SNMP-FSH2602MG_P1 [轉換].ai

26+2 port SNMP/Web Management Switch
he SNMP-FSH2602MG is the successor to OvisLink Corp's legendary
SNMP-FSH2602G switch. The SNMP-FSH2602G set a standard for
powerful yet simple to use SNMP switch.
The new SNMPFSH2602MG goes one step further by offering 2 free 1000Base-T ports and
2 MINI-GBIC slots for optional Gigabit fiber transceivers.
Impressive Hardwarer
The SNMP-FSH2602MG features 24 Fast Ethernet ports with auto MDI/MDI-X function to eliminate the
need for cross-over cables. Then it adds 2 x 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet ports for 1000mbps connection
to other switch or server. If you require All this power is cooled by the dual fans with fan status LEDs on the
front panel. Furthermore, the port's status indicators are built adjacent to each port for fast viewing.
Nevertheless, the impressive hardware is just the surface of the management power hidden beneath.
IP Stacking
The SNMP-FSH2602MG includes the new IP stacking function that allows administrator to manage up to 16
switches from one single switch. This makes network configuration and management much more convenient.
Phenomenal Power
The SNMP-FSH2602MG is compliant with RFC1213(RMON groups 1, 2, 3, 9), RFC1493 (Bridge MIB), and
RFC1643(Ether-Like MIB) SNMP standards. It features a full array of management function including
Spanning Tree, IGMP Snooping, LACP Trunking, 802.1Q Port-Based VLAN, 802.1p Priority, Access and
Security control, GVRP Automatic VLAN Assignment, 802.1v Protocol Based VLAN, RMON, and even the
latest 802.1x authentication protocol. The Ingress and Egress control allows administrators to limit the
incoming and outgoing bandwidth of each port separately in 100K increments.
Veteran network
administrators will appreciate most of the advanced management functions built-in. But even network
apprentices can easily manage those functions with the detail explanations of AirLive's user's manual.
Most important of all, the intuitive web interface makes most configurations almost self-explanatory.
SNMP for Everyone
All management functions can be configured through WEB browser, SNMP Management
software, Telnet, or the dedicated Console Port. The intuitive WEB interface is especially
designed to allow simple and speedy configurations even for the most advanced functions.
Take for example, click on a port of the switch image will bring all the status of the ports.
Setting up protocol based VLAN is a simple point and click operations. SNMP TRAP manager,
Static MAC Address Entry, Broadcast storm suppression... all are graphically displayed to
minimize setup confusions. Now, users can truly enjoy the benefit of SNMP management
without fear of being intimidated by its complexity. Best of all, AirLive will continue to provide
more features through the upgradeable firmware
The SNMP-FSH2602MG not only provides most SNMP management features, it implements
every single function thoroughly. If you are looking for a full featured yet friendly SNMP/WEB
*note: If one optional MiniGBIC module is installed, it will disable one 1000Base-T port.
24 x 10/100Base-TX Nway, auto-sensing
Auto MDI/MDI-X to eliminate needs for
cross-over cabling
Single Module Slot for optional
• 1-port or 2-port 1000Base-T(copper),
1000Base-SX(Fiber), 1000BaseLX(Fiber) Gigabit modules
• 1-port or 2-port 100Base-FX Fiber
• 2-slot Mini-GBIC module
RS-232 Console Port for out-of-band
3M bit packet buffer and 1M bit control
Up to 14K MAC entries and 4K VLAN
4Mbits Flash Memory
Dual fans for extra cooling
• Power, Diag, FAN1, FAN2
• Port LEDs (LINK/ACT on the left, 100M
on the right) built adjacent to the sides
of each port
19" inch rack mountable
Standard Compliance
• IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3u 100BaseTX Fast Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
over Cat.5 cable
IEEE 802.3z 1000BaseSX/LX Fiber Gigabit
IEEE 802.3x flow control
IEEE 802.1d Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1p Priority Control
IEEE 802.1q Tag VLAN
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation
IEEE 802.1v Protocol Based VLAN
RFC1213(RMON groups 1, 2, 3, 9),
RFC1493 (Bridge MIB), and
RFC1643(Ether-Like MIB)
Management Interface
• Web
• SNMP Management Software
• Telnet.
• RS-232 Console Port (out of band)
• Built-in Power Supply
• Input: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
• Consumption: 36 Watts max.
• FCC Part 15 Class A
• CE mark, Class A
• Consumption: 36 Watts max.
Management Functions
• Bandwidth control for each port in 100kbps
• Flow control for both half- or full-duplex
Head-of-Line blocking prevention
broadcast storm filtering
• Port Status
• On/Off, Link, Auto Negotiation, Speed,
Duplex, Flow Control, Ingress/Egress,
Priority, Security
Port Traffic Statistics
• Tx Good Packets, Rx Good Packets, Tx
Bad Packets, Rx Bad Packets, Tx Abort,
Collision, Drop Packets
• Port-based VLAN
• 802.1Q tag- VLAN with both IVL and
SVL Support
• 802.1v protocol-based VLAN
• Supporting Protocols: IP, ARP,
AppleTalk, AppleTalk AARP, Novell
IPX, Banyan Vines, DECnet MOP,
DECnet DPR, DECnet, LAT,
Internet, X.25 Layer 3
• GVRP Auto VLAN Configuration
IP Multicast
Support 802.1p 2-level priority queuing
• flexible load distribution control and
fail-over functions
• Provide 7 trunk groups of up to 4
member ports within 26 ports
• LACP Trunking
• Ingress port security mode
• RMON group 1,2,3,9
• Auto Aging Control
• Port Sniffer Function
• MAC Address Control
• Static MAC Address list to speed up
MAC Address learning
SNMP Trap Manager
Security Manager
Firmware update through TFTP or Xmodem
440mm (W) X 184mm (D) X 44mm (H)
Ordering Information
Filter MAC Address List to drop traffic
from certain stations
26+2 SNMP/WEB Management Switch
2 KG
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