RRP $29.99
When Furbies first came out in 1998, they were the most popular toys of the
holiday season. The tradition continues. There is a new product in the line of
Furby toys called the Furby Boom.
The Furby Boom comes in a range of decorative designs including stripes,
polka dots, and even festive sweaters. The Crystal Series features colorful fur
and gemlike ears, eyes, and feet. The innovative Furby Boom has twice as
many responses than the previous Furby. If your child wants to play, dance or
have a party, the Furby Boom can do it all.
Furby Boom responds to you and has 5 different personalities that it changes
between based on how you treat it. Through the free Furby Boom App
available for download at the App store or Google Play, Furby Boom will
remember the name you give it and the name of other Furby Boom friends it
Keep track of your Furby Boom’s health, hunger and cleanliness levels using
the Furby Boom App:
• Shower your Furby to make sure it’s nice and clean!
• Take an X-Ray if it’s feeling under the weather!
• Grab your Furby a snack from the virtual pantry if it’s hungry.
• With Furby Boom Crystal Series you can also collect virtual eggs to
hatch your very own Crystal Furbling!
Want your Furby Boom to sleep? Just pull and hold its tail for 10 seconds and
Furby will close its eyes and take a nap. For other reactions try the following:
Tickle Furby’s tummy, pet Furby, feed Furby with your finger, shake Furby,
speak to Furby, turn Furby upside down, play music for Furby and introduce
Furby to other Furby’s. Furby toys are the must have toy this holiday season.
STOCKIST: Mr Toys Toyworld Online
AGE: Suitable for ages 6+
RRP $49.99
Minions stem from the hugely successful Despicable Me movie franchise. A
prequel to Despicable Me titled Minions was released in 2015 and has taken
over 1.1 billion dollars at the worldwide box office to become the second
highest-grossing animated film of all time after Frozen. Minions is currently
ranked 10th highest grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office.
Minions are small yellow cylindrical creatures with one or two eyes that wear
metal goggles, blue overalls and small black gloves. Ever since the dawn of
time, Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters. From T-rex
to Napoleon, the easily distracted tribe has helped the biggest and baddest of
villains. Minions are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wideeyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers. They express
themselves through actions, not words, in a language of their own.
Minions Talking Action Figures are tipped to be a hot ‘item’ for kids this
Christmas and one of the favourites is Minion Bob. Press Bob’s pocket to hear
him talk in his original voice from the movie with funny expressions! Press the
pocket again or move his head back and forth or left and right for another
response. Minion Bob has 20 different songs, sayings and SFX in total.
Minion Bob also comes with his beloved teddy bear Tim. Tim goes
everywhere with Bob. To activate the Interactive Buddy Mode, plug the bear
into the right side of Bob. Then press Bob’s pocket or move his head and he
will thank you and start singing or talking to his teddy bear. Press his pocket
again for another response. Unplug the teddy bear to play in Talk Mode.
Minion Bob is just one in a collection of Minions Talking Action Figures.
Others to collect are Minion Kevin who loves bananas and Minion Stuart who
loves to sing with this guitar.
STOCKIST: Mr Toys Toyworld Online
AGE: Suitable for ages 4+
RRP $44.99
From the popular children’s TV Series Peppa Pig comes Holiday Jumping
Peppa, a plush toy that is sure to be a hit with kids this Christmas.
Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother
George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favourite things include playing
games, dressing up, days out and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures
always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.
It's holiday time and Peppa is jumping up and down with excitement. Peppa
has her swimming costume on and she’s ready to make a splash in the
Press Peppa’s tummy to see her play her favourite pastime of jumping. There
are 4 cute holiday phrases which Peppa says including "I love jumping in the
sea!" and “the seaside is so much fun”. With her infectious laugh and cute
holiday bathing suit with splash design, you'll want to take her on holiday with
Holiday Jumping Peppa is made of high quality material and makes the
perfect naptime buddy as well.
STOCKIST: Mr Toys Toyworld Online
AGE: Suitable for ages 3+
RRP $59.99
Launch into action and adventure in the world of Star Wars with the Kylo Ren
Electronic Lightsaber.
Kylo Ren’s Electronic Lightsaber is the weapon of choice for the new villain in
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens.
With its movie-like appearance, Kylo Ren’s Electronic Lightsaber lets fans of
the movie recreate the character’s scenes and battles. The lightsaber extends
for a duel with a flick of the wrist and retracts when the blade is manually
pushed down.
The Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber features simulated light and sound to let
heated battle come to life in the imagination. Just flick on the main switch
(black) in the middle of the lightsaber and press the on/off button (gold) on the
opposite side to activate its full range of features.
The Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber is part of the Star Wars BladeBuilders
series, which is a collection of lightsabers, and connector pieces that can be
combined with eachother to create original and unique lightsaber weapons.
To create a new lightsaber, you will need to purchase additional BladeBuilder
lightsabers which are sold separately. You can customize your lightsaber by
using the included connector to attach other Star Wars BladeBuilder pieces.
Includes - Lightsaber, Light Dagger and BladeBuilders connector
STOCKIST: Mr Toys Toyworld Online
AGE: Suitable for ages 4+
RRP $7.99 - $44.99
Shopkins, designed and developed in Australia, is the global toy sensation
that has taken the world by storm. Because of its universal appeal, Shopkins
is sold in over 100 countries and more than 100 million Shopkins have been
sold worldwide. Shopkins is a collectible line of super cute characters inspired
by items found in the grocery store. They encourage social play, as kids trade
characters among friends and work together to grow their collections. There
are over 420 unique characters to collect such as Beverley Heels, Cheeky
Chocolate & Cheese Louise. The Shopkins line also offers themed playsets
such as the Fashion Boutique and Scoops Ice Cream Truck. Shopkins
appeals to young girls (and their parents with its low price points).
Shopkins 5pks - RRP $7.99
Bag some fun with these 5 cute Shopkins. Includes 3 shopping
bags and a Shopkins list collectors guide in this fun-filled pack!
Shopkins Food Fair Collection – RRP $16.99
Shoppers, start your trolleys. Time for a Shopkins Food Fair
grocery grab! Check out some very a-peeling fruit & veg, chill out in
the freezer aisle or spice up your pantry with some cute little
condiments. It’s a fun filled feast! Assortment of three includes Fast
Food, Cool & Creamy and Cupcake collections.
Shopkins Fashion Boutique - RRP $44.99
Ride the Fashion Boutique elevator. Open up the change
room. Then ride the slide down to pick out a sweet treat to
share. The Shopkins Fashion Boutique is the place to spree.
With loads of room to store your Shopkins collection, and
two exclusive characters, you can grow your Shopkins world.
• Awarded 2015 Girls Toy of the Year at New York Toy Fair – the Oscars of
the toy industry
• In Australia, Shopkins has remained the #1 item in the dolls category for
all of 2015, with more than 800,000 units sold.
• Over 500 million views on Shopkins YouTube content
• Limited Edition characters (normally approx. $1.50 each) retail for upwards
of $4,300 on resale sites.
STOCKIST: Available at all major retailers and selected independent stores
AGE: Suitable for ages 5+
RRP $99.95
Ready for adventure? The new Kidizoom Action Cam from VTech is the
perfect companion for explorers on the go. Whether out on a bike ride, at the
skate park or at the pool - no adventure is too big for the Action Cam! Mount it
to a helmet, skateboard, or take it under water, this video cam is designed just
for kids. The Kidizoom Action Cam is durable, versatile and able to capture all
the memorable moments.
Explore it
Kids will love this easy-to-use camera that takes photos and shoots videos,
allowing them to see the world in so many different ways. Add effects to
photos, record a time lapse using the time-lapse photo recording function,
create your own stop motion videos or play one of the three in-built games –
there’s nothing kids can’t do on this camera! The playback function allows all
captured photos and videos to be watched straight back without having to wait
for a computer.
Snap it
The Kidizoom’s mounts are super easy to attach and allow for a fun and safe
experience. Whatever the scenario this durable camera is sure to pack a ton
of fun for adventurous kids.
Share it
Download videos and photos to your computer and share them with friends
and family. Join the Action Cam Community and use #kidventure when
posting memories on social media.
This kid-tough camera comes with a stack of accessories that'll help capture
all the action, including waterproof case, bike mount for attachment, flat
adhesive mount for attachment, wrist strap, 128 MB internal memory (has
expandable memory with micro SD, card not included) and USB connection
for battery recharging and data transfer.
AGE: Suitable for ages 5+
RRP $79.99
Has your child been pestering you to buy them a pet but you don’t want a real
animal in the house? Cleverkeet is the interactive robo-pet that your child will
love. From the hugely successful Little Live Pets range, Cleverkeet is set to
become one of the most popular toys for Christmas 2015.
Cleverkeet sings! Cleverkeet dances! Cleverkeet talks! Cleverkeet is just like
a real bird only smarter. He’ll even respond to your voice and drives his very
own birdie cart.
When you meet him, give Cleverkeet a name and he’ll remember it.
Cleverkeet can record and repeat your messages plus so much more. He has
already learnt how to talk and can answer all your questions. Play with him
and talk to him, and he’ll mash up his sentences to make funny new ones.
Cleverkeet comes with a playground and a cart to ride. The playground has a
swing, a mirror, a dance floor and a perch. He can swing on his swing, eat
and drink from the food perch and you can carry him around with you for a
Cleverkeet can sing and dance to his own songs as well as songs that you
play him. He loves showing off and dancing in front of his mirror. Cleverkeet is
so much fun; you won’t believe he's not a real bird!
Cleverkeet offers your child a unique experience that will prepare them for
having a real-life pet in the future. He does pretty much everything a normal
bird would and then some. Cleverkeet is available in Blue and Pink.
• Winner of Walmart’s Top Toys Chosen by Kids (USA)
• Winner of Myer Top Toys for Xmas! (AU)
• Winner of British Toy & Hobby Association (BTHA) Best New Toy
Awards (UK)
STOCKIST: Available at all major retailers and selected independent stores
AGE: Suitable for ages 5+
RRP $149.95 (CONSOLE), RRP $69.95 (GAME)
The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld video game console; a streamlined version
of the Nintendo 3DS, suitable for kids of all ages.
The Nintendo 2DS retains many of the same hardware features as the
Nintendo 3DS including the same gameplay controls, backwards compatibility
with Nintendo DS games and parental control. Wireless connectivity features
such as access to Nintendo eShop, StreetPass and SpotPass functionality,
and online multiplayered gameplay to connect with family and friends are all
there as well. However this console takes on a fixed slate design and plays all
Nintendo 3DS and most Nintendo DS games in 2D, in their traditional
packaged form or downloaded from the Nintendo eShop! Play games from
some of Nintendo's most popular franchises such as Mario Kart & Pokémon.
Nintendo 2DS offers familiar favourites like Touch Screen controls,
microphone input and the +Control Pad plus a bunch of additional control
inputs that expand your gameplay possibilities! These include a Circle Pad for
full analogue control, a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor which reacts to
the motion and tilt of the system, and inner & outer cameras to pick up realworld visuals which affect what happens in your games.
StreetPass - Your Nintendo 2DS system can wirelessly exchange game data
with other Nintendo 3DS family consoles as you pass other players on the
street. Exchange characters and gameplay profiles with others, or unlock new
gameplay elements in titles that you’ve enabled StreetPass for.
SpotPass - When your Nintendo 2DS is wirelessly connected, it can detect
wireless hotspots or wireless LAN access points and obtain various types of
data on the spot including free software, notifications and content.
The Nintendo 2DS is available in three colour combinations, White+Red,
Black+Blue and Pink+White. A Carrying Case can be purchased separately.
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Game (not included in normal purchase)
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an all-new adventure featuring Mario and Luigi in
the classic side-scrolling gameplay that many have come to know and love.
Two players who each own the game have the option of challenging
eachother or playing the game in multi-player mode using local wireless.
STOCKISTS: Big W, EB Games, The Gamesmen, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi,
Kmart, Target.
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