Aria 101 H ea d s e t
The ATH101 Monaural noise cancelling headset, provides you with a durable headset that is designed
for intense all day usage. In addition to providing superior sound quality, the ATH101 headset also
provides users with a reinforced flexible boom arm and click stop adjustable headband. Included in
the box is an Aria Tech headset bag for safe and hygienic storage, two bottom cords (1 x Standard
RJ11 Cord, 1 x 2.5mm Cord) for easy connection, two types of ear cushions and microphone screens.
• Monaural model
• Noise cancelling microphone
• Designed for intense all day use
• Re-inforced flexible boom arm
• Clickstop adjustable headband
• Lightweight and durable design
• Compatible with most telephones
• Accoustic shock limiting diode
• Comes with RJ11 and 2.5mm cords
• Robust quick disconnect
• Compatible with Aria
LIP8000 series handsets
For more information contact
Ph: 1800 011 388
895 Wellington Road
Rowville, Victoria, 3178
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