If you’re looking to do some comparison shopping before making your next software purchase, you’ve
come to the right place. The following pages feature AutoGlass magazine’s annual “Auto Glass Repair
and Replacement Software” chart listing the latest software programs available from industry suppliers.
Everything you need to know, from software capabilities, to hardware requirements, to costs, are included. To connect with suppliers directly, contact them using the information listed below.
Quest Software
106 W. Tolles Road, Saint Johns, Mich.
Computer Assistance Inc.
82277 Weiss Road, Creswell, Ore.
Data Tranz
P.O. Box 605, Valley City, N.D. 58072
Digital Business Controls
623 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City,
Utah 84106
8687 E. Via De Ventura, Suite 311,
Scottsdale, Ariz. 85258
Glass Logic Inc.
P.O. Box 473, Morton, Ill. 61550
GTS Services
11481 S.W. Hall Blvd., Portland, Ore.
Mainstreet Computers Inc.
330 Charles St., Belleville, Mich. 48111
Mitchell International Inc.
National Auto Glass Specifications
9889 Willow Creek Road, San Diego,
Calif. 92131
Quest Software
106 W. Tolles Road, Saint Johns, Mich.
IBS Software Inc.
1221 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo.
AutoGlass™ • March/April 2007
Auto glass repair
and replacement
Installation and
technical support
Internet connection, PC
and up-to-date browser.
Technical support provided by Quest
Software of Saint
Johns, Mich., at
Not applicable.
Internet-based insurance claims processing
program, vendor assignments, pricing,
invoicing, auditing and payment.
CompleteClaims is an application geared
toward insurance carriers and electronic
claims administration. Approved claims
personnel, agency staff and auto glass vendors may input their own claims for policy
verification and job assignment.
Two software programs are available:
Motive Power and GarageKeeper. Designed
for shops that order most parts and supplies for each job, Motive Power tracks
work as it flows through the shop. Users
have to write up a job only once. Invoice
details can be pulled into open work
orders and job estimates automatically,
saving hundreds of hours per year. The
software also lets the user enforce minimum margins for labor, parts and sublet on
each job performed. The current version
provides for one service manager and any
number of technicians. Motive Power uses
the Microsoft SQL Server data engine and
has real-time connections to QuickBooks
Pro and Microsoft Excel. GarageKeeper is
primarily for shops that carry a substantial
inventory and features the ability to use
five part-number and vendor combinations
for a single SKU. This allows tracking of
super cessions and alternates, as well as
short and long numbers and bar codes.
GarageKeeper keeps track of hard problems such as back-ordered special orders
and uses the Btrieve data engine. It also
has options to send batches of data to
QuickBooks, Microsoft Word and Microsoft
Excel. GarageKeeper 2000 is available for
up to 25 stations.
Motive Power requires a
minimum of Windows
2000 with 512 MB of
RAM. Recommended:
Windows XP with a
Pentium IV Hyper
Threaded processor and
512 MB of RAM for single-service writer. Tech
workstations require a
minimum of Windows
2000 with 256 MB of
RAM. Recommended:
Windows XP with a
Pentium IV and 256 MB of
RAM. Motive Power runs
on Windows 98SE, 2000
and XP. GarageKeeper is a
hand-coded program. It
requires a minimum of
Windows 98SE with 64
MB of RAM and a printer
that takes either the
Hewlett Packard PCL 5/6
codes for laser printers or
the IBM/Epson ESC/P
codes for dot-matrix printers. GarageKeeper runs on
any Microsoft operating
Motive Power is available with electronic
support via e-mail and
the Internet. One-onone support is available for initial help
and longer-term support. It has the shop
structure set up so the
user can make work
orders the day of
GarageKeeper includes
installation help and
six months of support
in the purchase price.
It needs to be set up to
match the way a user
works in order for him
or her to get the best
return on the time and
money invested in
bringing a shop-management system up to
Motive Power software starts at
$100 for a copy of the main service
writer and manager software that
starts 1,000 work orders. This is a
good way to run a serious test if
the user is not sure whether to buy
the program. The $100 is applied to
the purchase price if the user
decides to buy the software within
90 days. Computer Assistance has
some small shops whose managers
prefer to buy another 1,000 work
orders once or twice a year when
they get low. The main service
writer and manager module with
no limits is $600 with electronic
support and $1,000 with one-onone support. The tech modules are
$300 each with electronic support
and $500 each with one-on-one
support. When the one-on-one support runs out, the user can buy
another year of support or use the
free electronic support.
GarageKeeper is $3,495 for the first
user, $1,000 for the second and
$500 for each user above two. Free
downloads of both Motive Power
and GarageKeeper are available at
Software provider
Packages and programs
Software cost
Definition of terms
ACH: automatic clearing house
EDI: electronic data interchange
GB: gigabyte
GHz: gigahertz
MB: megabytes
RAM: random-access memory
AutoGlass™ •
SKU: stock-keeping unit
VIN: vehicle identification number
VPN: virtual private network
Packages and programs
GlassShop Quote allows AGR professionals to use the NAGS database
electronically. Users can quickly and efficiently create, save and print professional quotes and work orders according to their company’s pricing
profiles. GlassShop Lookup XE delivers the NAGS database, graphics and
EDI invoicing. Users can create professional quotes, work orders and
invoices. GlassShop Deluxe delivers the NAGS database, graphics, EDI
invoicing, QuickBooks export, agent management and integrated creditcard processing. Users can create professional quotes, work orders and
invoices. GlassShop Pro is a move up from GlassShop Deluxe. The system
is designed for businesses that need expansive features such as workorder scheduling, credit card processing, accounts receivable management, inventory and purchasing management, as well as everything that
GlassShop Deluxe contains. GlassShop Pro also comes with a sales interface for selling and managing regular inventory and flat glass jobs.
GlassShop Central for Small Business Financials allows AGR shop owners to expand their businesses. It contains all the functionality of
GlassShop Pro and includes further refinements, tools and reporting
capabilities for maintaining and controlling resources in a multiple-site
environment, including operations offering a mix of auto and flat glass
services. GlassShop Central is the flagship of the GlassShop system and
operates from the strength and reliability of the Microsoft SQL database.
It integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP for back-office
accounting, where an invoice in GlassShop is immediately saved, paid
and retrieved in the Dynamics GP database. Data Tranz recommends
GlassShop Central to businesses that have at least one full-time accountant and revenues exceeding $3 million. This software contains all the
functionality of the other systems, as well as functions such as net-pricing options, multiple-site capabilities, multiple-salesperson commissioning, agent’s salesperson management, inter-site inventory transfers,
cash-drawer management, retail and commercial glass capabilities, customer returns, customer job deposits, and printing options that eliminate
the need for a multipart form and utilize economical laser printers.
GlassShop Central also can maintain multiple divisional general ledger
accounts, allowing users to seamlessly track different profit centers or
divisions within the software. GlassShop Manager enables users to organize and manage information for auto glass repair and replacement
businesses. Although it does not have access to the NAGS database,
GlassShop Manager allows users to send EDI invoices and generate and
print quotes, work orders and invoices. It gives users an opportunity to
schedule work orders, manage accounts receivable, export invoices to
QuickBooks, process credit cards through an integrated processing terminal and electronically save the location of repairs on the windshield.
Pentium II 350
or equivalent
processor, P4 1.4
for Vista, 1 GB
free hard-drive
space, 128 MB
of RAM (256 MB
512 MB for
Vista), 48x CDROM drive;
Windows 2000,
XP, Vista,
Windows Server
2000, Windows
Server 2003,
Small Business
Server 2003;
Microsoft SQL
Server 2000 or
2005 recommended for
Central for
Dynamics GP.
and technical
CD-ROM provided
with manuals; tollfree and unlimited
telephone technical
support; online and
remote support via
pcAnywhere, Citrix,
Remote Desktop
(Terminal Services),
LogMeIn and others. E-mail support
available through
support@; live
support provided
online through
On-site installation
and training available for all
GlassShop products. Online remote
training offered via
a shared interface
to the Data Tranz
demonstration server. Enhancements
and custom programming for the
GlassShop information system also
Software cost
GlassShop Quote with NAGS
workstation, $399.99 annually;
GlassShop Lookup XE with NAGS
workstation, $599.99 annually;
GlassShop Deluxe with NAGS
workstation and monthly maintenance and support of $34.95,
$574.99 annually; GlassShop Pro
with NAGS workstation and
monthly maintenance and support of $44.95, $1,749.99;
GlassShop Central for Small
Business Financials with NAGS
workstation, $4,244 with monthly maintenance and support of
$150, $995 remote site with
monthly maintenance and support of $75; GlassShop Central
for Dynamics GP with NAGS
workstation, $7,195, monthly
maintenance and support of
$275, $1,195 remote site with
monthly maintenance and support of $75; QuickBooks Interface
standard on all invoicing systems;
GlassShop onsite training and
installation, $350 daily plus
expenses; custom programming
services $65 per hour with a minimum of two hours or by
arrangement; data, conversion,
recovery and migration services,
$65 per hour with minimum one
hour or by arrangement;
GlassShop Manager 9.0 with
monthly maintenance and support of $24.95, $239.99 the first
year, $139.99 renewal fee after
the first year. Additional NAGS
license, $250 per year. Additional
NAGS site fee, $50 per year.
AutoGlass™ • March/April 2007
Installation and
technical support
The ChameleonWare software system is designed for medium-tolarge glass companies with five or more users. Features range from
basic auto glass repair job costing at point-of-sale to full enterprise
retail and wholesale functionality and support. ChameleonWare
allows fleet-account customers to customize the software so that it
meets their day-to-day business needs. Customer-specific features
include customized reports, menus and point-of-sale prompt flow.
ChameleonWare is an open system environment offering integration with Windows applications such as SQL, Microsoft Word,
Microsoft Outlook, Adobe, and Microsoft Excel. The system interfaces with all major accounting packages, including QuickBooks,
Business Works, Lawson, Mass90, AccPacWindows, Peachtree and
Great Plains. Companies also are able to manage their inventory
and workflow using the following ChameleonWare tools: sales
scripts and service notes, inbound and outbound call center tools for
managing multiple locations, centralized scheduling dispatch,
GLAXIS Power Sync Services including electronic dispatch, dispatch
assignment mapping through Yahoo! Maps, multiple location connectivity management and security, and vendor online order integration. Vendor A/P invoices can be automatically imported into the
system and audited against purchase orders. Supportive human
resource and financial tools include an integrated time clock and
internal e-mail and print management, auto glass vehicle fleet management, vendor import and cost management, accounts receivable
and standard general-ledger sales and inventory exports.
ChameleonWare also offers seven-level security with industry-standard security reports and ASP. Users can schedule reports to automatically run and can send them as text messages to appropriate
personnel. All documents can be automatically e-mailed fromthe
system, either as an attachment or within the body of the e-maill.
The Customer Relationship Management module allows salespeople and CSRs to track contacts, to-do items and expenses for
prospective and active accounts. Document imaging ties scanned
images directly to sales transactions and purchase orders in the
software. Web-based quoting sites are tied directly to the
ChameleonWare point-of-sale system; quotes are priced and created in real-time within the point-of-sale software.
Host Side, where
server resides:
Internet connection,
cable or SDSL line
recommended at
minimum; Windows
2000, 2003; 1 GB of
RAM; 80 GB of free
hard-drive space;
and at least a 2.0
GHz CPU. Remote
locations: PC or thin
client running
Windows 2000 and
above; if migrating
from an older dumb
terminal system to
a new PC-based
system, print
servers are recommended; high-speed
Internet connection,
SDSL or cable line
recommended at
DBC offers installation,
hardware configuration and
technical support, in addition to alternative hosting,
including backups, redundancy and remote printing.
It has a full data center to
host client data, accessible
via VPN technology. DBC
can manage internal networks using its VPN routers
to filter and manage
Internet traffic.
Costs for ChameleonWare
are dependent upon company size and number of
users. Software costs
begin at $10,000 for companies with a minimum of
five users. The price
increases $1,000 for each
user above the first five.
Costs include full installation, support and training.
All eDirectGlass products are Internet-based so users can work
anywhere, anytime. eDirectGlass is available in three configurations: eDirectGlass TSM Enterprise edition for AGR shops
with multiple geographic locations; eDirectGlass TSM Gold
edition with complete management and point-of-sale, including limited accounting; and eDirectGlass TSM Lite edition with
complete management and point-of-sale for repair-only companies. All editions include free EDI. Customers can add
eDirectGlass Mobile Merchant to any account to accept credit
cards and checks in the field. eDirectGlass also offers AGRR
shops free Web site and e-mail hosting. In addition to hosting,
eDirectGlass TSM customers also receive a free Web site
scheduler and quote system.
For eDirectGlass
TSM, any Microsoft
Windows PC with
Internet Explorer 6+
and an Internet connection is required.
For eDirectGlass
Mobile edition and
Mobile Merchant, a
Microsoft Windows
mobile-based phone
and mobile Internet
service is required.
There is no software installation involved as
eDirectGlass is Internetbased. Online technical support is available 24 hours a
day, seven days a week;
telephone and LiveHelp support is available 12 hours a
day, five days a week.
eDirectGlass TSM Gold edition is free; customer responsible for NAGS pricing user
licenses at $150 each.
eDirectGlass TSM Lite edition, $39.95 per month and
$89 per year for support.
eDirectGlass TSM Enterprise
edition, call for price.
Subscribers can add the
eDirectGlass Mobile edition
to any account for $9.95 per
user and eDirectGlass Mobile
Merchant for $34.95 per
month.Additional fees and
transaction charges may
apply for credit-card and
check ACH processing.
Specializes in providing auto glass repair and replacement
software services. Software ranges from basic quoting tools to
fully integrated business solutions.
Depends on the
product line chosen; minimum operating system is
Windows 98.
Ranges from automatic installation with self-loading CD for
single PCs to professional
onsite installation for
advanced networks.
Professional installation
includes training. Technical
support during business hours
is standard with a software
license agreement.
Call Glass Logic’s sales
department for pricing at
Packages and programs
Glass Logic
AutoGlass™ •
Software cost
Packages and programs
Hardware requirements
Installation and
technical support
GlasPacLX offers advanced, easy-to use quoting
features and work orders. Add-on features include
InfoMAX for business trend analysis, inventory
control and accounting interfaces. Other features
include multiple branch management, call center
management, inventory tracking and scheduling
for single and multiple branches. GlasPacLX is
fully GLAXIS enabled. is a fully
hosted, turnkey Web application created specifically for auto glass retailers.
delivers instant quotes for auto glass consumers
through a company’s Web site.
For a small shop, a Dell business computer running Windows XP Pro, with
a printer and broadband Internet
access, is required. For larger shops,
GTS recommends running terminal
services with a Dell business server
managing the process functions and
end-users connecting with a number
of inexpensive GTS hardware solutions. Additionally, GTS offers a lease
package for hardware, peripherals
and software. GlasPacLX also is available online, eliminating the need to
purchase hardware.
All hardware and software
setups, as well as support,
included with the purchase of
GlasPacLX products. Each purchase includes an e-learning CD
and extensive online help, so
customers can learn the basic
functions of GlasPacLX at their
own pace. GTS also offers 24/7
technical support for GlasPacLX
and has established the GTS
University to deliver consistent,
easy-to-follow in-class training
at GTS offices or customer sites.
GTS configures
each system based
on the needs of
the customer. The
small business edition starts at $695
per user.
Professional and
enterprise editions
also are available.
Point-of-sale software for auto and windshield
repair, EDI module, credit-card processing, GLAXIS
interface, scheduling, Data Vault off-site backup
utility, flat glass calculator, Quick Pay, Elmo data
transfer for multiple locations and thick and thin
clients for wide-area network installation.
Pentium IV processor with
Windows 2000 or XP, 512 MB of
RAM (1 GB recommended) and at
least 1 GB of free hard-drive space;
laser, desk-jet or dot-matrix printer.
Broadband Internet a plus.
Offers onsite installation and
training, telephone support and
in-house training.Typically, a customer will receive the software
and schedule a training session
via telephone and remote Internet
session.Training and support is
offered on an as-needed basis via
an 800 number operational from
8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Central
Standard Time, Monday through
Friday; and available 24 hours a
day, seven days a week, for customers whose systems are down.
Various plans exist
to meet the needs
of your business.
Price varies based
on the number of
add-on modules
and users. Contact
the sales department to discuss the
best software package for your needs.
Glas-Avenue Quotes; Glas-Avenue Point-of-Sale
for Auto, Flat or Auto and Flat Glass. Additional
modules include EDI, GLAXIS, inventory, scheduling, reports, accounts receivable, accounts
payable, general ledger, payroll, VIN decode and
Glas-Avenue Central for multi-store functionality.
Web design and hosting; online quoting.
Windows 2000 Professional, XP,
2000, 2003, or Vista Professional.
One GB of free hard-drive space.
Toll-free, unlimited support with
a paid, current data-support
license to users of Mainstreet’s
current version. E-mail responses for tech support questions
also available. Training provided
via telephone and online. Webbased tutorials available for
customers 24/7/365.
Call the
Mainstreet sales
department at
800/698-6246 or
GlassMate, a point-of-sale system for the auto glass
repair and replacement market, features quotes,
work orders and invoicing with NAGS data and
auto glass repair and replacement VIN decoding.
QuickBooks export capability is optional. GLAXIS
capability is available for an additional charge.
GlassMate supports EDI to Lynx Services, Safelite,
Harmon, Teleglass and eGlassClaim. The program
reduces billing costs to a fraction of those incurred
by manual processing, according to the company.
Pentium or greater; 90 MHz with
Windows XP, 2000 or 2003; 400 MB
disk space; CD read-only memory
drive; modem or broadband Internet
connection for EDI.
Annual license for a single user
includes all NAGS data updates,
toll-free service and support,
and all program enhancements
during the license period.
License is $695 per
year for a single
user. GlassMate is
released each
trimester to coincide with NAGS
data releases and
is available in both
U.S. and Canadian
Pentium processor or greater; 1 GB
of free hard-drive space; minimum
of 32 MB of RAM; Windows 98SE,
XP Professional, 2000 or Windows
GlassQuote software offers a complete suite of auto
glass and flat glass modules. The auto glass software
combines the ability to produce quotes, work orders
and invoices in an easy-to-use package. The program
includes optional built-in receivable and sales
reports, as well the ability to export into popular
accounting programs like QuickBooks or Microsoft
Excel. Quest’s GlassQuote has built-in online ordering with suppliers like Pilkington and is integrated
with GLAXIS to receive electronic dispatches.
Additional modules include a new HeadQuarter link,
EDI billing, QuickBooks, inventory, job scheduling
and a GLAXIS interface. Quest also has a standalone
EDI program for shops that do not require a full
point-of-sale program. For repair shops, Quest offers
a Windows-based repair-only solution for quotes,
work orders, invoicing and EDI billing.
Technical and customer support
are included in annual maintenance, including Windows-compatible standalone EDI direct
and billing, auto glass software,
inventory module, multiple
locations, GLAXIS interface,
QuickBooks interface, scheduling module and flat glass module. PCAnywhere communication software is included with
purchase and allows the staff’s
technicians to connect with
their business via the Internet
or modem.
Call the Quest sales
department at
800/541-2593 or email for
software information, demo and pricing. Quest’s auto
glass programs
start at $299.
GTS Services
Software cost
AutoGlass™ • March/April 2007
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