30350‐01 A Installation of the USB cable allows future software updates without disassembly of the bed. The flash drive from inside the timer box is moved to the end of the cable outside the bed. The USB cable will be installed on the foot end of the bed as shown. A closer view of the USB Cable installed. Remove outer white plastic cover from body fan and feed cable through the wire hole. USB cable clip and self drilling screw. (no need to drill a hole first with this screw) Allow enough length so that the flash drive can by swung up and placed onto the acrylic so that it can be accessed when needed for programming. USB Cable Page 1 of 2 30350‐01 A View from the other side of the pedestal. Notice the USB cable coming through the hole of the pedestal and then into the Timer Box. View from inside the timer box. First remove cover from timer box, and then plug the cable in here. Page 2 of 2 
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