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For detailed product specifications, contact your Xerox representative and ask for the
Document Centre 555/545/535 Specification Document.
ver view
Xerox Document Centre 555
55 pages per minute
(Shown with High Capacity Feeder,
Duplex Automatic Document
Feeder and Finisher options)
Xerox Document Centre 545
45 pages per minute
(Shown with High Capacity Feeder,
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
and Offsetting Catch Tray options)
Xerox Document Centre 535
35 pages per minute
(Shown with Duplex Automatic
Document Feeder and
Offsetting Catch Tray options)
■ 55/45/35 pages per minute, Network Multifunction
■ 100-sheet bypass tray
Systems and Digital Copier configurations
■ Duplex Automatic Document Feeder—optional
—70-sheet capacity
■ Two 550-sheet paper drawers
■ Paper sizes: 5.5 x 8.5"(A5) to 11 x 17" (A3)
■ High Capacity Feeder—optional
—2,000-sheet drawer and
1,600-sheet drawer
Note: Features, configurations and options may vary by location.
The new 500 Series Document Centre models
are available as Digital Copiers and as
powerful Network Multifunction Systems,
all featuring a surprisingly compact footprint.
■ For workgroups that require a
complete array of document services,
the Network Multifunction Systems
are the perfect choice.
■ The stand-alone Document Centre model
is ideal for workgroups that need a powerful
yet easy-to-use digital copier. Network
connectivity can be added later as needed.
■ Choose from a standard or high-capacity
configuration. The high-capacity
configuration adds two more drawers
for an extraordinary total paper capacity
of 4,800 sheets.
■ Tailor a system to your typical job
requirements by selecting either a Platen
Cover* or 70-sheet Duplex Automatic
Document Feeder.
■ A choice of output options:
—2,000-sheet-capacity finisher
capable of stapling 50-sheet sets
with automatic hole punching.
—Offsetting Catch Tray with a
300-sheet capacity.
■ Paper sizes: 5.5 x 8.5" (A5) to 11 x 17" (A3).
Document Centre 555/545/535
options include:
■ Network Scanning With E-mail
■ Scan to PC Desktop Software
■ Network Fax Server Integration
■ Internet Fax
■ Network Accounting Server Integration
■ Image Overwrite Security
Note: Options above are available only for Network
Multifunction configurations. Copier models can be
upgraded to Network Multifunction configurations.
■ Foreign Device Interface
■ Network Connectivity
(option for Digital Copier)
—SMart network controller with
433 MHz processor and 64 MB RAM
(upgradeable to 96 MB)
—9.1 GB (minimum) hard disk
—10/100BaseT ethernet connectivity
—All major network protocols and
operating systems supported
Value-added software.
A growing portfolio of innovative software
solutions—developed by both Xerox and
our Business Partners—is available to
help you quickly and easily scan and fax
documents or track system usage.
Xerox Business Partners.
Xerox Business Partners create customized
solutions that extend the functionality
of your Document Centre system. For
information on these solutions, visit:
Supplies, service and support.
Xerox gives you a single-vendor solution
that simplifies supplies ordering and record
keeping. And with a comprehensive range
of Xerox service plans plus multiple levels
of technical support professionals, you can
be sure you’ll have the uptime you need.
Designed to be kind to our planet.
Xerox is committed to safeguarding our
environment. All Document Centre models
are designed to conserve energy, use paper
efficiently and produce as little waste
as possible.
Total satisfaction . . . guaranteed.
All Xerox Document Centre products on
a Xerox Warranty or Xerox Maintenance
Agreement are backed by our Xerox
Total Satisfaction Guarantee. With Xerox,
you decide if you’re satisfied. Certain
restrictions apply.
Xerox is leading the way to better
work in offices everywhere.
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logo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. All other third-party marks are the trademarks of their respective owners. In support of Xerox’s environmental leadership goals, these models may contain some recycled components that are
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without notice. Printed in U.S.A. 6/02
36 USC 220506
*Platen Cover expected availability 4th quarter 2002. Available on selected models only.
the newest members of the
Xerox Document Centre
Network Multifunction Systems
and Digital Copiers
Xe r ox D o c u m e n t C e n t r e ®
The world’s most advanced
The power to get more work done.
The tools to do better work.
Xerox innovative technologies to save you money.
High-performance output
Get the edge in printing.
Xerox Document Centre systems offer
benchmark network performance plus
extraordinary printing productivity.
Their superior architecture is designed
around a SMart network controller to:
■ Receive, RIP and print—concurrently.
■ Minimize the load on your network.
■ Maximize effective print speeds.
There are three models: 35, 45 and
55 images per minute. Every print is
clean and crisp—the new generation
of Document Centre systems can even
print duplex at or near rated speed.
Quickly and easily manage all your
documents at the system, or from
your desktop. Even print to Document
Centre systems over the Web.
■ Systems that can be customized to meet your
requirements today and tomorrow.
■ Modular and upgradeable: from stand-alone Digital
Copiers to sophisticated Network Multifunction Systems.
■ Innovative ways to move information via e-mail
and Internet Fax.
■ Fast, high-resolution printing and copying.
■ Powerful scanning capabilities to share information.
Easy, fast, flexible copying.
A large, easy-to-use touch screen
interface and powerful automatic
features make copying a breeze.
Scan ahead an unrestricted number
of jobs while the machine prints other
jobs. Build complex jobs from multiple
originals and run a proof set before
producing your copies. From simple
notes to complex documents, this is
no-hassle copying.
Over view
Distribute with speed and ease
The next step in productivity—
Document Centre E-Mail.
Send hard copy directly from your
Document Centre system to any
e-mail address. The Document Centre
E-Mail option is fast, simple, secure—
a great way to cost-effectively distribute
documents. It uses existing e-mail
address books and integrates easily
into your e-mail infrastructure.
Internet Fax.
The new generation of Document
Centre systems gives you the option
of faxing documents to remote
Internet Fax machines across your
network, avoiding costly long distance
charges. It can even automatically
receive and print documents from
other Internet Fax devices.
Send paper documents
via your network fax server.
As an option, you can integrate
Document Centre systems with Xeroxvalidated third-party network-faxing
solutions, eliminating the need to
dedicate additional phone lines.
Scanning as easy as copying
Scanning made easy—
and more powerful.
With optional network scanning
services you can scan directly to
your desktop, a network file server,
a document management application,
a work process improvement software
solution, frequently used e-mail
addresses—even the Web. Only
Xerox lets you classify your scanned
document by title, subject, date—
virtually any category directly from
the machine’s user interface using
customized Document Management
Fields. Select your destination. Press
the Start button. It’s that simple.
Work faster, perform better
Take advantage of these
productivity-boosting features
and capabilities.
■ High performance in a space-saving
design that fits virtually anywhere.
■ True multitasking—print while you
scan, copy while you e-mail, scan
while you fax.
■ Effective network printing speeds
significantly faster than competitive
network multifunction systems.
All the tools
your office
needs in
one place.
■ Advanced finishing option, with
high-capacity, single or multi-position
stapling and hole punching.
Xerox Document Centre
■ Timesaving print queue management
—job status is never in doubt.
capabilities plus new
■ Easy-to-use touch-screen interface
—most jobs can be programmed
from one or two screens.
■ Security option ensures confidentiality
of document information.
■ Supports the latest wireless
(802.11b/Wi-Fi) network connectivity
standard via Xerox-validated thirdparty ethernet bridge adapters.
systems provide proven
ways to work that save
you time and money.
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