Microscopy from Carl Zeiss
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Universal Microscope System
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The Versatile Platform
for Digital Imaging
Axioplan 2 imaging
The Ultimate
The Light Trap
We start a new millennium and also enter
a new age of microscope technology - the
Higher contrast comes from innovative design.
age of digital microscopy. As with all major
Axioplan 2 imaging features the patented
milestones in the history of microscopy, Carl
Light Trap technology that minimizes the inter-
Zeiss is at the forefront leading the digital
ference of stray light and increases contrast in
the final image.
To meet the challenges of this new age, we ••
Combine this with improved transmission of an
set out to create not just a new microscope
optimized reflected light path and the option
but a flexible microscope system designed
of a chromatically corrected collector lens and
for the future. A unique solution with great
brilliant fluorescence images are guaranteed.
flexibility that can be tailored to your application.
Eight: ways to perfection
A microscope controlled by computer, with
images captured and stored by computer,
With eight filter positions in the newly designed
that communicates with other computers - a
turret the full 25 mm field of view is not
truely digital microscope from start to finish.
compromised. A combination
of filter sets,
and other accessories to fit the
turret are readily available.
The ultimate microscope should offer optimum
Fast changeover with
fluorescence image quality. Only innovative
"Push and Click" filter cubes
mechanical design in synergy with precision
optical components can achieve this.
With so many options to choose from, flexibility
To create the best fluorescence images it
is the key. Filter sets can be quickly removed or
is essential to maximize contrast, increase
added to the turret using the newly designed
transmission across the spectrum, and maximize
Push and Click filter cubes. No more screws,
the stability of the system for use with multiple
no problems with alignment: the mechanism
ensures the filters are held securely in place and
are correctly positioned.
conventional cube design
new design with light trap
Axioplan 2 imaging
The Digital Imaging Platform
Stay in control with Axiovision
Your partners are our partners
To obtain the best from a digital microscope
When specialist software partners are needed
precise control
The motorized
in dedicated applications your partners are our
Axioplan 2 imaging is provided with a basic
partners. The open architecture of the Axioplan 2
is needed.
imaging allows for easy linking of software
graphical user interface. All functions of the
packages from other suppliers. Many software
microscope can be read and driven through this
providers, both MAC and PC, are already
prepared to run the Axioplan 2 within their
Being easy to
operate and user friendly is essential, particularly
where the system is for a multi-user environment. Each user can save the 20 most frequent
The choice is yours
microscope settings and simply activate them
by pushing a function key. Reproducibility at a
Of course the
choice remains with you.
Axioplan 2 imaging is available in motorized or
Axiovision provides an extension from the simple
manual versions. With the motorized stand, you
front-end interface. It is the basis for image cap-
can select which functions you want motorized.
ture, image processing, archiving and annotation.
On the motorized configuration you can operate
Extend this a step further with modules for full
the system through the software or through the
image processing and analysis. Then still further
microscope stand button controls. Full manual
with the addition of a motorized stage for fully
control is always possible. Of course the motorized
automatic control of the microscope system for
Axioplan 2 imaging is the perfect platform for
3-D visualisation, deconvolution, single or multi
confocal microscopy. Flexibility in design gives
you the flexibility of use.
imaging, and time lapse studies.
Precise, reliable, reproducible: perfect images
and accurate results every time.
General ) Transmitted light Reflected Irght stage XAVZ |
Excitation Filter:
1 ..
AxioVision Control
for choice of
contrast methods
General | Transmitted Sght j Reflected light j StageXAVZ |
100 % Oull.lt
Plan-Neofluai 1.25x0.04
AxioVision Control
for changing objectives
and light paths
at a keystroke:
Select all
microscope settings
High resolution
digital camera
imaging tube
8 positit
with Light Trap
without: Film
Add AxioCam to your Axioplan 2 imaging for
digital photography at its best. Capture your image
instantly and at the highest resolution. AxioCam
offers scaleable resolution up to 3900 by 3090
pixels (without interpolation) making the image files
suitable for publications, for appending to notes,
workbooks or records.
AxioCam is the perfect digital choice for brightfield
and DIC and performs exceptionally well for single
and multi-channel fluorescence imaging. Combine
AxioCam, AxioVision, and Axioplan 2 imaging
for a complete digital solution.
Fool Proof and
Future Proof
Mounting cameras on the Axioplan 2 imaging is
simple. A range of binocular phototubes, including
the Axiophot 2, along with the port replicator, and
the addition of more cameras, makes the system
further expandable and "future proof".
The multi-imaging tube* with twin ports offers XYZ
positioning for the camera to ensure perfect overlay
of images in all three planes, removing the need for
further electronic enhancement to correct the picture.
Motorized switching between viewing and the two
imaging positions makes for truly automatic control
of image capture and processing at the press of a
button through a Zeiss image analysis package.
IC5 Optics:
Limited only by the Laws of Physics
No matter whether resolution, transmission or working distance is the most important factor
for your application, there are ICS objectives to meet your requirements.
The all rounders:
If flexibility and a wide range of techniques are to be employed, the universal
semi-apochromatic Plan-Neofluars are the answer. With transmission down
to the near UV, achromatic correction, good working distances, low strain
and high numerical apertures, they are ideal for brightfield, darkfield, phase
contrast, polarized light, DIG and fluorescence. High contrast makes them
perfect for capturing sharp clear images for post processing and subsequent
The photon collectors:
The Fluar range is customized for maximum transmission and photon collection. Built from special optical glasses, these objectives have high numerical
apertures and high contrast,
ensuring the greatest transmission of light
through the visible range to below 340 nm. For the ultimate in detection
sensitivity the Fluars are your best choice.
The immersion specialists:
For preparations involving living specimens, and for wet mount preparations,
high performance objectives need to have compensating optics to cope
with the differing refractive indices of media and their relative volumes.
The C-Apochromat objectives with their long working distances, and the
Plan-Neofluar multi-immersion objectives accommodate these demanding
applications. Correction collars for immersion medium, presence or absence
of cover slip, or immersion volume allow adjustment to give the best image.
The imaging experts:
Combining the best color correction with the highest numerical apertures
ensures the ultimate resolution and image clarity. The Plan-Apochromats
bring together the full spectrum for added sharpness and differentiation
of subtlety of color. With the highest numerical apertures they give the
ultimate brightfield and DIC images and offer excellent performance in
Human endothelial cells,
Nucleus (Dapi),
"Von Willebrand Faktor" (Cy 3),
Actin (Alexa Green),
Dr. J. Zbiiren,
Inselspital Bern.
KM-H2 cell line
(Hodgkin's Lymphoma),
Multispectral FISH,
SpectraVysion (Vysis),
Dr. KM. Greulich,
Dr. R. MacLeod,
DSMZ Braunschweig.
Human chromosomes,
Multicolor FISH,
ISIS 3 (MetaSystems),
Dr. I. Chudoba,
MetaSystems, Altlussheim.
Oocyte with meiotic spindle
with chromosomes,
Transmitted light pol,
Chromosomes (Hoechst 33342),
Dr. R.E. Palazzo,
The University of Kansas.
Comfort and Convenience
Great care has been taken in the design of the
Axioplan 2 imaging to ensure maximum user
^4i ^
comfort and convenience. For ease of use,
essential controls fall directly to hand, while less
frequently adjusted functions are made "tamper
proof" by an adjustment key.
Axioplan 2 imaging:
an extension of you
A new ergonomic stage with ceramic coating for
longer life, adjustable tension of the XY controls
and length adjustable low-mounted coaxial stage
drive ensures comfortable strain-free operation.
Ergonomic binocular tubes, adjustable for angle,
provide the best head, neck and upper back
positioning. No pain in the neck, good ergonomic
design solves the problem.
Height adjustable
ergonomic tube
for comfortable
viewing position.
allignments assure
Fluorescence images on monitor:
Telecopic stage [>
with adjustable
Front Cover: Dr. Frank Oliver Glockner,
Max-Planck-Institut fur marine Mikrobiologie, Bremen.
Overview image inside brochure, page 5:
Dr. J. Waters Shuler, Wake Forest University,
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