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9 Volt Battery Powered
Photoelectric Type Residential
Smoke Alarm
The Gentex 913 Series Smoke Alarm is a 9 Volt battery photoelectric type
smoke alarm for use as an evacuation device in residential applications.
Each alarm has a solid state 90 dBA piezo signal in temporal pattern to warn
and alert the household to the presence of threatening smoke and to
evacuate the building.
The photoelectric alarm is designed to detect the smoke that results from
an actual fire. Consequently, it is uncommon for a household smoke such as
cigarette smoke or normal cooking to cause an alarm.
The 913 Series is engineered to virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and
deliver outstanding performance wherever reliable fire protection is required.
The 913 Series provides an exclusive patented three position test
feature that simulates 0.85% and 3.5% actual smoke conditions in full
compliance with UL 217 standards. It also provides a maintenance
indicator and makes the 100% testing requirement easy.
Standard Features
l 90 dBA Solid-State Non-Latching
Temporal 3 Pattern
l One Year Warrenty From Date
of Purchse
l Nominal 2.5% Sensitivity
l 5 to 1 Signal to Noise Ratio
l Pulsing LED Sensing Chamber
l Fully Insect Screened
l Functional Test Switch
Patented Three Position Test
UL 217
l Mounting Hardware
l 9 Volt Battery
l Solid State LED Condition
l Dust Cover to Prevent
Contamination During Installation
l On Site Maintenance Washing
l Wall or Ceiling Mountable
How it Works
The 913 Series smoke alarm operates on the photoelectric light scatter principle. The unit's sensing chamber houses a
light source and a light sensor. The darkened sensing chamber is exposed to the atmosphere and designed to permit
optimum smoke entry from any direction while rejecting light from outside the alarm. The light source is an infrared
(invisible) LED which pulses every 8 seconds. The light sensor is a photodiode matched to the light frequency of the LED
light source.
Under normal conditions, the light generated by the pulsing infrared LED is seen by the light sensor, as it is positioned
out of the direct path of the light beam. When smoke enters the sensing chamber, light from the pulsing LED light source is
reflected by the smoke particles onto the photodiode light sensor. At the first sighting of smoke, the alarm is put into a
prealarm mode. This is indicated by the rapidly flashing LED on the face of the alarm. Once the light sensor confirms smoke
for 2 consecutive pulses inside the chamber, the light sensor produces the signal necessary to trigger the alarm.
This technique of verifying the smoke condition, combined with a 5 to 1 noise ration, substantially reduces the
possibility of nuisance alarms.
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