DIN Rail Mounting Kit
DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
Installation Guide
The DR-101 DIN Rail Mounting Adapter is designed to provide DIN rail
mounting capabilities to the mounting devices with 2 matching mounting screw
holes. This mounting adapter can support 3rd-party manufacturers’ mounting
devices for the mounting onto standard 35mm DIN rail (7.5mm and 15mm
depth). To matching the screw holes of DR-101 with the mounting devices
The package includes one DIN rail mounting adapter and 2 screws. It contains
all the necessary accessories for affixing the adapter to the mounting device
and for mounting it onto the rail.
Installation Steps
Complete the following steps to install the DIN rail mounting adapter to the
device and mount onto the rail:
1. Attach the flat surface of the DIN rail adapter to the back of the device
2. Align the two holes on the adapter with the matching holes on the device
3. Insert the screws provided in the package into the holes on the device, and
tighten the screws to the clip
4. Clip the top side of the mounting device on the DIN rail first (Fig.3)
5. Push the bottom of the device and snap it onto the DIN rail (Fig.3)
The mounting devices can be removed from the rail by two steps:
1. Push downward the top of the mounting device to release the two bottom
clips from the rail (Fig.4)
2. Push upward to remove the top clips from the rail (Fig.4)
DR-101 Package content
1. One DIN rail mounting adapter
2. Two mounting screws
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Made in Taiwan
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