NCR RealPOS™ 15” LED Display
Looking for a flexible retail-ready display
that can provide information for either
cashiers or consumers?
The NCR RealPOS 15” LED Display delivers the information
needed by today’s cashiers and consumers
Built to be leveraged as a cashier interface or as a consumer-facing
display, the NCR RealPOS 15” LED Display keeps everyone informed.
Whether providing application interaction for the cashier with
the optional touchscreen or displaying sophisticated graphics and
multimedia content to the customer, this flexible, retail-hardened
display provides an ideal interface for your point-of-sale solution.
• Keep your customers informed
The full-size graphical display allows you to present a scrolling receipt
with detailed transaction data as well as advertisements, personalized
product promotions and loyalty information to enhance the customer
shopping experience. In addition, with its advanced LED technology,
this bright, high-contrast display delivers crisp images while
consuming less energy than older bulb backlight displays.
• Intuitive touchscreen interface
With the optional capacitive touchscreen, cashiers can interact
directly with the device, making it easier to navigate the application
and perform tasks quickly during checkout to improve productivity.
Capacitive touch technology also delivers fast response times with
enhanced durability and accuracy and reduces unintentional
touches that are prevalent with other touch technologies.
• Retail-hardened for demanding environments
Comprehensive environmental and compatibility testing along with
strict manufacturing standards provide you with confidence that your
display will keep working despite long hours in an unforgiving retail
environment. Software on-screen display (OSD) controls also add to
the retail-hardening process by eliminating cashier and consumer
tampering since there are no physical buttons—a must for any
retail business.
Experience a new world of interaction
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NCR RealPOS 15” LED Display
Why NCR?
Key Features
• Bright, high-contrast display
With over 125 years of retail experience, NCR is a
leading global provider of assisted- and self-service
solutions. We help our clients around the world
improve their customer interactions, implement
change quickly and proactively, and transform their
businesses to become leaders and change agents.
We can help you, too.
• Capacitive touchscreen option
• Software on-screen display (OSD) controls
• No physical buttons to prevent tampering
• VGA and DVI video interfaces
• VESA-mount compliant for mounting flexibility
• Beige or charcoal gray color options
• Spill and dust resistant
Technical Specifications
• WIDTH 14.5”(368mm)
• Video interfaces: VGA and DVI
• DEPTH 2.3”
(58 mm)
• Power: 12V Powered USB or external
power supply
• WEIGHT 7.2 lbs
(3.25 Kg)
• Latching cables and strain relief
*Without MSR or stand
• Clean cable management
• 15” TFT LCD
• Three-track MSR or JIS MSR
• LCD-backlight technology: LED
• Tabletop mount or integrated mount
• Back-light life: 50,000 hours
(minimum half-life at rated luminance)
• Native display resolution:
XGA 1024x768; 262,144 colors: (RGB 6-bits)
color depth or greater
• Bright, high-contrast display
• Beige or charcoal gray
• VESA 75mm compliant
• Operating temperature range: 5°C to 45°C
• Contrast ratio: 700:1
• Relative humidity range: 10% to 90%
• Touch Technology: Capacitive
• Spill resistant rating IPX-3
NCR RealPOS 15” LED Display
Experience a new world of interaction
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