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FHF communication
Ex Howl-Call Telephones
Battery and network-independent telephone system
for applications under rough conditions, even in
potentially explosive or firedamp-endangered areas
If you want or need to use a telephone where this is
normally not possible, you need a telephone system that
works according to the dynamic principle.
Without any external power supply or complex equipment.
In blast furnace areas, in tunnel building or mining areas,
offshore, on an oil rig or a deep-sea vessel – in any place
that is not (yet) connected to any energy source, the dynamic
telephony represents an ideal opportunity for connection.
To the switchboard, to the base station, to the bridge or
colleagues above ground or wherever.
This surprisingly easy but efficient method is already being
used in many industrial areas to order material or report
malfunctions and, not least, in many cases of work accidents
it has already been useful to quickly call for help.
The howl call telephone is a battery-free and networkindependent telephone with highly efficient dynamic trans­
mitter and receiver capsules offering remote communication
without power supply.
The call signal is generated by turning the rotary knob
containing an audio frequency dynamo.
All telephones have a sturdy, impact-resistant and weather­
proof housing. For years they have proven to be a reliable
choice for the mining and tunnel building sectors, at
construction sites and for industrial applications. The range is
about 10 km.
Telephony without power supply
Protection class IP 54
Wide range of accessories
For rough environmental conditions
Protection type
Hand telephone 5069
Wall-mounted telephone 5220
I M1 Ex ia I Ma
II 1G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga
DMT 02 ATEX E 009
BVS 03 ATEX E 433
General arrangement drawing (all dimensions in mm)
Hand telephone 5069
Ingress protection
IP 54 according to IEC 60529
Hand telephone 5069
Wall mounted telephone 5220
Output voltage
Ringing frequency
Operating position
Dimensions ( H x W x d)
Max. 10 V
Max. 155 mA
Approx. 1540 Hz
Approx. 70 x 120 x 370 mm
Max. 9,5 V
Max. 95 mA
Max. 3000 Hz
vertical, cable glands facing downward
Approx. 380 x 180 x 140 mm (with
Approx. 1 kg
Approx. 2.5 kg
Operating conditions
Operation mode
suitable for application in firedamp-endangered underground areas
Continuous operation
Temperature range
-20 °C to +40 °C
-25 °C to +70 °C
Wall mounted telephone 5220
Dynamic receiver capsules for powerless
Simply connect the intrinsically safe handset to the socket and you‘re
ready to go. Or, even easier, just prick into our flat-band cable, and the
line is established.
Our handsets and telephone systems are explosion-proof and equipped
with a high-volume howl capsule, so that they even meet the require­
ments for the rough and noisy conditions in underground applications.
Intrinsically safe telephony by FHF – for more independence and
To establish a dynamic telephone system, only two capsules are
necessary. A supply with electric voltage is not required. The two
capsules must be connected via a two-wire cable.
Used as a microphone, the dynamic capsule generates a relatively
high voltage from a low sound pressure. It is high enough to also
generate a sufficient sound pressure for the other capsule used as
The two capsules are interchangeable and can both be used as
microphone or receiver.
These are the main advantages:
simple design
quick Installation for frequently changing application sites
lightweight mobile devices
independent from network and battery
constantly ready for operation
reduced work load on existing branch exchanges
Different versions: The right type for every purpose
Type 5077
Prick pincer
Type 5220
Intrinsically safe wall-mounted
tele­phone with howl call
Type 5069
Telephone with howl call
Type 5564
Wall socket
A manually operated electromagnetic call generator
generates a wobble current with a frequency of
approximately 2000 Hz, which is directly transmitted to the
receiver capsule via a two-wire cable.
The current has the effect that an acoustic wobble call is
transmitted through the transmitter capsule‘s membrane.
Application examples of howl call telephones
1. With movable telephone cable,
plug connection, with handset
2. With movable telephone cable,
with “prick pincer“ – the quick
connection to any cable section
3. With fixed cable, for plugconnected handsets and/or
permanently installed wall
Ordering data
Connected to
Ex hand telephone
w/o snap-in plug
Ex hand telephone
with snap-in plug
coupling socket/wall socket
FHF 113 270 01
Ex hand telephone
with prick pincer
flat-band cable
FHF 113 270 02
Ex wall mounted telephone
w/o amplifier
fixed cabling or hose line
FHF 113 271 01
Snap-in plug, highly impact-resistant plastic
Article number
FHF 113 262 01
FHF 119 027 02
Coupling socket, highly impact-resistant plastic
FHF 118 210 02
Wall socket, plastic
FHF 118 201 03
Prick pincer, stainless steel sheet with 1 m cable
FHF 113 243 01 AX
Flat-band cable, 2-wire, tensile strength approx. 500 N (lengths on request)
FHF 921 260 226
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