CyberTablet W9 8” x 5” Wireless Widescreen Graphic Tablet

CyberTablet W9
8” x 5” Wireless Widescreen Graphic Tablet
Wired & Wireless
The Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) 2.4GHz and Frequency-Hopping Spread
Spectrum (FHSS) technology allows you to create your masterpiece wirelessly.
Unleash your imaginations without the distractions from tangled cables. The
battery will last up to 14 hours of operation and takes 2.5 hours to become fully
charged. Even when it is out of battery, it will never stop capturing your creativities
Battery-Free Pen
The electromagnetic technology enables the pen and tablet to communicate
through electromagnetic signals. This allows the pen to be free from batteries once
and for all. Users can rest assure their digital pen will always function and rely on
them for creating contents.
5080 LPI High Tablet Resolution
With the 5080 Lines Per Inch (LPI) resolution, users can create their work with
extreme details. Users will appreciate the 5080LPI when creating artworks that
requires a special amount of precision.
2048 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity
Create your masterpiece artwork using the CyberTablet W9’s 2048 levels of pressure
sensitivity which can imitate the subtleties of a brush stroke or a pencil. The CyberTablet W9 also offers 5080 LPI resolution, 250 RPS via USB and 150 RPS via 2.4GHz
wireless connection.
Touch Panel with Programmable Hot Keys
Six hot keys on the touch panel give you quick access to open, cut, paste, save, undo,
redo, and print. You also have the flexibility to program these keys to any other
commonly used tasks.
Portability & Versatitily
Whether you are an artist seeking to capture your creativity at the “moment” or a
presenter educating your materials to your audience, the slim, sleek and portable
design makes it the perfect on-the-go tool.
Wide Working Area
Enjoy a 8” x 5” working area that automatically adjusts to your wide screen monitor
and provides you with a spacious drawing area, so you can control every detail.
Enhanced Drawing Capability
With the included drawing software you have the freedom to draw freehand on a
digital artboard, providing you with an unlimited amount of creative possibilities.
Photo Editing
The included photo editing software makes it easy to touch up pictures, delete
unwanted elements or apply incredible effects, to make your pictures extraordinary.
2.4GHz Wireless Battery Free Pen
High Tablet
Touch Panel
2048 Levels of
Pressure Sensitivity Programmable Keys
8” x 5”
Active Area
• Selectable Writing Area:
• Hardware Resolution:
• Report Rate:
• Pen Pressure:
• Accuracy:
• Working Distance
• Power Voltage:
• Power Consumption:
• Built-in Battery:
• LED indicator:
• Interface:
• USB cable length:
• Dimension:
• Weight:
• Certification:
8” x 5“ Widescreen
5080 LPI (lines per inch)
USB: 250 RPS (Report Rate per second)
2.4GHz Wireless: 150 RPS
2048 levels of sensitivity
+/- 0.01 in.
10 meters.
USB (5V), Wireless (3.7V)
< 0.5 Watts
780 mAh Lithium Battery
Blue LED
USB & Wireless 2.4 GHz with ISM and FHSS Technology
5 ft. (1.5 m)
12” x 7” x 0.4” (300 x 180 x 10 mm)
Operating System
Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Mac® OS X 10.7 and higher
Connectivity Interface USB Receiver (wireless mode) & USB Cable (Wired mode)
Adesso CyberTablet W9
USB Wireless Receiver
USB Charging Cable
Battery-Free Digital Stylus Pen
Pen Holder
Inside Pen Holder
8 Pen Nibs
Nib Remover
Drawing Glove
CD Driver
Quick Start Guide
ArtRage Lite
Shipping Information:
CyberTablet W9
2.4GHz (Wireless)
USB (Wired)
UPC Code
Package Dimensions Pkg Wt. Mst Ctn Qty
12.3" x 7.4" x 2"
1.25 Lbs