Instructions KIT I
KIT assembly
Video instructions on setting up the KIT can be found at
and the link can be opened by using the QR code on the right. If you cannot access the
video, connect the cables and connections as shown in the following pictures:
After connecting the connector strip in the recording case
to the power, all of the devices can be supplied with
electricity via the connector strip.
Connect the document camera to the power supply. The
HDMI cable is connected to "HDMI OUT" and to the
recording device.
Connect the HDMI cable to the "HDMI IN" socket on the
recording device.
On the other side, the recording device has already been
connected to the microphone socket and the power supply.
Here you will also find the button for switching the
recording device on and off.
Multimedia Services
Connect the microphone (headset) to one of the black
XLR jacks.
The recording process can be started and stopped by
pushing the red "Rec Button" on the lower edge of the
recording device. Replay via "Play".
Material list
• 2 cases
• Document camera (Visualizer)
• Recording device
• Microphone connector
• Microphone (Headset)
• Headphones
• Power cable
• Memory cards
• Remote control
• HDMI cable
• Pens
• Operating instructions
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