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Allied Telesis Đleri Düzey QoS özelliklere sahip Layer 3+
Fast Ethernet Switch Ürününü Duyurdu
1U yüksekliğe sahip AT-x900-48FS, performans, güvenilirlik ve esneklik
özelliklerini bir arada sunuyor.
Chiasso, Switzerland. 19 July 2007 – Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure
IP/Ethernet access solutions and an industry leader in the deployment of IP Triple
Play networks over copper and fiber access infrastructures, today announced the
launch of the AT-x900-48FS, a new advanced Layer 3 switch. The high-density
device with a low cost per port is ideal for both Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and
Fiber To The Desk (FTTD) applications and comes with an unusually rich feature
set, including 48 100FX SFP ports and 4 1000FX SFP uplinks. With a next
generation switching core for wirespeed IPv4 and IPv6 routing, the AT-x90048FS is supplied with several functions that ensure service and resilience are
paramount. These range from AC or DC hot swappable power supplies and bestin-class Quality of Service (QoS) to a robust hardware design with extended
operating temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F).
Policy-based Quality of Service Feature Set
Allied Telesis’ new AT-x900-48FS is delivered with extensive QoS features
operating at wirespeed. Along with twin-rate three-level metering, these include
flow-based traffic management with full classification, prioritization, traffic shaping
and minimum/maximum bandwidth profiles. The AT-x900-48FS is ideal for
Network Service Providers (NSPs) delivering premium voice, video and data
services, as well as for enterprise customers wanting to guarantee the
performance of their business-critical applications and maximize uptime.
Reliability and Low Space Requirement
With front-to-back cooling, Allied Telesis’ powerful new AT-x900-48FS switch is
only one rack unit high, making it perfect for demanding, high-density
environments where space is at a premium. Further space savings are provided
by the dual hot swappable power supplies, which eliminate the need for an
external redundant power supply. With support for Ethernet Protected Switched
Ring (EPSR), the device provides rapid failover in ring-based network topologies.
Its tolerance for operating temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F) enable it to
continue delivering exceptional performance, whether it is installed in a central
office or in a roadside cabinet.
Future-proof Performance
With wirespeed switching on all ports, the AT-x900-48FS switch features four hot
swappable Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports that can be aggregated to deliver 4Gbps
of bandwidth. As it can support any combination of Gigabit copper and short and
long-haul fiber SFP modules, it is flexible enough to adapt to companies’ and
NSPs’ changing needs over time. It also offers IPv6 routing along with a choice of
SFP interfaces to ensure a long lifecycle and low total cost of ownership. With
support for up to 4k VLANs and VLAN double tagging, the AT-x900-48FS
enables NSPs and enterprise network engineers to maximize the number of
customers or users per switch.
“Our new AT-x900-48FS delivers power and intelligence to the network edge
while being robust and flexible enough for a wide range of applications and
connectivity needs,” said Melvyn Wray, Allied Telesis’ Senior Vice-
President of Marketing in EMEA. “Whether for security and budgetconscious companies and government departments, or NSPs delivering Triple
Play content, its reliability and QoS features make it a perfect fit for all FTTH and
FTTD needs.”
By-directional Fiber
To support the AT-x900-48FS, Allied Telesis is also launching the AT-SPFXBDLC-13 and AT-SPFXBD-LC-15 100Mbps Bi-Directional SFP modules with
Transmit=1310nm and Receive =1550nm (and visa versa). Up to 48 of these
optical modules can be installed into the switch, providing ISPs with a linear payas-you-grow upgrade path, whilst allowing single fiber deployment on each port
of the switch. Allied Telesis already deliver a wide range of single Bi-Directional
fiber based intelligent Multiservice Gateways (iMGs) for Triple Play (VoIP, video
and data) installations at the remote end of the fiber.
About Allied Telesis
Founded in 1987, Allied Telesis is a member of the Allied Telesis Group, a global
provider of secure IP/Ethernet access solutions and an industry leader in the deployment
of IP Triple Play networks over copper and fiber access infrastructure. Our POTS-to-10G
iMAP integrated Multiservice Access Platform and iMG intelligent Multiservice Gateways,
in conjunction with advanced switching, routing, IPv6 compliant and WDM-based
transport solutions, enable public and private network operators and service providers of
all sizes to deploy scalable, and carrier-grade networks for the cost-effective delivery of
packet-based voice, video and data services.
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