BTC Mini Installation Instructions

Swiss Harmony Climate MiniTuner Installation instructions The Climate Mini BioTuner (XXS) is excellent for harmonizing smaller areas, such as sleep and work areas. It is therefore ideally suited to the local neutralization of stresses caused by electromagnetic fields of any kind, especially high frequency radiation from cordless phones, cell phones (mobile phones) cell towers and Wi-­‐Fi. Please proceed during the installation as follows: 1. The MiniTuner is doubly wrapped. The outermost layer is Duct tape, which is there to protect the double layer of aluminium foil underneath it. 2. Cut through all of the layers of wrapping on 3 sides of one area. So that you can flip it open as shown below: It is not important which sides you cut open. The MiniTuner works perfectly in all directions. 3. Cut off the flap that you have just created. 4. Now attach the MiniTuner to the cable that you would like to harmonize using the Cable binders supplied in the package. Congratulations, now all of the devices attached to that cable will be harmonized. For a better understanding: By attaching the Climate MiniTuner to the power cable the electricity that passes by gets informed with a harmonious frequency. All of the gadgets and peripherals connected to this cable also get harmonized meaning they loose all of their harmful influences. Simultaneously, the electromagnetic field emitted by the electricity flowing through the cable will also vibrate harmoniously. In such a harmonious field, a ‘harmful to humans’ frequency can no longer create resonance and thus is rendered ineffective. Anyone who dwells in such a field is generally free from the influences of high frequencies, EMFs, Earth rays and water veins. To achieve the optimal effect, it is recommended to harmonize an extension cable with a multi-­‐socket at the end, to which you can attach as many peripherals as possible. Table and floor lamps are excellent to enlarge the harmonic field. Caution: Please make sure that there are no other cables closer than 30cm (12 inches) around the MiniTuner that are connected to the harmonized multi-­‐socket. This is the only way to ensure that there are no unintended interferences that could reduce the effect of the MiniTuner or render it completely ineffective. If you cannot ensure that there are no other cables in the area of effect of the Climate BioTuner then you need to encase the MiniTuner and that section of harmonized cable in double-­‐layered aluminium foil. Please ensure that both sides are matt. You can achieve this by folding the aluminium so that the shiny sides fold onto themselves. To protect the whole setup you may wrap it in Duct tape as the aluminium foil is easy to destroy. If there are any questions please contact us via email or the online contact form: Swiss Harmony, Alte Bernstrasse 3, 2558 Aegerten (Switzerland) -­‐