TracNet 2.0 – the mobile high-speed
Internet system that keeps you
connected wherever you go!
System Diagram
Outgoing requests ..
and e-mail
Hotbird Widebeam
or Thor II Satellite
via Telemar
Internet Data
TracNet 2.0 Satellite
Return Channel Antenna
802.11b- and/or
laptops or PCs
10/100 Ethernet
Any KVH “TracNet-ready”
Satellite TV Antenna
KVH satellite products are so well received that they
have won the National Marine Electronics Association
awards for “Best Product” in both the satellite TV
and satellite communications categories for the
past six years in a row.
An ISO 9001-registered
company headquartered
in Rhode Island, U.S.A.,
KVH designs and manufactures communications
products and digital navigation systems for mobile
applications. Through its worldwide distribution
channels, KVH serves recreational, commercial, and
military markets.
SATCOM Satellite
KVH Industries is the world’s leading provider of
mobile communications and television antennas.
TracNet 2.0 High-speed
Mobile Internet Router/Server
Connection speeds will vary due to location, environmental conditions,
network conditions, time of day, and/or your computer.
National Marine Electronics Association
1998 – 2003 Best Product Awards
Certified Support Network (CSN)
TracNet 2.0 Antenna System (European Version)
10-16 VDC/3 amps
29 cm h x 25 cm dia.
1,5 kgs
KVH’s Certified Support Network (CSN) offers
all KVH TracVision, Tracphone, or TracNet
customers outstanding international technical support
virtually anywhere they are likely to travel. With a
network of highly skilled and trained dealers and
support centers worldwide, the CSN ensures that customers
receive the quick and efficient world-class service they have
come to expect from KVH Industries.
System Overview
Max. Download Speed: Up to 512 Kbps (uncompressed)
Max. Upload Speed:
40 Kbps (compressed, depending
on connection and data type)
Wireless Ethernet:
802.11b (Optional)
Ethernet LAN Connection: 10/100BaseT
Simultaneous Users:
Velocity Acceleration
Software Compatibility: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Your Authorised Dealer
1 Year Parts and Labour
KVH Industries, Inc.
50 Enterprise Center • Middletown, RI 02842-5279 • U.S.A.
Phone: +1 401 847-3327 • Fax: +1 401 849-0045
E-mail: •
© Copyright 2003, KVH Industries, Inc.
Technical Specifications
KVH®, TracNet,™ Tracphone,® and TracVision® are trademarks of KVH Industries, Inc.
KVH Europe A/S
Ved Klaedebo 12 • 2970 Hoersholm • Denmark
Phone: +45 45 160 180 • Fax: +45 45 867 077
E-mail: •
Specifications subject to change without notice
KVH TracNet 2.0
TracVision® – Best Satellite Television System
Tracphone® – Best Satellite Telephone System
TracNet 2.0 Mobile Internet Router/Server
110 or 220 VAC; 155 W
346 mm l x 330 mm w x 133 mm h
7,5 kgs
Satellite Broadband
Company Background
Surf the web while cruising the
high seas!
KVH offers the ideal solution for mobile
broadband Internet
The most robust and versatile satellite
Internet system available
TracNet 2.0 – providing Internet access
wherever you cruise
Broadband Internet access is a
reality aboard your vessel with
KVH’s TracNet 2.0 Mobile High-speed
Internet System.
KVH’s exclusive mobile broadband Internet solution
incorporates three key technologies:
TracNet 2.0 is a powerful, server-based system that
offers versatility and control that other systems
can’t match:
TracNet 2.0 provides two-way Internet access throughout
Europe from two satellites via Telemar.* Using KVH’s
Velocity Acceleration software, broadband Internet is
available at download speeds up to 512 Kbps in all the
more popular sea areas, while TracNet 2.0’s narrowband
mode (at speeds up to 40 Kbps) provides two-way
access outside the broadband coverage area or when you
are using your TracVision antenna to watch TV from
another satellite.**
TracNet 2.0 is a dynamic link to the Internet, your e-mail,
and your company network thanks to its high-powered
satellite downloads and LAN connections to your onboard
computers. Working in conjunction with your TracVision®
satellite TV antenna, TracNet 2.0 offers:
• Complete two-way access to the Internet, including
e-mail and your favorite news, sports, business,
entertainment, and maritime web sites;
• Broadband download speeds as fast as 512 Kbps;
• Full coverage throughout most of the sea areas
around Europe;
• Ethernet and optional 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless
connections to link your laptops to the Internet from
anywhere onboard;
• The ability to surf the web while watching your
favourite satellite TV programming.
Bring the power of broadband to sea with TracNet 2.0,
the finest integrated mobile Internet solution available
Wireless return path for in-motion access –
TracNet 2.0’s wireless return path keeps you connected
whenever you are on the move.
KVH TracNet 2.0 Mobile Internet System –
TracNet 2.0 seamlessly combines everything you
need to access the Internet via satellite while at sea,
including the TracNet router/server’s Ethernet or
optional wireless LAN connections for onboard
computers, free Velocity™ Acceleration software,
and multiple return paths for data transmission and
extended coverage.
The Mobile Internet-via-Satellite Service –
Unique, all-included solution available from KVH via
any DVB®-compatible TracVision satellite TV antenna,
the high-speed Internet-via-satellite service offers
download speeds reaching 512 Kbps with coverage
throughout the major sea areas around Europe,
including the central and western Mediterranean.
KVH TracVision Antenna –
Winners of the prestigious National Marine
Electronics Association “Best Product” award for
the past 6 years, DVB-compatible TracVision
maritime satellite TV antennas offer complete
access to the high-speed Internet-via-satellite
broadcast service as well as 300+ channels of digital
TV entertainment and music. (sold separately)
• Multiple Interfaces – TracNet 2.0 easily interfaces
with your vessel’s 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection.
Or, use TracNet’s 802.11b (Wi-Fi) optional network
link to provide wireless, high-speed, two-way
access to computers throughout the ship.
• Multiple User Capabilities – TracNet 2.0 is the only
mobile Internet system that is also a server, providing
the ability for up to five users to surf the web at
the same time.
• Multiple Options to Access the Internet –
TracNet 2.0 can connect to the Internet via both
broadband downloads to the TracVision satellite
TV antenna and via the wireless return path,
allowing users to access the Internet and watch
satellite TV simultaneously.
Hotbird Widebeam Coverage
Thor II Coverage
Broadband Coverage Footprints by Product and Satellite
TracVision 4 & G4
TracVision 6 & G6
* A North American version of TracNet 2.0 is available.
Visit for details.
Broadband downloads as fast as 512 Kbps –
Provided by Telemar, a leader in high-speed
satellite Internet services.
** Data rates using Velocity Acceleration may vary based on content being
transferred. Refer to for more information on
narrowband coverage.
Get the information you need wherever and whenever you need it –
Whether you need Internet access for business, pleasure, or vital
information, TracNet 2.0 is your gateway to the vast collection of
resources available on the Internet – anywhere aboard your vessel!
Small, compact design –
TracNet 2.0’s router/server stows conveniently belowdecks while the
compact, return path dome (25 cm D x 29 cm H) looks great alongside
any of KVH’s TracVision satellite TV antennas.
Ethernet connection –
For vessels pre-wired for networked data, TracNet 2.0
provides a standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection.
Enjoy satellite TV and mobile Internet
at the same time! –
Thanks to the system’s narrowband
connection mode and Velocity
Acceleration software, TracNet 2.0 offers
full, two-way, in-motion Internet access
even if your TracVision antenna is being
used to receive satellite TV.
TracVision G8
Data optimization –
TracNet 2.0’s new Velocity Acceleration software boosts
transmission rates.
Wireless networking is an option –
TracNet 2.0’s optional 802.11b (Wi-Fi)
wireless system permits any computer
with a compatible wireless access
card to have high-speed, two-way
access to Internet data from virtually
anywhere aboard the ship.
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