Xerox WorkCentre 7200 Series Multifunction Printer

Xerox® WorkCentre™
Multifunction Printer
Xerox WorkCentre 7220/7225
Colour Multifunction Printer
Evaluator Guide
About this Guide
This Evaluator Guide introduces you to the Xerox WorkCentre™ 7220/7225
Colour Multifunction Printer, explains its key features and performance
advantages, and provides guidance throughout your evaluation process.
Section 1: Introducing
Xerox® ConnectKey®
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
3 Overview
5 Convenience
4 Evaluation Overview
6 Productivity
9 Security
10 Cost Control
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 3: Configuration Summary,
Product Specifications, Finishing
Options and Supplies and Support
11 Configuration Summary
12 Product Specifications
13 Finishing Options and Supplies
14 Support Resources
Section 1: Introducing Xerox®
ConnectKey® Technology
It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the countless solutions that promise
to fix your most pressing issues. Choosing the right solutions for your people
becomes more complex. You want solutions that simply get it done, behind the
scenes – solutions that are there when you need them but stay out of mind because
they just work.
Simplicity Redefined
Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology is a software
ecosystem that provides the building blocks to
leverage your multifunction printer to simplify
the way work gets done.
Solving today’s complexities.
Documents are the currency of business.
They are the heart of critical workflows
and drive almost every aspect of business.
When a group of IT managers, business
managers, and mobile workers was asked,
70% said optimising document flow would
help them respond to market needs more
quickly and 62% said it would improve overall
revenue*. Why? Because improved employee
productivity has strategic revenue-generating
consequences. More-productive employees
spend more time on innovation, customer
service, winning new business, and making the
business more competitive.
Imagine an office environment where all
print devices have the same core features and
functionality, thereby dramatically increasing
adoption, and providing a simplified user
training experience with less mistakes and
faster proficiency. The common architecture
behind ConnectKey, features industry-leading
security highlighted by our groundbreaking
partnerships with McAfee® and Cisco® to
provide additional layers of security software
and greater visibility to IT.
For more information about
Xerox® ConnectKey, go to
ConnectKey enabled solutions reduce
waste and paper consumption, and give
you time back in your day to do your job
more effectively. Plus, compatibility with
energy management solutions such as Cisco
EnergyWise and a mix of innovative features
enable reduced power consumption so you
can achieve your sustainability promises. We
have rounded out this amazing ecosystem
by empowering today’s mobile workforce to
conduct business in ways that work for them,
with scalable, cloud-ready mobile solutions.
And we have simplified customers’ workflows
through tools like ConnectKey for SharePoint®,
ConnectKey for DocuShare® or Business
Process Outsourcing integration through
Whether you manage the devices yourself or
choose a Xerox® Managed Print Service, you’ll
benefit from the tools ConnectKey offers to
cut your costs and keep you moving forward.
* “The Future of Documents: How They Drive Business, Today
and Tomorrow.” IDC global research study, sponsored by Xerox,
January 2012.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
Based on continuous study of our customers’ requirements, we recommend that
the following criteria be used when evaluating which colour multifunction printer to
purchase for your business or organisation.
The following sections examine each of the
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Colour
Multifunction Printer’s advantages in greater
detail, covering the specific features and
performance attributes you should look for in
a colour work group multifunction printer.
When the same criteria are used to evaluate
every device under consideration, you’ll
see how the WorkCentre 7220/7225 excels
against other manufacturers’ products.
Cost Control
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225
Optimised for:
WorkCentre 7225 shown with optional Office Finisher, Booklet Maker, Convenience Stapler
and Work Surface.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
Work isn’t always confined to the office – and neither are you. Xerox
ConnectKey Technology gives you the freedom and convenience to work when you
want, where you want by keeping you seamlessly connected to the productivity tools
that drive your business forward.
How the Xerox® WorkCentre™
7220/7225 Exceeds the
Convenience Requirement
Ease of Use
Look for fully integrated functions that work
together to create more value than the sum of
their parts. Are the functions easy to learn? Is
the user interface consistent from function to
function? Do the network features give users
full access to the power of your network? Does
the device include additional software to take
full advantage of digital documents?
• Consistent operation across products.
The WorkCentre 7220/7225 features the
same Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology as
many other Xerox® Office products, making
it easy and intuitive for users to go from
one Xerox® product to another without
additional training.
• Front panel user interface. It doesn’t
matter if a job is simple or complex – the
newly engineered colour touch screen
interface is easy to learn and offers quick
job programming. It features bright,
intuitive icons that can be reordered or
hidden, and provides easy access to all
major functions directly from the home
screen. Third-party applications can be
integrated with the touch screen interface
as well, thanks to Xerox® Workflow
Solutions, built on Xerox Extensible
Interface Platform® technology.
• Network management. It couldn’t be
easier for the network administrator;
the WorkCentre 7220/7225 integrates
seamlessly into virtually any network
environment. Network configuration is easy
with CentreWare® install wizards – which
eliminate the need for IT staff to reset
parameters, connect users or manage job
queues device by device. Onboard SNMP
support lets customers integrate with other
network frameworks.
• Convert paper documents. Scan
documents to create text-searchable PDFs
and single and multipage PDFs for easy
archiving, organising and searching.
–– Choose Xerox® Mobile Print Solution
with an on-site server for your internal
network, or behind your network’s
firewall, for added control and higher
volume use.
–– Choose Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud
to easily manage local and remote
locations, control visitors’ printing access
and “pay as you use.”
• Optional Wi-Fi connectivity. Optional WiFi connectivity lets administrators connect
WorkCentre 7220/7225 devices anywhere,
without the need for network cabling.
• Mopria™ certified. Mopria certification
simplifies the mobile printing experience for
tablets and smartphones to many printing
devices, including the WorkCentre 7200
• On-box Optical Character Recognition,
searchable PDF. Easily convert hard-copy
documents into searchable-PDF format for
faster retrieval.
• Xerox® ConnectKey® Share to Cloud. Our
cloud-based scanning solution provides
easy, secure, scalable scanning to popular
cloud-based repositories such as Google
Docs™,, Office 365
and Dropbox™, using custom-designed
When at the workplace, the WorkCentre™
7220/7225 gives your office staff the luxury
of controlling device functions from any
workstation. Plus, mobile professionals can
stay connected to the communications tools
and productivity solutions offered by the
WorkCentre 7220/7225 – for more flexibility
regardless of location.
• Xerox® Mobile Print and more. Take the
mystery and anxiety out of wireless and
mobile device printing. Xerox has all the
options to enable secure, accurate printing
from most mobile devices, to any printer or
multifunction printer, regardless of brand.
Whether offsite or onsite, learn more about
why Xerox is the only choice for today’s
mobile professionals by visiting
• Apple® AirPrint. Print email, photos and
important office documents directly from
your Apple iPhone® or iPad® with no drivers
to install.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
Opportunities happen fast. Be ready to react with tools and technologies that can
automate workflows, simplify routine tasks and take your productivity to a higher level.
How the Xerox® WorkCentre™
7220/7225 Exceeds the
Productivity Requirement
10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet connection
with innovative features like auto IP
addressing, device naming, and Ethernet
speed sensing to provide simple and
automatic installation on networks. These
features make the WorkCentre 7220/7225
quick and easy to get up and running.
Management and system set-up can be
accomplished through a variety of means,
including the easy, wizard-based process
found within Xerox® CentreWare® Web.
Additionally, the WorkCentre 7220/7225
can integrate with third-party management
applications like Unicentre® TNG, IBM®
Tivoli® NetView®, Microsoft® Management
Console, and HP® WebJetAdmin®. Cloning
capability allows fleets of devices to be
installed with identical settings, eliminating
the need to set up each system individually.
Management, Deployment and Remote
Installing and deploying a fleet of
multifunction printers throughout your
organisation is a potentially time-consuming,
complicated task. The process isn’t limited
to physically placing the units in their new
environments, but also includes integrating
the devices with the existing network
infrastructure. Also, consider the process
required to deploy printing and scanning
services to your users and how automated
that process can be.
• Single print driver works with all printers.
The Xerox® Global Print Driver® supports
Xerox and non-Xerox devices on the
network. Never have to redeploy another
print driver, saving hours of downtime.
• Configure once, apply fleet wide. Xerox
multifunction device configurations can
be cloned and distributed to all similar
multifunction devices on your network,
eliminating the need to configure and
manage each device individually.
• Installation. When you choose Xerox,
you can rest assured that your equipment
will be delivered and installed into your
environment to your specifications
and expectations. All network-enabled
configurations include an embedded
• Deployment. With the WorkCentre
7220/7225, print and scan drivers can be
deployed centrally, thereby eliminating
the need for IT staff to perform deskto-desk manual installation of the driver
software. In many cases, existing Xerox
drivers on your network can work with your
new hardware, potentially saving the step
of updating your users’ driver software
altogether. Again, wizards are provided
within CentreWare Web to aid in installing,
troubleshooting, and upgrading your users’
driver software, freeing up your IT staff for
more pressing projects.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Single Touch Scanning
Use the Single Touch Scan feature to
create a dedicated, easy-to-locate scan
button directly on the colour touch
screen interface. Assign the Single Touch
Scan button its own scanning workflow
for fast document distribution and
• Xerox® Mobile Express Driver®. Xerox®
Mobile Express Driver makes it easy for
mobile users to find, use and manage
Xerox® and non-Xerox devices in every
new location. Plug into a new network, and
Xerox® Mobile Express Driver automatically
discovers available printers and provides
status and capability information. Save a
list of “favourite” printers for each location,
store application print settings for use on
any printer in any network, and greatly
reduce mobile support calls to IT.
• Xerox® Global Print Driver®. Xerox® Global
Print Driver is a truly universal print driver
that lets IT administrators install, upgrade
and manage Xerox® and non-Xerox devices
from a single driver. It provides a consistent,
easy-to-use interface for end-users, reducing
the number of support calls, and simplifying
print services management.
• Xerox® CentreWare® software. Xerox®
CentreWare Web management software
is a powerful device-management solution
for IT. The free software eases the chore
of installing, configuring, managing,
monitoring and pulling reports from the
networked printers and multifunction
printers throughout an enterprise,
regardless of their manufacturer. Xerox also
addresses enterprise asset management
through compatibility with network
management tools for Sun, Novell®,
Microsoft® and other environments. The
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 also
includes CentreWare Internet Services,
an embedded web server that allows
employees and IT personnel to perform
detailed status checks on the system and
consumables, administer system settings,
and manage access and accounting
controls via any standard web browser.
• Bidirectional print drivers. The WorkCentre
7220/7225 includes CentreWare® print
drivers, which feature clear, graphical user
interfaces that provide for easy, intuitive
interaction with the multifunction printer.
The drivers provide immediate desktop
access to all WorkCentre output functions.
The drivers also provide bidirectional
information, indicating device and job
status, currently loaded paper sizes and
types, and installed options – so there is no
need to consult other software to obtain
such information. Easy-to-understand
icons access the most commonly used
functions, such as paper selection and
document finishing. Plus with the Saved
Settings feature, frequently used print job
parameters can be stored for reuse.
• Smarter technology. Xerox® Smart Kit®
technology constantly monitors the
WorkCentre 7220/7225 easy-to-change
critical components to predict and prevent
• Xerox® Copier Assistant®. This software
allows easier access to the copying
capabilities of Xerox® multifunction devices.
An alternative to the standard touchscreen,
Xerox® Copier Assistant software helps
everyone, especially people who are
wheelchair users, blind or visually impaired,
easily programme copy jobs and make
copies using text-to-speech technology,
screen magnification software and easy
keyboard access to copying features using
tab, arrow, function and hot keys.
Office productivity relies on tools that do
their jobs day in and day out. Consider how
often you need to intervene to replace paper
or other consumables or to clear jams. How
easy is that intervention, and how long is the
device typically down? If outside assistance
is required, how easy is it to schedule and
how long do you have to wait? Is the device
a reliable network citizen? Has it been
tested and certified by independent industry
• Simple paper paths and a minimum of
moving parts. This mean there is very little
that can go wrong. Any paper jams or misfeeds that do occur are all accessed from
the front of the machine, making these
easy issues for users to resolve without
calling the IT Help Desk. Most components
that wear out over time can simply be
replaced without a service call. You’re up
and running without delay.
• Easy-access Smart Kit customer
replaceable units. This includes EA Toner
cartridges, waste toner containers, fuser
modules, drum cartridges and staple
• Sophisticated service delivery. Building
on the reliability that is engineered into the
WorkCentre 7220/7225, Xerox has trained
and developed a service delivery network
that helps you maintain your equipment,
address equipment issues you may
encounter and train you and your users on
how to get the most out of your equipment.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Digitisation and Information Management
User Training and Helpdesk Support
• Workflow scanning. The Xerox
WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 includes network
scanning capabilities, providing a digital
on-ramp for your hardcopy documents and
enabling them to be distributed, edited,
archived, and utilised by your enterprise
• Xerox® Online Support. This keeps you
up and running by providing instant
access to searchable online help right
at the WorkCentre 7220/7225 Colour
Multifunction Printer’s front panel. Online
Support is also available from the print
driver, where it gathers information stored
in the printer, examines the information,
diagnoses the issue and collects relevant
solutions from the Xerox knowledge base.
From there it either returns a solution
specific to the problem or walks a user
through a troubleshooting tree. So users
are now able to troubleshoot printer issues
directly from print driver without having
to walk to the device. You get the same
information our Product Support Specialists
use when resolving printer problems,
assisting with error codes, print quality,
media jams, software installation, and
• TWAIN support. Scan images directly into
applications such as Microsoft® Word or
Adobe® PhotoShop® without the need for
a password.
• Customise your solutions. Xerox Extensible
Interface Platform® Serverless technology
allows creation of Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps
to run on diverged ConnectKey enabled
multifunction printers, without the need
for additional IT infrastructure. This allows
you to simplify and personalise the usability
of your device with a range of capabilities
from support applications to scanning.
• Fax Forward to Email or SMB (optional).
allows faxes to be forwarded to email
recipients or SMB sites.
• Unified Address Book. With ConnectKey
Technology, the WorkCentre 7220/7225
enables features like the enhanced address
book with favourites, which lets you
seamlessly import your existing contacts
and roll them out to multiple ConnectKey
enabled devices.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Remote Control Panel
Remotely operate the WorkCentre
7220/7225 control panel from any office
PC as though you were standing at the
device. The Remote Control Panel makes
it easier and more convenient to train
users and for IT staff to remotely view
and monitor the user interface. And
during a remote session, walk-up users
are notified at the device to prevent
simultaneous system changes. Plus,
advanced print drivers and free device
management tools let you remotely
monitor real-time performance and
available resources for greater uptime.
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
For the success of your business, it’s critical that sensitive information stays
protected. That’s why we deploy the most complete set of features, technologies,
and solutions from security-industry leaders that minimise risk by protecting
vulnerable access points and critical business information.
How the Xerox® WorkCentre™
7220/7225 Exceeds the Security
• Control the timing of your documents.
With Secure Print, there’s no need to worry
about confidential or private documents
being left in the output tray, open for
viewing or even taken by someone else.
• Protect your confidential information.
Sensitive data is safe with encrypted PDF
files for scanning and the WorkCentre
7220/7225 devices are compliant with the
256-bit AES FIPS 140-2 standard. Hard
drive image overwrite eradicates data
stored on the hard disk automatically, at
specific intervals, or on command and hard
disk encryption safeguards data while it's
• Secure email. WorkCentre 7220/7225
devices are compatible with mail service
providers such as Google and Yahoo so that
emails can be scanned to email securely.
• Permit only authorised users. Prevent
unauthorised access to the device by using
network authentication with or without
convenience authentication via Magstripe,
proximity and Smart card (CAC/PIV/.Net)
readers, Xerox® user permissions role-based
and function-level login and IP Filtering.
• Protect against threats. The WorkCentre
7220/7225 includes McAfee® technology
integration, resulting in the industry’s first
line up of multifunction printers that protect
themselves from potential outside threats.
McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures
only safe, pre-approved files or functions are
executed on your devices, minimising the
need to manually update software levels
against new security threats. Also, seamless
integration with the Xerox® Managed Print
Services toolset and McAfee ePolicy (ePO)
allows for easy tracking and monitoring.
Convenience Authentication
Xerox® multifunction printers built on
ConnectKey Technology can be upgraded
with optional solutions to deliver even
greater cost control capabilities. They
support many card reader technologies
that enable users to log into the device
using a proximity card, student ID or
security card, providing a secure method of
authentication, tracking usage and billing.
• Manage Policies. Automatic Cisco®
TrustSec Identity Services Engine (ISE)
integration provides comprehensive
visibility of all Xerox® ConnectKey® enabled
multifunction printers’ endpoints to enforce
IT-centric security policies and compliance.
• Stay compliant with regulations.
WorkCentre 7220/7225 devices comply
with the latest security standards across
industries, including government, finance
and healthcare. These include Common
Criteria, HIPAA, Data Protection Act, COBIT
and more. These devices can conform to
any standard, with controls available to
match your needs.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 2: Evaluating Work Group
Colour Multifunction Printers
Cost Control
Your business depends on keeping costs in check. With Xerox, you can gain
an important competitive advantage with innovative tools that help you save
time, control costs, simplify the way you manage printing in your office, and get a
significant return on your investment.
How the Xerox® WorkCentre™
7220/7225 Exceeds the Cost
Control Requirement
Control Costs
• Manage, track and report device usage.
Use Xerox® Standard Accounting tools to
control print quantities and charge-back
options. Advanced solutions from Xerox
Alliance Partners deliver even more helpful
tools for larger office environments.
• Customise your print driver settings for
economy and efficiency. For example,
choose N-up for printing multiple pages
on a single sheet as your default. Adjust
settings for specific applications, such as
always printing emails in black and white.
• Secure Print with timed deletion. With
this feature, users are required to enter
a passcode at the device to release the
job and documents not printed within a
set time will be deleted. That means less
documents are unnecessarily printed and
left at the device.
• Print responsibly. By default, our print
driver is set to two-sided printing.
Reduce Energy Consumption
• Energy Management. With Cisco
EnergyWise, enabled by Xerox® Power
Management Information Base (MIB),
you can control, manage and report your
device’s power consumption information,
and set optimal power states and timeout
• ENERGY STAR® qualified. WorkCentre
7220/7225 devices meet the stringent
ENERGY STAR requirements for energy use.
Keep your costs under control.
• EA Toner. Our EA Toner with ultra low
melt technology achieves minimum fusing
temperature at 20 degrees C lower than
conventional toner for even more energy
savings and brilliant glossy output even on
ordinary paper.
User Permissions allow the ability to restrict
access to print features by user, group,
time of day, or by application. For example,
all Microsoft® Outlook® emails can be set
to output automatically in duplex mode
and in black and white; and all PowerPoint®
presentations to print in colour.
• LED scanner. The power consumption
of the scanner using LED lighting is 1/3
of traditional scanners using fluorescent
Visit our website,
environment, to learn more about our
environmental stewardship efforts.
• Control colour output. Administrators can
limit users’ print output to black and white
only by applying this setting within the
• Reduce unclaimed prints. With the Hold
All Jobs Queue feature, jobs are printed only
when the user walks up to the device and
releases it.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 3: Configuration Summary, Product Specifications,
Finishing Options and Supplies and Support Resources
Configuration Summary
ConnectKey ®
The WorkCentre 7220/7225 Colour Multifunction Printer is built on Xerox® ConnectKey®
Technology. For more information, go to
Device Specifications
WorkCentre 7220
WorkCentre 7225
Up to 20 ppm colour and black and white
Up to 25 ppm colour and black and white
Duty Cycle1
Up to 50,000 pages / month
Up to 60,000 pages / month
Hard Drive / Processor / Memory
Minimum 160 GB / 1.2 GHz Dual-core / 2 GB system plus 1 GB page memory
10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 Direct Print, Optional Wi-Fi (with Wireless Connectivity Kit)
Controller Features
Unified Address Book, Remote Control Panel, Online Support (accessed from the user interface and print driver), Configuration Cloning
Copy and Print
Copy Resolution
Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Print Resolution
Up to 2400 x 600 image quality
First-copy-out Time (as fast as)
8.4 seconds colour / 7.1 seconds black and white from the Platen
8.7 seconds colour / 7.2 seconds black and white from the Platen
First-print-out Time (as fast as)
8.8 seconds colour / 7.0 seconds black and white
9.1 seconds colour / 7.1 seconds black and white
Page Description Languages
PCL® 5c / PCL 6, XML Paper Specification (XPS®), Adobe® PostScript® 3™ (Optional), PDF2
Print Features
Print from USB2, Earth Smart Driver Settings, Job Identification, Store and Recall Driver Settings, Bidirectional Real-time Status, Colour By Words3,
Application Defaults, Two-sided Printing (as default)
Mobile Printing
Apple AirPrint, Xerox® Mobile Print Solution (Optional), Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud (Optional), Xerox® PrintBack, Mopria™ Certified
Destinations: Scan to Mailbox; Scan to USB, Scan to Email, Scan to Network; File Formats: PDF, PDF/A, XPS, JPEG, TIFF; Convenience Features: Scan to Home,
Single Touch Scan, Searchable PDF, Single/Multi-Page PDF / XPS / TIFF, Encrypted / Password Protected PDF, Linearised PDF / PDF/A
Software Packages: ConnectKey® for SharePoint®, ConnectKey® for DocuShare®, ConnectKey® Share to Cloud, Xerox® Scan to PC Desktop® SE and Professional
Internet Fax, Fax Build Job, Network Server Fax Enablement
Fax Forward to Email or SMB, Walk-up Fax (one-line and two-line options, includes LAN Fax)
McAfee® Embedded, McAfee ePolicy (ePO) Compatible, Hard Drive Image Overwrite, HDD 256-bit Encryption (FIPS 140-2 compliant), Common Criteria
Certification (ISO 15408), Secure Print with Timed Deletion, Secure Fax, Secure Scan, Secure Email, Cisco® TrustSec Identity Services Engine (ISE) Integration,
Network Authentication, SSL, SNMPv3, Audit Log, Access Control Feature, User Permissions
McAfee Integrity Control, Smart Card Enablement Kit (CAC/PIV/.NET), Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System®
Xerox® Standard Accounting (Copy, Print, Scan, Fax, Email), Network Accounting Enablement
Equitrac Express®, Equitrac Office®, Equitrac Professional®, YSoft® SafeQ®
Paper Input
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder: 110 sheets; Sizes: 148 x 210 mm to 297 x 420 mm; Custom sizes: 85 x 125 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Bypass Tray: 50 sheets; Custom sizes: 89 x 98 mm to 297 x 432 mm
WorkCentre 7220V_S/7225V_S (Trays 1 and 2 with Stand): 520 sheets each; Sizes: A5 to A3; Custom sizes: 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
WorkCentre 7220V_T/7225V_T (Trays 1 – 4): 520 sheets each; Sizes: A5 to A3; Custom sizes: 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Envelope Tray: Up to 60 envelopes: DL, C5; Custom sizes: 98 x 148 mm to 162 x 241 mm
Paper Output /
Dual Catch Trays: 250-sheets each, Lower tray offsets
Integrated Office Finisher: 500-sheet stacker, 50 sheets stapled, single-position stapling
Office Finisher LX: 2,000-sheet stacker, 50 sheets stapled, 3-position stapling, optional hole-punch, optional booklet maker (score, saddle stitch)
Convenience Stapler: staples 50 sheets
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis; 2 PostScript option is required to print PDFs or PostScript files from a thumb drive.
Only available in the optional Adobe® PostScript® 3™ driver.
Go to for more detailed specifications and capabilities.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 3: Configuration Summary, Product Specifications,
Finishing Options and Supplies and Support Resources
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Operating Systems
Operating Systems
(PostScript Kit required)
Media Handling
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder
Bypass Tray
Trays 1 and 2 with Stand
(WorkCentre 7220V_S / 7225V_S)
Trays 1-4
(WorkCentre 7220V_T / 7225V_T)
Envelope Tray
(Optional – Replaces Tray 1)
Operating Environment
Required Temperature Range
Required Relative Humidity
Sound Power Levels
Sound Pressure Levels
Microsoft® Windows® XP (32- and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2003 (32- and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2008 (32- and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2012
Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)
Windows 8.1 (32- and 64-bit)
AS400 (PCL output only)
Mac OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
PowerPC AIX 5
Solaris® 9, 10
Solaris SPARC 10
HP-UX® 11v2
Redhat® Fedora® Core 15-17, 19 x86
Redhat Enterprise 4 and 5
openSUSE® 11 and 12
Ubuntu® 12, 10 x64
Itanian HP-UX 11i v3
Capacity: 110 sheets
Custom sizes: A5 to A3
Weights: 60 to 216 gsm
Capacity: 50 sheets
Custom sizes: 89 x 98 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Weights: 50 gsm to 128 gsm
Capacity: 520 sheets each
Custom Sizes from 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Weights: 60 to 256 gsm
Capacity: Trays 1-4: 520 sheets each
Custom Sizes from 140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Weights: 60 to 256 gsm
Capacity: Up to 60 envelopes
Sizes: DL, C5
Custom sizes: 98 x 148 mm to 162 x 241 mm
Weights: 75 to 90 gsm
10° to 28° C
15% to 85%
Operating 6.96 LwAd (B), Standby: 4.26 LwAd (B)
Operating: 52 LpAm (dBA), Standby: 26.7 LpAm (dBA)
Voltage: 220-240 VAC +/- 10%
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz +/- 3%, 10 A
Base Configuration
With Integrated Office Finisher
With Office Finisher LX
(with Booklet Maker)
585 mm
585 mm
1,164 mm
640 mm
640 mm
651 mm
1,132 mm
1,132 mm
1,132 mm
117 kg
129 kg
145 kg
FCC Class A Compliant (US), ICES Class A Compliant (Canada)
CSA Listed (UL 60950-1, Second Edition)
GS Mark
Blue Angel
CE Marked
Common Criteria (IEEE 2600.2 standard)
Citrix Certified
IPv6 Ready
To view the latest list of certifications, go to
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 3: Configuration Summary, Product Specifications,
Finishing Options and Supplies and Support Resources
Finishing Options and Supplies
Finishing Options
Integrated Office Finisher
Office Finisher LX
Booklet Maker (for Office Finisher LX)
•Basic finishing that can be
integrated into the internal catch
tray of the Xerox® WorkCentre™
7220/7225 without requiring
more space
• 2,000-sheet stacking
•Up to 40 booklets (2-15 sheets per
booklet – 80 gsm or less)
• 500-sheet stacking
•50-sheet multiposition stapling
•Optional hole punching
•Saddle-stitch Stapling – 2-15 sheets /
8 – 60 page booklet; 60 to 90 gsm
•Optional Booklet Maker (score/
crease, saddle stitch)
•Score/Crease – 1-15 sheets / unstapled
Convenience Stapler
(Work Surface
•Staples 50 sheets
(based on 75 gsm)
•50-sheet single-position stapling
Toner Cartridges (Sold)
Staple Cartridges
22,000 pages1
15,000 pages 1
15,000 pages 1
15,000 pages 1
for Integrated Office Finisher, Office Finisher LX and Convenience Stapler
(1 cartridge per carton)
5,000 each cartridge
for Office Finisher LX Booklet Maker (8 cartridges per carton)
2,000 each cartridge
Staple Refills
for Integrated Office Finisher, Office Finisher LX and Convenience Stapler
(3 refills per carton)
5,000 each refill
Xerox® Smart Kit®
7220: 67,000 pages2
7225: 74,500 pages2
7220: 51,000 pages2
7225: 54,500 pages2
7220: 51,000 pages2
7225: 54,500 pages2
7220: 51,000 pages2
7225: 54,500 pages2
Waste Toner Container
1 Cartridge
33,000 pages3
Fuser Module
220 Volt
100,000 pages
Second Bias Transfer Roll
1 Assembly
200,000 pages
Transfer Belt
1 Assembly
200,000 pages
Drum Cartridge
ssumptions: Toner cartridge yield is based on 5% area coverage on A4 LEF. Toner yield can vary due to many factors, including but not limited to, image area coverage, image content, media size, run mode,
application types, monthly print volumes and image quality setpoints.
Average drum yield is based on a run length of 5 pages of A4 LEF pages, with split of 30% colour / 70% black and white pages.
Waste Toner Container yield will vary depending on type of image, area coverage % and Job run length.
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Section 3: Configuration Summary, Product Specifications,
Finishing Options and Supplies and Support Resources
Support Resources
Unrivalled Service and Support
Imaging and Output Management Services
Additional Information Sources
Behind every Xerox product is a large
network of customer support that’s unrivalled
in the industry and available when you need
it. Xerox service professionals use leadingedge technologies to keep you up and
running. They’re even linked to the engineers
who designed your product, so you can be
confident when you choose Xerox. In addition,
genuine Xerox® supplies are always readily
• Output Management – Single point of
management of office output from all
output devices, regardless of manufacturer
WorkCentre 7220/7225 Front Panel:
Xerox® Office Services Support
Asset Management Services
• Asset Optimisation and Tracking – Process
and tools to optimise an enterprise’s office
output infrastructure and reduce hard costs
• Break-Fix Management – Single point of
ownership and management for breakfix service of all brands of office output
devices, regardless of manufacturer
• Supplies Management – Process and
tools to procure, monitor and replenish all
document-related supplies proactively
• Image Capture and Workflow –
Cost-efficient solutions for capturing,
managing, retrieving and distributing
information into digital repositories
• The front panel offers tools and information
pages to help with machine set-up, feature
selections, operational problems, media
feed and supply issues.
Customer Documentation:
• Installation Guide
Support Services
• Technology Procurement and Deployment
– A creative and flexible end-to-end print/
computer product acquisition solution that
uses a single-point-of-contact model while
lowering the total cost of acquisition
• Quick Use Guide
• Software and Documentation CD-ROM
On the Web:
Visit for:
• Help Desk Services – A broad range of
enterprise services, managed through a
centralised single point of contact and
delivered through either an on-site or offsite model
• Product, supplies, and support information
• End User Services – Microsoft software
implementation, IT project consulting, and
customer education
Visit for:
• Downloading drivers
• Finding your local reseller
• Online documentation
Support and service information, including the
same troubleshooting Knowledge Base used
by Xerox Customer Support staff to provide
the latest technical information on:
• Application issues
• Errors
• Print-quality issues
• Troubleshooting
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
Xerox® WorkCentre™ 7220/7225 Evaluator Guide
For more detailed specifications, go to
Return spent imaging supplies through the Xerox® Green World Alliance collection/reuse/
recycling programme. For more information, visit
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