Burning a DVD using Toast Titanium
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Roxio Toast Titanium is a disk-burning program for Mac OS X, that can burn data CDs and DVDs, video DVDs, MP3
CDs and audio CDs. The software uses a straightforward interface, allowing you to select your format and burn
your disk using a single work window, which negates your need to create playlists, folders or libraries, as some
other burning programs require. To burn a DVD in Toast, just decide what you want to copy and you can complete
the entire process in minutes.
1. Open Toast Titanium. To locate the software, click your "Macintosh HD" icon, usually located in the upper right corner of your
desktop, and then select the "Applications" folder. You will find Toast among your applications. Double-click the icon to open the
2. Select the tab corresponding to the type of disk you want to burn. Your four tabs appear at the top of the Toast window, and read
"Data," "Audio," "Video" and "Copy." If you are tansferring files to a DVD, such as digital photos or other documents that you want to
store, click the "Data" tab. If you are creating a video DVD from a Video TS file, AVI or other video file, click the "Video" tab. If you
are copying an already-existing DVD (such as a movie disk or software disk) to a blank DVD, click the "Copy" tab. Note that Toast
will only let you copy DVDs not containing copy protection, so you cannot use copyrighted films.
3. Transfer your media to toast. If copying files for a data DVD, drag the files from your hard drive directly into the main Toast window
using your mouse. You can add as many files as you want until you reach 4.7 gigabytes, the maximum capacity of a single-layer
DVD. For video file burning, move your video files to the Toast window in the same manner. If copying a disk, click the "DVD" button
in the lower right corner of the screen (directly above the red circle) and select the "Disc Copy" option from the pop-up menu. Then
insert your original DVD and click the "Record" button. When recording finishes, eject your disk.
4. Insert a blank DVD into the CD/DVD-ROM drive on your Mac. When the pop-up menu appears on your screen, click the "Ignore"
button. Click the "Record" button in the lower right corner of your Toast Titanium window and wait for your disk to finish copying.
When it finishes, click the "Eject" butt