FAQ: CSBG IS Survey FY 2017 Microsoft Access Database

FAQ: CSBG IS Survey FY 2017 Microsoft Access Database
1. Q: When I open the database and see a yellow strip asking me to enable content, what should I do?
A: Click “Enable Content”.
2. Q: I keep getting an error message when I try to enter comments and the database stops functioning,
so I have to quit. What do I do?
A: The database doesn't currently allow you to enter comments for an agency until there is data
entered in the form for that specific section or NPI. Please fill out the form completely with all the data
you wish to enter. Then, if you want to enter notes or comments regarding this data, you will need to
click off the data entry form and then return to it before entering your comments. If you do not click
out of the current page where you have entered data before attempting to enter a comment, the
Database will freeze and the information will not save. If an agency has no data to report but you
would like to enter a comment or a note, you can enter a zero in any data box in the specific section or
NPI and move off the form to a different section or menu. Returning to the data entry form will then
allow you to enter a comment.
3. Q: When the CSBG IS Survey database requests comment on "significant changes" in data from year
to year, what is a "significant change"?
A: We generally recommend a comment for variances over 99% and the database itself will flag
variances between a +300% and -75% change between years. However, when the numbers are very
small this is a less helpful guideline so you can use your discretion in those situations.
4. Q: When is my database due to NASCSP?
A: The database must be submitted to NASCSP no later than March 31, 2018.
5. Q: Which parts of the Section B Eligible Entities List are pre-filled and which parts are blank?
A: The Agency name, Acronym, and Address are prefilled. You can edit any of this information if it has
changed since last reported. The DUNS number, Agency Type, the checkbox noting if the agency in
question is also a CAA, the checkbox noting if the agency in question is no longer being reported, the
FY2017 Regular CSBG Allocation and the FY2017 Discretionary CSBG Allocation are all blank and must
be filled in manually.
6. Q: What is this checkbox that says CAA?
A: The checkbox noting if the agency in question is also a CAA is a critical part of the Section B Eligible
Entities List! Please make sure you check this box if you have selected something other than “Private
CAA” – we use this data to make sure our numbers are unduplicated for a final count and to make sure
the data that shows up in your Section B pre-filled agency information section is correct. So, for
example, if you have selected “Local Government” from the drop down above, and the agency is ALSO
a CAA, check the box. If it is a non-CAA entity, don’t check the box.
Updated 12/27/2016
National Association for State Community Services Programs
7. Q: Is it possible to edit the State Contact Information after initially entering it?
A: No, you cannot edit the information after entering it. Please enter carefully. If corrections are
necessary, please contact NASCSP.
8. Q: Does the Database support multiple users?
A: No, only one person can use the database at a time. This is a limitation of Access and not decided by
9. Q: How do I ensure that the data I’ve entered is saved in the Database?
A: The Database will automatically save the data entered. In order to make sure the information you’ve
entered is saved, we recommend you click to a new tab or move to a new form before closing the
10. Q: Is there a PDF or Word version of the T/TA Survey available?
A: You can print preview and print a blank copy of the T/TA Survey. Go to the “Main Menu”, click on
“Print/Preview Reports”, click on “Print Sections A-G Reports Menu”, locate the “Preview T/TA Survey”
button on the bottom right and open a blank copy before entering data into the actual survey.
11. Q: What is the difference between the gray and white boxes in the data entry forms?
A: The gray boxes are automatically calculated or prefilled and the white boxes require you to manually
enter in data.
12. Q: Why are some screens green and others blue?
A: The blue screens are data entry forms, and the green screens are data comparison forms. You
cannot edit data in the green comparison forms, only the blue data entry forms.
13. Q: What version of Access is used for this database?
A: The database should be backwards compatible and work in Access 2003 and 2007, but it was built
using Access 2010, the version that NASCSP has.
14. Q: Will entering a 0 (zero) in one of the NPIs to add a comment populate that agency in the total
number of agencies reporting (in the agency breakdown reports, for example)?
A: In this database we attempted to restrict counting in the Reports to only agencies reporting data
greater than zero. If you find any inconsistencies, please let us know.
15. Q: What is the FY2017 measure of CSBG eligible entity administrative efficiency per HHS guidelines?
In other words, why is the admin percentage flagged at 20%?
A: HHS’s administrative efficiency goal for their programs is set at 16%. NASCSP flags agency level
administration percentages at and over 20% to ensure that the network meets the 16% administrative
standard. The most recently published report can be viewed at:
National Association for State Community Services Programs
16. Q: Do I have the ability to print the Comparison Analysis Screen?
A: Yes, this capacity is built into the Database. To print, go to the “Main Menu”, click on “Print/Preview
Reports”, and select the information or reports you want to print.
17. Q: In Section G, Item 11, does the database expect the sum of NO and YES to be equal to the total
number of customers served? If so, how do you account for people who did not report Health
Insurance status, or whose status is unknown or was not collected?
A: Section G does not require the totals to be equal to the number of individuals served, but it should
not be greater than it. It only turns red if it's greater than the total number of individuals served, per
Items 3+4.
18. Q: Do the comments I enter in the blue data entry forms transfer automatically into the comments
section in the green data comparison screen and vice versa?
A: Yes.
19. Q: Where can I find a list of all the issues that the preliminary data cleaning report checks?
A: The document can be downloaded via the link included in the database under the “Resources”
Download PDF