Mainboard Diagram
E-IDE Devices
S-ATA Devices
AGP Slots
PCI Express x16
Memory DIMMs
32-bit PCI Slots
PCI Express x1
10/100 LAN Ports
Serial Ports
Parallel Ports
PS / 2 Connectors
D-sub 15-pin Connector
Gigabit LAN Ports
AC 97’ Multi-Ch Audio
USB 2.0 Connectors
Feature and Benefits
Socket 754 AMD® Athlon64® Processor with Hyper Transport Technology Supported
Advanced platform which meets the world’s most famous 3D games DOOM 3 with the 64-bit
computing ready AMD® Athlon64 Processors with Hyper Threading Technology for the next
generation demanding usage of Home Networking and Game Enthusiasts.
ATI RADEON® XPRESS 200 Northbridge and ULi M1573 Southbridge Chipsets
The RADEON® XPRESS 200 brings both stunning 3D graphics and universal connectivity in a
chipset design that provides exceptional value for the high performance. The new chipset can
effortlessly scale from everyday multimedia applications to high-definition 3D gaming. The
RADEON® XPRESS 200 is the first chipset solution in the market with a DirectX™ 9.0 graphics core
that is a derivative of RADEON® X300.
OC-CON high-polymer solid electrolysis aluminum capacitors embedded
The working temperature is from 55 degrees Centigrade below zero to 125 degrees Centigrade,
OC_CON capacitors possess superior physical characteristics that can be while reducing the working
temperature between 20 degrees Centigrade each time, intact extension 10 times of effective product
operation lives, at not rising degrees Centigrade of working temperatures each time a relative one, life of
product decline 10% only too.
Share Memory Size up to 128MB
With sharing the system memory from 32MB up to 128MB for the usage of integrated graphics.
The flexibilities are ready for the optimal graphic performance of the DirectX™ 9.0 supported integrated
ATI RADEON® X300 graphics core.
PCI Express Buses
The PCI Express x16 graphics delivers up to 4 GB/s per direction, 3.5 times more bandwidth than
AGP8X and up to 8 GB/s concurrent bandwidth. PCI Express x1 I/O offers 500 MB/s concurrently,
over 3.5 times more bandwidth than PCI at 133 MB/s, tackling the most demanding multimedia tasks
Pro Magic Plus System Recovery Software Embedded
Restore important data back right away, allowing your system to be operated under a safe environment.
This amazing software not only provides convenient instant restoration, but also brings data back to the
preferred state at any specific time point as you wish. Moreover, it combines several other functions
such as anti-virus, backup software, uninstall software, multi-booting etc. to satisfy your needs of all
sorts of system protections. No more worries on new virus or system failure!
32-bit PCI Slots
High Definition Audio
Target Market
Suggested Sales Channel
█ DIY █ SI □ Tender
End User Application
█ Home □ Business █ Power User
PCI Express x1
Market Directive
█ New Generation □ Replace ___________
PCI Express x16
K8 754
Sample: Ready
Mass Production: Ready
ULi 1573
Rare I / O
ATX 20-pin PW
Connectors Connector Connector
Mainboard Specifications
Socket 754 FSB 800 MHz AMD® Athlon™64 Processor With HyperTransport Technology
ATI RS480 North Bridge Chipset + ULi M1573 South Bridge Chipset
2 * 184-pin DIMM Sockets for unbuffered Dual DDR 400 / 333 / 266 SDRAM up to 2 GB
Expansion Slots
2 * 32-bit PCI Slots, 2* PCI Express x1, and 1* PCI Express x16
4 * Ultra DMA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33
Supports 4 * Serial ATA With RAID 0, 1, 0+1
Realtek ALC880 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC (AZALIA
Ethernet LAN
Realtek 8100C 10 / 100 PCI LAN
Embedded 8 * High Speed USB @ 480 Mbit / s
Special Features
Advanced Power Design that supports AMD® Athlon™64 Processor
Audio CODEC)
Support “HyperT” Tune and “HyperV” Tune functions for optimizing your personal computing demands
Rare Panel I / O
4 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s
1 * Parallel Connector
1 * Serial Port / 1 * D-sub 15-pin VGA connector
1 * PS / 2 Mouse & 1 * PS/2 Keyboard
1 * RJ45 Connector
1 * Audio I / O
Internal I / O
2 * High Speed USB Connectors @ 480 Mbit / s for 4 USB 2.0 Ports
CPU / Chassis Fan Connectors
1 * 12V 4-pin ATX Power Connector and 1 * 20-pin ATX Power Connector
CD / AUX Audio in
Award 4 MB Flash ROM
Form Factor
Micro ATX Form Factor
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