Quality is part of the company philosophy and all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All
technical data and measurements are approximate values and based upon single shift operations. All products are
subject to different limits and specifications due to operation length, paper size, grain, weight, misuse/abuse and power
Prior to operation read the Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions included with this product. This will help ensure all
precautions are taken to avoid cancellation of the manufacturer’s warranty.
The manufacturer warrants that any new products sold will be free from defects in material and workmanship
when used under specified and normal operating conditions. This warranty is void if repairs are necessitated by
accidents, misuse, abuse, water damage or fire.
The capabilities of all products are in each specification flier. Exceeding model specifications causing product failure
is not covered by this warranty. Modifications, alterations and repairs must be performed by an authorized technician.
Lubrication for cross cut shredders is required every fifteen to thirty minutes of operation, to maintain top working
condition and this warranty.
Office Shredders
Parts and labor to repair any failure caused by defect is limited to two (2) years from date of invoice. Cutting Rollers are
warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for twenty (20) years from date of invoice or warranty registration date. If
machine is purchased with an Automatic Oiler, the Cutting Roller is warranted to be free of manufacturer‘s defects to the
first buyer for the Lifetime of the shredder from the date of the original purchase invoice.
• Freight or transportation damage is not classified as a warranty repair in any case.
• Proof of purchase invoice is required from the end-user for warranty validation or warranty registration date.
• All parts under warranty will be shipped and invoiced using standard costs and will be credited for the full amount only
when the defective part is returned.
operating instructions
operating instructions
9.Technical Data
1. Proper use, warranty
We provide a warranty for the device in accordance with our general sales and
delivery terms. This warranty excludes wear, damage due to improper handling,
natural depreciation, and actions taken by third parties.
Shredding Capabilities:
Cutting type
Cross cut
Shred size
1/8" x 2"
Security level DIN 32757 – 1
Cutting ca­pa­ci­ty (sheets), DIN A4
70 g/m2
187 lbs.
Noise level (Idle running/ load)
60 dB(A)
Cutting speed
24 ft./min.
Lo­ading width
Power for the maximum number of sheets
Dimensions W x D x H
Volume of shredded material bag
Technical and optical modifications reserved.
2. Machine components
Caution label
Funnel flap
Membrane keyboard
Rocker switch
Name plate
Pusher lever
Bottom frame
Guide roller
Foot pedal for compaction
3. Safety instructions
• Read all instructions before start-up of the paper shredder. Save these instructions
for later use.
• Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product!
• Make sure no liquid is spilled on or in the paper shredder.
• Do not attempt to repair this paper shredder yourself.
• If the shredder is damaged or does not function properly, switch the device off, pull out the
power plug and inform our service engineers.
• Keep paper shredder out of the reach of children.
• This shredder should be operated only with an operator in attendance.
38 - 40
115 V, 60 Hz
2100 W
23.4" x 18.5" x 49"
38.5 gallons
operating instructions
Bag for shredded material full
Risk of injury!
Do not reach into the paper feed slot.
• Red LED on membrane keyboard lights.
• Paper shredder stops automatically.
Reversing the cutting device (“Reverse” button) is also possible even
when the shredded material container is full.
Risk of injury from slivers!
Wear protective goggles when destroying diskettes, CDs and hard
credit cards.
• Insert new bag
Particle cutting devices are equipped with a compacting mechanism.
Press the foot pedal in the lower part of the cabinet to shake up the
collector sack and reduce the volume of the particles. Paper can be fed
Risk of injury by pulling in!
Keep long hair, loose articles of clothing, ties, scarves, jewelry etc.
away from feed opening. Material with the tendency to form loops, e.g.
tapes, strapping material, etc. must not be shredded.
Before talking off the cover, changing the location, cleaning or anything
else other than normal operation turn off and unplug the paper
Empty the shredded material container after the paper shredder has been
switched off, because otherwise malfunctions of the cutting system could
occur when the rocker switch is pressed several times in succession
Maintenance and care
• Switch off the shredder, pull out the power plug.
• When cleaning only use a soft cloth and a mild soap-water solution. Never use scouring
agents, cleaning fluid, petroleum or thinners.
When the cutting capacity drops or the noise increases:
operating instructions
Mainte­nan­ce and ser­vi­ce work may be per­for­med on­ly by:
• Cu­sto­mer ser­vi­ce
• Spe­cial­ly trai­ned staff (e.g. qua­li­fied electri­cians)
• An authorized ser­vi­ce tech­ni­cian
• This paper shredder should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat source.
• The ventilation slots must not be blocked or covered and they must be at a distance of at
least 4” away from walls or furniture.
• Make sure the power plug is easily accessible.
• Before plugging in the power plug, check that the voltage and frequency of your local
main supply correspond to those stated on the type plate.
• Lift the inspection door on the top of the device and spray special cutting
block oil on the blade rollers of the cutting device.
Before start-up:
Undo the wing screws securing the unit during
• Run cutting system forwards and backwards several times without feeding
paper. Paper dust and particles are shaken off.
On machines with cross cutting the two red ties of the
transport retainer for the compacting unit must be removed.
IMPORTANT Regular Oiling Instructions
After 15 to 30 minutes of continuous use, the cutting cylinders must be oiled. To do
this, run the shredder in reverse and squirt oil the length of the cutting cylinders twice.
Squirt bottle of oil is provided with every shredder. Automatic oilers are available and
recommended for cross-cut shredders. OILING and REVERSING the cutting cylinders
regularly is critical to maintain the life expectancy and sheet copacity of the shredder.
Inserting the bag
for shredded material
• Open front door and
pull out frame with bag
for shredded material.
• Fold new bag around
frame and allow to overlap by approx. 7.87”.
• Push frame with guide and bag into bottom frame.
• Close front door.
operating instructions
operating instructions
6. Scope of delivery
5. Start-up
Switching the paper shredder on
• Set rocker switch at rear of paper shredder to “I”.
• Paper shredder is ready for operation when green LED on control panel
Safety switches are installed at the door and inspection door.
Paper shredder can only be switched on if the door and the inspection
door are both closed.
Shredding paper:
• Feed paper into the paper infeed opening (see “Technical data” for sheet
• The shredding pro­cess is star­ted by a pho­to­–cell in the paper feeding
• App­rox. 3 sec. af­ter the last sheet of paper is pulled in, the cut­ting sy­stem
au­to­ma­tical­ly swit­ches off and returns to standby.
The document shredder can also be started by pressing the green arrow
• Press briefly: Cutting device starts.
Automatic stop approx. 3 seconds after the last piece of paper was drawn
in, or manual stop when the stop button is pressed
• Hold down for longer than 2 seconds: constant operation without light
barrier function. The cutting device runs until it is switched off with the
stop button.
Shredding crumpled paper:
• Pull back the pusher lever and put the paper into the filling funnel.
• Paper shredder, ready for connection, in carton
packing, carton on pallet, tied with strapping tape
• 5 bags for shredded material
• Special cutting block oil (8.45 oz.)
• Operating instructions, information sheet on
7. Troubleshooting
• Tray for continuous shredding of
• Bag for shredded material
• Special cutting block oil 12 oz.,
16 oz. and 1 gallon.
Call for more information.
Pa­per jam
You have fed in too much paper.
• Paper shredder jammed.
• Red LED in the key pad flashes.
• Paper shredder reverses automatically.
• Pull paper out of the paper feeding opening.
If material is not completely pushed out, then
• Press dashed arrow button.
• Paper is pushed out.
• Pull paper out.
The cutting device is easily accessible once the inspection door on the top
of the machine is opened.
Injuries by cutting rollers are possible even when the paper shredder is
Keep hands away from the cutting system!
• Separate paper stack and feed paper again.
• The shredding process is started again with the green arrow button or by
the light barrier (paper feed).
Caution !
Do not press dashed arrow button and green arrow button alternately
forwards and backwards. Cutting system can be damaged.
Electric motor overheated
• Press the green arrow key.
• If the cutting device does not catch the paper by itself, slowly move
the pusher lever forward.
Switching the paper shredder off
• Set main switch at rear of paper shredder to “0”.
• Red LED on membrane keyboard lights.
• Paper shredder switches off automatically.
• Allow paper shredder to cool down for approx. 15 to 20 min.
Front door or flap on the top of the machine is open.
• Red LED on membrane keyboard lights.
• Paper shredder stops automatically.
• Close front door or flap.
• If the door is opened when the cutting device is running, the document
shredder must be started again using the green button after the door of
the document shredder has been closed.
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