ExpressCard 54

ExpressCard 54 - SCR3340
Next Generation PC Card Technology
PC Security Solutions
SCM's new SCR3340 ExpressCard™ reader represents the next generation of PC
Card technology. Based on SCM's STC II smart card interface chip, the SCR3340
leverages existing and already qualified hardware and software, making it easy for
OEMs to qualify and integrate the readers.
The ExpressCard standard gives users a very easy way to add hardware or media to
notebooks, desktops or other compliant systems.
The readers are designed to meet the requirements of the ExpressCard interface
specification, developed by a large number of PCMCIA member companies including
technology leaders, system manufacturers, card manufacturers, and representatives
from the PC Card industry.
SCR3340 Benefits
Firmware field upgrades to prevent obsolescence
A smaller and faster PC Card solution
Suitable for both mobile and desktop systems
USB 2.0 full speed and CCID, compliant leveraging existing and proven technology
Lower system and card complexity
A very easy way to add hardware or media to the system
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ExpressCard 54 - SCR3340
Technical Data
Host Interface
Smart Card Interface
Smart Card Connector
Operating Temperature
• ExpressCard 54
• Full speed USB (12 Mbps)
• CCID compliant
• T=0, T=1 protocol support
• Memory card support through SCM MCard API
• Communication speed up to 344,105 bps (DI)
• Frequency up to 12 MHz (FI)
• Support ISO 7816-3 Class A and AB smart card
• 8 contacts - ISO location
• approx. 100,000 insertions
• Sliding contact
• ExpressCard 54 (LWH 75x54x5), weight 25 grams
• 0° to 55° Celsius, 95% humidity non-condensing
• Windows® XP, Server2003 (32 and 64 bits)
• CT-API (thru wrapper on top of PC/SC)
• FCC Class B part 15, UL, CE, VCCI
• Microsoft® WHQL 2000, XP, Server2003
• ExpressCard
• EMV 2000 Level 1
Technical data are subject to change without notice.
• Samples 09/2005
• Production 12/2005
The SCM Microsystems’ Advantage
SCM Microsystems brings over a decade of experience in ASIC and smart card
reader development to this unique product. With its dedicated Research and
Development team and a true global presence, SCM Microsystems delivers
high quality products catering to the various requirements in the security field.
SCM offers customization of products to suit application needs.
Typical advantages of an SCM Microsystems product include:
• More than 80 patents
• High quality mass production capability
• Industry endorsed SmartOS™ middleware
• Support for all current and emerging international standards
• Customer base of global, top tier PC OEMs, systems integrators and smart card
industry leaders
• Direct significant long-term relationships with all leading smart card manufacturers
and application providers
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