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For 3 to 8 Players
Who Like To Have Fun
The "official" object of the game is to most accurately
portray and guess different moods by remembering the
old adage "It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it." Which
basically means you’ll be acting crazed, arrogant, triumphant, or any number of other moods. It also means you’ll
be trying to guess moods others are portraying. Be the
first player to reach the Finish space and win the game. But
the real object is just to have a good time.
Game Assembly
Open the box. Oh wait, you must have done this already
to get to these rules. Take the label sheet (oooh, colors)
and carefully peel off the labels and apply them to the
Voting Chips of the same color. You will have 4 green
chips numbered 1 to 4, 4 red chips numbered 1 to 4, 4
blue chips numbered 1 to 4, etc. Easy so far. Now remove
the plastic from the card decks. That’s it! You are now
ready to play MOODS.
faceup on each of the 10
spaces on the gameboard.
Put the remaining cards
facedown in a pile to the
side of the board within
reach of all players. This
will be the draw pile. Any
played cards should be
placed faceup next to the
draw pile. This is your discard
pile. Should you run out of Mood cards during the
game, shuffle the discard pile to create a new draw pile.
• Take the box of Phrase cards and place the box within
easy reach of all players. Cards will be drawn from the
front of the box. After a card has been read, return it to
the back of the box.
• The person whose birthday is closest to the
current day goes first (ties should be settled by a quick
game of rock/scissors/paper or perhaps arm wrestling).
Here’s how your turn works.
Put the 10-sided die in the dice cup. Turn the cup
over on the table so the die is trapped. Ever
so sneakily, secretly look at the number on the die.
Find the mood on the board that matches this
number. This is the mood you will
portray. Get in the mood. Find the character. Seek your
motivation! For the remainder of the turn you are this
moody person.
• Put the gameboard in the center of the play area.
• Each player selects a color and takes the Mood Stone and
the four Voting Chips that match that color. Everyone puts
their Mood Stone on the START space on the scoring track.
• Take the Mood cards and shuffle them.
You rolled an 8, you must become a zany person.
ow draw a Phrase card from
the box. You will be reading
this phrase as the
moody person. Take a
deep breath and read
the phrase out loud.
Although you should
get into the performance, try to limit arm
movements or other "acting" traits (like hitting
someone next to
you to show anger). It’s mostly
the face and voice. We’re all
amateur actors here so if you
really blow it, other players may
request a repeat performance. You
give two shows only.
ow all other players have a chance to vote.
Each person scans the board to
figure out what mood you portrayed. Here is
where strategy comes in. How confident you
are with your guess will determine which chip
you will use to cast your vote.
If you are correct, you move your Mood Stone
ahead the number of spaces shown on your
chip. See The Voting Chips
section for more details.
fter everyone has their Voting Chips in hand,
you, as the moody person, call out "1, 2, 3
VOTE!" All players slap their chips down on the
Mood card that they are
voting for. Watch out for wafflers or people who
try to change their vote at the last minute. If
someone is flagrantly voting late in order to figure out where the crowd is going, you have the
right as the moody person, to move them back
one space on the scoring track.
fter all the votes are cast, you, as
the moody person, reveal what the correct
answer is by lifting the dice cup and showing the number on the die. All players who
voted correctly move their Mood Stone
ahead the number showing on their chips.
Those who voted incorrectly remain where
they are. You, as the moody person, get to
move forward the number of spaces equal
to the total number of correct votes.
For example, player 2
voted correctly by placing
his 4 chip on the correct
Mood card and moves forward 4 spaces. Player 3
voted incorrectly by placing
her 3 chip on the incorrect
Mood card and must stay
where she is. Player 1, as the
person, would move forward
1 space for the 1 cor- rect vote. Remember, the
moody person moves ahead by the total number of
chips on the correct Mood card, not by the point value
of the chips.
fter all scoring is taken care of, you, as the moody
person have one last job. Take all of
the Mood cards that have Voting Chips on
them (right or wrong) and remove them from
the board and place them in the discard pile. Any
chips that are on these cards go to the Voting Chip
discard pile which can be created on any open spot
on the board (don’t worry, those chips come back
later, see The Voting Chips). Draw the needed Mood
cards to fill all the empty spaces. If you’ve run out of
shuffle the discard pile and create a new
draw pile.
Play then passes to the left. Give this person
the die and dice cup, along with the box of Phrase
The Voting Chips
Players start with four Voting Chips, numbered 1 through
4. You must use all four of these chips before you get any
back. So, let’s say you use your 2 chip first. It goes into the
discard pile. Then you use your 3 chip. It goes away. Then
your 1 chip. All you have left is your 4 chip. If the person
whose turn it is really does a bad job reading, you are
forced to use your 4 chip to vote for this lame-o. Oops.
Once you use your fourth and last chip in voting, take
them all back from the discard pile.
A person wins when, after scoring, they are on the Finish
space. More than one person may do this on the same
turn. They all win. Isn’t that nice?
Hints and Tips
• Be broad with your mood. Don’t be "kind of angry" or
"vaguely nervous". Be "extremely angry" and "very nervous."
• Have fun.
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