Up to 55 PPM
Black & White MFP
Small/Med. Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Affordable, high-quality
black and white.
The e-STUDIO477s/527s from Toshiba offers fast, high-quality
black and white output in a compact size and at a sensible price.
Copy, print, scan and fax with the MFP that does it all, for less.
Your MFP has arrived.
Compact, powerful and groundbreaking.
Small and medium sized businesses,
from healthcare to education to
finance, can now take advantage of
everything Toshiba MFPs have to offer,
in a surprisingly small package. The
new e-STUDIO477s/527s prints black
and white at speeds of 49/55 PPM for
letter size paper and 36/40 PPM for
legal size. It incorporates leading LED
technology that reduces the overall
size and simplifies the design. An
e-BRIDGE Universal Print Driver, the
single driver for all Toshiba e-BRIDGE
series models, includes plug-ins for
the simple addition of a variety of
productivity enhancing options.
A long list of impressive features and benefits are available on
the e-STUDIO477s/527s. Toshiba e-BRIDGE technology
provides consistency across our family of MFPs.
After you’ve learned one, you can operate many.
You’ll find the same operability, user interface,
open platform connectors, cloud, mobile
printing, scanning and management utilities
as the current e-BRIDGE lineup. It features a
small footprint, light weight and quiet operation.
The black and white output is incredible and
incredibly fast. You’ll also be impressed by the
enhanced image quality and razor sharp text.
Leading innovation
in high security.
Data has never been more secure. The e-STUDIO477s/527s
incorporates proprietary Toshiba technology in a number of
ways to provide a level of data protection for IT equipment
that sets a new standard.
Security matters.
Keeping your data safe.
With the need for data security at
an all-time high, Toshiba’s leading,
innovative technology is at the forefront.
Our proprietary Self-Encrypting Drive
(SED) incorporates 256 bit Advanced
Encryption Standard (AES) and
features Automatic Data Invalidation
(ADI). With this unique approach, the
encryption key is stored right on the
Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Should the
HDD be removed from the MFP and
installed in another device in an attempt
to access any data stored within it,
the encryption key is discarded and
its content is instantly invalidated.
In addition, HDD data is quickly
invalidated at end of life so you don’t
have to worry about that either.
To provide even more security,
Toshiba has included a secure PDF
encryption feature with up to 128-bit
AES, IP/MAC address filtering, Role
Based Access Control, an SNMPv3
protocol for enhanced security
administration and an optional IPSec
protocol. There is also a Private Print
feature that requires a password for
printing. So whether it’s protecting
your data or your documents, the
e-STUDIO477s/527s provides the
highest level of advanced security.
Not only can you perform multiple functions with ease, everything you
do is protected with advanced security measures.
Self Encrypting Drive
IPSec Enabler (optional)
IP Filtering
Network Port Control
Secure PDF
Private Print
Technologically advanced,
environmentally sound.
Toshiba began developing innovative ways to reduce environmental impact long
before it became the popular thing to do. In addition to a smaller footprint with
regard to size, the e-STUDIO477s/527s also has a smaller ecological footprint.
Protecting precious
resources in more ways.
While Toshiba is working to help save the
environment, we’re also helping you save
money. The e-STUDIO477s/527s uses a
mono-component development method
that eliminates waste material. An
enhanced Sleep Mode has a 1.5W
power consumption to further reduce
electrical demand and ensure these
models are Energy Star Tier 2 compliant.
Other ways in which Toshiba puts
environmental responsibility into action
include a recycling program, reduction of
CO2 emissions, and the recycling of
plastics. Reduction of Hazardous
Substances (RoHS) such as lead and
mercury enable the series to comply with
environmental standards around the
world. These models, like Toshiba’s entire
line-up are 100% RoHS compliant.
With a max capacity of 2,630 sheets there’s no shortage
of paper options including a 100-sheet bypass and
optional 2000-sheet Large Capacity Feeder.
Green Matters.
From our zero-waste-to-landfill toner
recycling to greener manufacturing,
Toshiba is a recognized environmental
leader. At Toshiba we’re investing
in programs that help both our
business and yours to better
reduce, reuse and recycle.
Encompass Assessment
Toshiba’s Encompass Assessment
examines all output devices and
determines your company’s
current environmental impact.
Toshiba’s Encompass Assessment
can be used to create a custom
analysis of your printing’s
impact on the environment.
The e-STUDIO477s/527s unique stacking drawers and spacers allow you to configure your device to fit your
specific needs. From a countertop base model or up to three additional drawers as well as the space-saving inner
finisher there’s a configuration that’s just right for you.
Exceptional features,
starting with e-BRIDGE.
The outstanding performance of the e-STUDIO477s/527s is due to advanced Toshiba
e-BRIDGE technology. This series is available for small and medium businesses looking
for fast, affordable black and white output with the ability to integrate workflow solutions
into their MFP. The list of features is impressive, including Universal Print Drivers with
plug-ins, web browsing and printing, open platform connectors and mobile printing.
lightweight and
packs a punch
This powerful,
compact letter and
legal-sized device
saves space and
money. Offering
one of the smallest
footprints among
comparable MFPs.
LED printhead
An innovative LED light
source for printing
results in low noise,
easy maintenance
and a smaller, more
compact size.
image quality
Get attention-grabbing
output with a greater
range of grayscale.
It’s black and white
at its very best.
High performance
print engine
A technologically
advanced, high
performance print
engine allows for
a faster warm up
and First Copy Out
Time. Not to mention
an overall energy
reduction to help
the environment
and your budget.
Easy to use
Now it’s easier than ever to
operate an MFP. Thanks,
in part, to a nine-inch
display consistent with
other Toshiba devices,
hard keys or buttons used
for main functions, and an
e-BRIDGE Open Platform
for flexible integration.
Easy to maintain
Replacing supplies
and performing routine
maintenance are simple
and can be performed by
virtually anyone, reducing
the need for a service call.
Plenty of options
Choose from a variety
of options to take
greater advantage of the
Like a space-saving inner
finisher, 2000-sheet LCF
or 4-drawer configuration,
Job Point for cluster
printing with up to 10
e-STUDIO models, Re-Rite
for one-touch automatic
OCR as well as a Fax Unit,
Wireless LAN Module,
and IPSec Enabler.
Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services
Look to our highly experienced Managed
Print Experts to help you cut costs,
streamline operations, control your output
environment, secure documents, and
reduce your environmental impact.
And that’s not all
The list of outstanding features goes on
and on. In fact, it goes something like this:
Job Skip allows you to skip to the next
job if the first job runs out of paper that’s
a different size. Omit Blank Page removes
all blank pages from your job. Outside
Erase lets you copy or scan books and
3D objects with the RADF open. Envelope
Printing can be done straight from the
bypass. One Touch Templates automate
complex or frequently repeated jobs.
Standard Tandem Printing completes large
jobs faster by dividing the work between
two printers. And e-Filing lets you print,
edit and manage stored documents.
Black & White MFP
Up to 55 PPM
Small/Med. Workgroup
Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
Secure MFP
Copying Process Indirect Electrostatic Photographic
Transfer System with Internal Transfer Belt
Copying Type LED Head Printing
Copy/Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi ( 600x 1200 dpi - PS3 only)
Copy/Print Speed 49/55 PPM B&W
Warm-Up Time Approx. 35 Seconds
First Copy Out Time 8 Seconds
Multiple Copying Up to 999 Copies
Acceptable Paper Size Cassette: ST-R to LG (17 lb Bond - 120 lb Index)
and Weight Bypass: 3” x 5” to LG (17 lb Bond - 138 lb Index)
Memory (Max) Main Memory: 2 GB
HD: 160GB (Security SED Drive)
Document Feeder
Reduction/Enlargement 25% to 400%
Control Panel Colour 9” LCD Touch Panel
Paper Supply Up to 2,630-Sheet Input Capacity
Standard 1 x 530-Sheet Cassettes
Standard 100-Sheet Bypass
Optional 3 x 530-Sheet Cassette
Optional 2000-Sheet LCF
Duplex Std. Automatic Duplex Unit (17 lb Bond - 120 lb Index)
Dimensions Approx. 32.26” x 20.55” x 23.78” (W x D x H)
Weight Approx. 115 lbs
Toner Yield 36K
Power Supply 120 V, 15 Amps
Power Consumption Maximum 1.5 kW
Data Encryption Disk Overwrite
Authentication Print Specifications
Miscellaneous Options
PDL Support PCL6, PostScript 3, and XPS
Operating Systems Netware 6.5, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012,
Citrix, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX, AS400, SAP
Protocol Support IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, AppleTalk
SNMP, Netware, Port 9100,
Drivers Server 2003/2008/2008R2/2012, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,
Macintosh 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
AS400, LPR & Port 9100, SAP R/3, Unix Filter
Connectivity 10/100/1000BaseTX Ethernet, (802.11b/g/n optional)
Device Management TopAccess
Certification Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008, 2008R2)
Novell HPOS (Dazel), Citrix
Harness Kit for Coin Op. Controller
Unicode Font Enabler
Scan Specifications
Corporate Office
75 Tiverton Court
Markham, Ontario L3R 4M8
Tel: (905) 470-3500
Fax: (905) 470-34598770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60631
Tel: 773-380-6000
2037 Bakers Mill Rd., Dacula, GA 30019
Tel: 678-54
Scan Resolution Scan Speed File Format 100 dpi, 150 dpi, 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
55 SPM B&W, 40 SPM Colour (@ 300 dpi)
Facsimile Specifications (Option GD 1340)
Compatibility Data Compression Transmission Speed Fax Modem Speed Memory Transmission Scan Speed Super G3
Approx. 3 Seconds Per Page
33.6 Kbps
1 GB
.7 Seconds Per Page, Maximum 42 SPM
E-Filing Specifications
Operation Method Colour Touch Screen Control Panel or Client PC
Number of Boxes 1 Public Box, 200 Private User Boxes
Capacity of Boxes 100 Folders Per Box, 400 Documents Per Folder
200 Pages Per Document
256 Bit AES (SED Hard Drive)
1-5 Time Overwrite (meets DOD standard)
LDAP, SMTP, Windows Server Domain, Local
Accessories (Options)
Additional Paper Options, Spacers, Caster Base
Lower-level Caster Base
High-level Stand Base
Cassettes: 530-Sheet Pedestal, ST-R to LG
Large Capacity Feeder (LCF): 2,000-Sheet Drawer, LT Finishing Options
Inner Finisher: 1 Tray: 500 Sheets
Damper Kits
Offline Stapler Connectivity/Security Options
Fax Board Meta Scan Enabler Wireless Module
Wireless Antenna
IP SEC Enabler Advanced Scanning (ReRite) SharePoint Connector Exchange Connector Google Docs Connector CASTERA4
Designs and Specifications subject to change without notice. For best results and
reliable performance, always use supplies manufactured or designated by Toshiba.
Not all options and accessories may be available at the time of product launch. Please
contact a local Authorized Toshiba Dealership for availability. Toner yields are estimates
based on 6% coverage, letter-size page. Driver and connectivity feature support varies
by client/network operating system.
© 2013 Toshiba of Canada Limited, Office Products Division
Inv. Code CE-ES527s-B