— flexible and intuitive features on the
telephones, soft phones, and web portal. Easy to set up, easy to
use, loaded with useful features, flexibility to serve any business.
— no phone system to maintain or fail. If internet
service or power fails, calls can be automatically re-routed to
alternate numbers such as cell phones or answering service.
— access voicemail messages, faxes, call
records, and contacts via the CommPortal on the internet; place
calls automatically using your Outlook contacts; pop up caller
information on your PC when your phone rings. Transcribe voicemail
messages and receive them in your email.
— service is available anywhere there is a suitable
internet connection - main office, branch office, home office, on the
road, anywhere in the world, and all part of the same phone
system. Use an inexpensive soft-phone app on your laptop or iPad
so a physical telephone is not even required.
Cloud-based Telecom —
W hat i s it ? I t i s a f u l l featured telephone system,
but the "brain" isn't located at
y ou r of fice . Ins te ad, i t i s
located at a remote fortified
data center in Scottsdale, AZ.
The phones in your office are
connected via the internet,
u s in g v oice ov e r i n te rn e t
protocol, or VoIP. Phones can
be plugged in anywhere a
suitable internet connection is
available, and they take their
phone numbers and features
with them, anywhere in the
— break the chains of costly phone lines,
outdated technology, geographical limitations, and expensive
telephone equipment. Elevate your business to the cloud!
What do you gain? The
benefits of having a state of
the art, expensive telephone
system, for less than the cost
of a plain old analog telephone
line. You are better able to
communicate with your
customers and project a more
professional image, while at
the same time, you save
money. Most of all, you gain
peace of mind!
I don’t know what is different about your services, whether it is equipment, call
routing, or some other variable, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for all
you have done, it is obvious we made a great choice by working with your
company, not only for the “call quality”, but your knowledge, experience, and
professionalism in getting all the moving pieces lined up, including the porting of
our phone numbers , the seamless installation of the phones, and the intuitive
internet set to manage the whole system, we are delighted!
What do you lose? Nothing.
No more equipment failures,
hardware/software upgrades,
maintenance contracts, and no
more headaches of owning
and maintaining a telephone
— cell phone "twinning", softphone apps for PC, MAC,
iPhone, iPad, and Android. Ring all of your devices simultaneously.
— each user extension typically costs less than a
single analog phone line from a traditional phone company. Yet
each phone includes up to 9 lines, voicemail, caller ID, music on
hold, global portability, unlimited domestic long distance calling, and
a long list of advanced features including many not offered by
traditional phone companies, at a significantly lower cost.
A Division of Telephone Warehouse, Inc., Serving the Valley of the Sun Since 1982
We offer and support a wide variety of VoIP SIP phone manufacturers . Here are just a few of the top of the line models:
Aastra 6869i SIP Telephone
 Large Color, Backlit Display
 DHSG Headset Support
 Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
 Full Duplex Speakerphone
+ Wideband Audio
 Integrated 2-Port Gigabit
Ethernet Switch
 9 Lines, 17 Programmable
Polycom VVX600 Telephone
 Large Color Touchscreen
 Video Calling Support
 Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
 Full Duplex Speakerphone +
Wideband Audio
 Integrated 2-Port Gigabit
Ethernet Switch
 16 Lines, 16 Programmable
Yealink SIP-T48G Telephone
 Large Color Touch Screen
 DHSG Headset Support
 Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
 Full Duplex Speakerphone +
Wideband Audio
 Integrated 2-Port Gigabit
Ethernet Switch
 16 Lines, 29 Programmable
 Listen to voicemail messages
and view faxes
 Set up delivery of your voicemail
messages to your email
 Configure phone features, such
as forwarding, cell phone simring, phone button programming, and more!
 View call list
 Click to dial from contact list or
Outlook Contacts
 Set up a “Call Me” button for
your email signature or web
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