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Duragon DG-V1900
Rugged In-Vehicle Computer
General Features
General Features:
• Purpose built for demanding vehicle installation
• Intel ATOM Z510P 1.1GHz, 512MB RAM
• 2GB Flash for OS
• WR Linux 3.0 OS, compatible with all OS
• -25 to +70C Operating (No wireless)
• Optional GPS and wireless 3G, 802.11a/b/g
• CRT Video, Audio I/O
• 2 x 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet
• 2 x Isolated Serial and 2 x USB ports
• Option for internal Mass storage (2,5” PATA)
• Connector options: MIL or Plastic
• Isolated wide input range power supply 10-36V
Purpose built - The system architecture, functionality,
enclosure, structure with ported WR Linux 3.0 OS is
designed for high availability vehicle mounted systems.
Resistant - The DG-V1900 is designed to withstand the
mechanical, electrical and environmental stress encountered
in extreme outdoor or vehicle cabin installations.
Wide temperature range - A wide operating temperature
range ensures reliable continuous operation from -25 ~
+55°C or up to +70°C for 10 minutes. (No wireless)
Compliance - The 1900 series Controller is fully compliant
• EN 50155, EN55011, 2004/104/EC
• EN 61373
Thermal design - Structural heat dissipation is used to
increase operational reliability and to assist is easy
installation. The DG-V1900 leverages the ultra-low power
Intel® ATOM™ micro architecture.
Wireless connectivity - Comprehensive set of internal
optional wireless terminals for versatile connectivity:
• Cellular (GPRS/EDGE/3G)
• WiFi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
Positioning - The optional internal 50-Channel GPS
receiver can be used for timing, vehicle positioning or
location based control.
Integrated I/O – Dual 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet interfaces,
Isolated Digital I/O, and dual USB and Serial ports can be
use for external device or peripheral connectivity.
NOTE: Connectors may vary.
The DG-V1900 is a purpose-built high-integration central unit specifically designed
for 12/24VDC nominal vehicle installations. The system is available with a preinstalled Windriver Linux 3.0 operating system. Software and hardware
functionality is defined for compatibility with the requirements of vehicle data
processing, networking and visualization.
A high-reliability ultra low power extended temperature 1.1GHz ATOM™ CPU with
512MB, 2GB of onboard soldered non-volatile Flash storage and high peripheral
integration makes the DG-V1900 optimal for extreme in-vehicle applications
demanding high computational and video performance. A 2,5” high reliability
PATA Flash disk can be integrated inside with capacities up to 256GB. uSD cards
can be use for application and data storage, access under service panel.
Extensive measures have been taken to ensure reliable operation under all
conditions and compatibility with internationally respected standards for vehicleborne systems. Sealed metallic MIL or plastic I/O connectors with strain relief,
automotive grade isolated 10-36VDc power supply, extensive EMI protection and
filtering as well as structural heat dissipation increase operational reliability.
The DG-V1900 controller is designed work with in-vehicle displays with an analog
CRT interface supporting resolutions up to XGA.
The rear panel is populated with rugged connectors dedicated to interface
peripheral I/O devices. The front side of the controller includes 6 status LEDs as
we as a sealed service panel. Removing this service panel exposes maintenance
interfaces such as a 2x USB for keyboard and mouse, maintenance serial port,
CRT monitor, reset button etc.
Wired network connectivity includes dual independent 10/100/1000Mbit
Ethernet, two serial ports, one with RS-232 and the other with RS-232/485/422
and general purpose USB-ports. Optional internal wireless interfaces can include
WiFi or multi-band 3G/EDGE cellular modem and a GPS receiver.
For further information on Dragontech Systems rugged mobile computers and
systems, please visit our website: www.dragontech.hk
Display – A CRT interface is available in the standard
system configuration supporting resolutions up to XGA
(1024x768). Contact Dragontech for available rugged and
MIL-grade display options.
Asia and Europe
e-mail: sales@dragontech.hk
Duragon DG-V1900
Rugged In-Vehicle Computer
Hardware Specifications
Intel® ATOM™ @ 1.1GHz – 512MB RAM - 2GB Flash Disk
(Options include 1.3GHs CPU with 1 or 2GB RAM – 2GB Flash Disk)
10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Interface
2 x USB ports (one reserved for touch screen only)
Serial Ports:
• RS-232 (5 wire)
• RS-232/422/485 BIOS configurable
Digital I/O:
• 10 Isolated Digital Inputs (1 reserved as “ignition switch input”)
• 5 Isolated Digital Outputs (500 VAC insulation for 1 min)
• 1x Oedometer digital input
WLAN (Optional)
Integrated IEEE 802.11 a/b/g; with external antenna
WWAN (Optional)
3G connectivity
(SIM holder available on the rear panel); external antenna required
VGA/SVGA/XGA CRT output for external display
GPS (Optional)
12 channel GPS receiver with full Position, Velocity and Time functionality;
external antenna required
Power ON
Power good
4 user programmable LEDs
2x USB2.0 for for keyboard and mouse
1x RS-232 service serial port
DB15 Analogue CRT monitor
Reset button
SIM slot
uSD Flash card slot
Galvanically isolated, 10-36 VDC (24V nominal supply voltage)
< 10W
255 x 129 x 57 mm (10.04’’ x 5.08’’ x 2.24’’)
< 3 Kg
-40 ~ +55 °C continuous
-40 ~ +85°C (-40 ~ +185°F)
95% relative humidity non condensing
IP 65 (NEMA 4X)
EN 50155 2004/104/EC (Automotive applications)
EN 55011 (Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio-frequency Equipment.
Electromagnetic disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of measurement)
EN 61373 (Vibrations & Shocks)
EN 60950 (Safety)
EN 61000 (Immunity, Emission)
EN 60068 (Environmental testing)
Operating System options:
• Windriver Linux 3.0
• eXP
Peripherals & Accessories
Cable set with standard connectors for an easy peripherals and I/O connection
Custom connector schemes available upon request
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