connect the GTOCP4 via Ethernet and power up. Connect the Ethernet (i.e. Cat6) cable to the GTOCP4
on one end, and to your computer or a router or network switch (port) on the other end.
IMPORTANT: Allow several minutes for the connections to be fully established.
IMPORTANT!! Disconnect ALL other cables and software from the GTOCP4 for the remainder of
this procedure. Simultaneous activity can disrupt the download. Disconnect APCC if you have it, and
any other programs. Be sure that your WiFi devices and programs are not connected to the GTOCP4.
The only cables that should remain connected are the:
**Power Cable, the GTOCP4 will remain powered during this procedure.
**Ethernet Cable – The only Ethernet connection should be the GTOCP4 Web page.
**Servo Y-Cable to the mount’s motors (optional – not required, but won’t hurt)
4. Start your browser. Once you know the cabled IP address, start up your browser: Internet Explorer,
Fire Fox, Safari, etc. If you used the E-net_WiFi_Poll program above, it will open an instance of Internet
Explorer for you already connected to the GTOCP4. Use of Google Chrome may be a little more difficult
because Chrome is optimized for the World Wide Web, and may skip any search for local hosts.
5. Enter IP address. On the URL line of your browser, enter the IP address of the GTOCP4. (As mentioned
above, Windows users may be able to simply enter their Hostname.) The GTOCP4 will place the
following page in the browser window:
6. Click on the “Load New Software” button. The next Web-page will look like the screenshot on the
following page. Note that summary instructions are also included on this Web page.
7. Click on the “Browse” button and browse to the folder where the new software has been saved.
8. Choose file: VCP4-xxx-xxx.pt1. This is the file that we will load first.
9. File “OK” should display in a moment or two. There will be a delay since the file is inspected by the
GTOCP4. If it is a valid GTOCP4 code file, the indication “File OK” will appear, as shown below and the
“Program” button will also appear.
10. Click the “Program” button. This will begin programming “part 1” of the new software. Programming
the first file should only take a few seconds when using the GTOCP4 Ethernet connection.
11. Wait several seconds for “Resume Operation” to be displayed. Programming the first file should only
take a few seconds when using the GTOCP4 Ethernet connection. When the download begins, the
status “Programming…” will be shown as below.
1st When the programming has finished, an indication of “Download OK” will be shown.
2nd A “Resumed Operation” message will also be shown that indicates the GTOCP4 is fully functional
12. Again, use the “Browse” button to re-open the same directory path. This is noted as 3rd in the
screenshot above. Re-open the same directory path.
13. Choose file: VCP4-xxx-xxx.pt2. This file will be “part 2” of the new software, and will have a file
extension of “pt2”.
14. File “OK should display within a moment or two. The “Program” button will also appear.
15. Click the “Program” button.
16. Wait approximately 10 seconds for “Running New Program” to be displayed. When programming
“part 2” of the GTOCP4 software, an indication of “Preparing Unit…” will appear. This means that the
GTOCP4 will need to re-boot and execute “part 1” software while it over-writes the old part 2 software
with the new. “Part 2” contains the mount control functions. At this time, the front panel LED on the
GTOCP4 will begin to blink rapidly to indicate that the mount functions are not active.
When the GTOCP4 is ready, the “Programming…” indication will be shown.
When the “part 2” file has been programmed successfully, the indication “Download OK” will be shown,
followed by another indication of “Preparing Unit…”. This means that the GTOCP4 must reboot itself
again to execute the software that has just been loaded.
When the GTOCP4 is running the new software, it will indicate so by displaying the indication, “Running
New Program.” This will also be indicated by the GTOCP4’s front panel LED, which will stop blinking at
this time.
In some cases, a software update may include additional parts, such as a “WiFixxxx”, “part 3”, “part 4”,
etc. If another “part” has been provided in the distribution, browse to it and load it by repeating the
steps above for each additional “part” provided in the software release.
Browse to file
Allow verification
Wait for “Running New Program” or “Resumed Operation” message.
IMPORTANT! Please note that some parts like the WiFi update may take several minutes to
17. Click the “Return to Main” button to go back to the main window. The completion of the software
update can be confirmed by clicking the “Return to Main” link.
18. Confirm that the version shown has incremented to the new version loaded. The original screen may
be shown, but will indicate the newly loaded GTOCP4 software version. As the browser screens are
improved over time, the main page may look different following a software update.
19. Re-activate serial port connections to the GTOCP4 and resume normal operation.
IMPORTANT!! After Installing the new GTOCP4 software, you will need to do a
full initialization of the mount INCLUDING resuming from the defined Park
Position you selected when you started the upgrade in order to reestablish