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The MFP redefined by HP
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Do more in less time with
HP’s award-winning lineup of
Enterprise MFPs
When searching for the right multifunction product for your
enterprise, look no further than one of the leading names in the
information technology industry. HP garnered the Buyers Lab
Outstanding Color Printer/MFP Line of the Year award for the
sixth year in a row.
Mobilize your workforce with easy, reliable mobile printing.
HP’s innovative, cloud-ready lineup with intuitive document
management features effortlessly transforms paper into digital
data. Our top-of-the-line fleet management tools make it easy
for IT to configure, control, and customize a versatile fleet in
fewer steps. And every HP MFP is designed to safeguard your
data with robust security features.
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Mobilize printing
Empower on-the-go employees
by helping them enable secure
printing from their smartphones,
tablets, and laptops.
In the office, mobile users can
print to networked HP MFPs
through a cloud print service, a
managed mobile print solution, or
print directly to devices using
peer-to-peer technology.
Give your workforce the freedom to print from their mobile
devices—HP JetAdvantage Mobile Print Solutions make it easy
Users want easy and reliable printing from any mobile platform or operating system. At the same
time, IT administrators need control over network access and printer output to help protect
confidential information and manage printing costs. HP leads the mobile printing movement by
addressing more mobile print environments than any other printer vendor. 1
Most HP LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise MFPs offer built-in support for easy printing from your
mobile device. Print from mobile devices in a number of ways:
• Directly to your local MFP—HP offers the broadest support for embedded print functionality.1
Workers can easily print documents, emails, PDFs, and more from iPhones® and iPads® as well as
smartphones and tablets running Android™ version 4.4 or later, Windows® 8/10, or Google
Chrome™ operating systems. 2 For mobile devices without built-in print support, printing is just as
simple, but users will first need to download the HP ePrint app or HP ePrint software.
Both HP wireless direct 3 and NFC touch-to-print 4 technologies enable a secure peer-to-peer
connection to your MFP, allowing users to print without accessing your company network. Some
HP enterprise-class MFPs have these features embedded, and you can easily add this capability
to many existing HP devices with HP mobile printing accessories.
• Through the cloud—Print from virtually anywhere using a mobile app, Windows or Mac driver, or
just by forwarding an email. Each HP ePrint-enabled device can be assigned an exclusive email
address. Use this email address to send documents or photos to the MFP once it’s connected to
the Internet. Or choose HP JetAdvantage Private Print for cloud-based pull printing. 5 Users can
view and delete jobs, virtually anywhere, using their mobile device. Learn more at
• Within a secure enterprise—If you’re looking to deploy mobile printing across a printer fleet,
Buyers Laboratory, LLC awarded HP an
Outstanding Achievement in Innovation
award for its use of NFC/Wi-Fi Direct to
bring security and simplicity to mobile
HP offers server-based solutions that provide secure pull-printing, as well as advanced
management and reporting capabilities. 6
– HP JetAdvantage Connect offers intuitive, reliable mobile printing designed for business. Help
save time and money by seamlessly leveraging existing IT network tools and policies to
manage mobile printing. 7 Users can securely print from a variety of smartphones and
tablets—where and when they need to—with similar ease of printing as from a PC.
– HP Access Control leverages existing email infrastructure, allowing mobile users to email a job
to their print queue, and then retrieve it from any solution-enabled printer or MFP.
– HP ePrint Enterprise allows users to print from their mobile device to company-networked
printers. It offers guest printing, MDM integration, multi-vendor device support, email send
functionality, and PIN printing.
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Work smarter
Advance your workflow with
intelligent scanning and digital
sending capabilities. Easy to set
up and intuitive to use, HP MFPs
help save time and cut costs.
Transform the way you work.
HP’s Flow MFPs feature advanced
capture and routing, scan, search,
and editing capabilities, plus large
pull-out keyboards for simplified
data entry.
The 8-inch color touchscreen control panel on
all HP Enterprise MFPs makes task execution
simple and intuitive.
Accelerate the way you work with first-rate HP JetAdvantage
Workflow Solutions
Moving from a paper-based office to one that is digitized can help you reduce paper use and
storage requirements, quickly find the information you need, add efficiency to your processes, and
can help you meet regulatory requirements. Integrating paper documents into the digital workflow
is easier than ever with HP’s advanced scanning and sending options. All HP Enterprise MFPs scan in
full color—even black-and-white models. And HP minimizes the impact of digital sending by
keeping file size small, saving you storage space and network bandwidth while maintaining quality
and usability.
Simple to set up, easy to use
The user interface of the 8-inch (20.3 cm) color touchscreen control panel is the same across all
HP LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise MFPs, which provides a familiar and consistent user
experience that helps reduce training costs and helpdesk calls. Capture the right content every
time—HP’s advanced image preview feature allows you to preview, zoom, add, delete, and reorder
images at the device’s touchscreen control panel prior to saving or sending scans. 8 Quick Sets
launch one-touch workflows at a touch of the control panel.
Scan with ease, speed, and precision with HP LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise Flow MFPs
HP Flow MFPs are optimized for scanning and offer advanced workflow capabilities. They help
accelerate your work team’s performance and provide the tools—like a color touchscreen and large
pull-out keyboard—needed to capture the right content quickly, easily, and accurately.
HP Flow devices feature a large pull-out
keyboard that lets workgroups add metadata
to every project quickly and easily with fewer
A high-capacity ADF (automatic document feeder) offers single-pass, two-sided scanning,
super-fast scan speeds, and automated image enhancements, so users can tackle big jobs in less
time. You no longer have to use the flatbed scanner to copy odd-size material (such as checks) one
at a time or to edit files after they’re scanned. Users can simply load a stack of different-sized
documents into the ADF, choose the workflow type—save to SharePoint®, for example—and the
Flow MFP will do the rest. 9 Any blank pages can be automatically detected and removed. The MFP
determines whether each page is scanned in landscape or portrait, and can flip pages, so the image
in the file is always correctly oriented. Auto-page-crop automatically sets the scan to the paper
edges. Auto-tone sets contrast, brightness, and background removal for each page.
HP EveryPage employs the same ultrasonic technology that bank ATMs use to accurately count
each bill, helping avoid scanning errors or missed pages—even if the weight, size, or condition of
pages varies. Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) allows you to convert scanned images to
common file types with editable and searchable text. Send scanned files directly to Microsoft®
SharePoint folders, email, fax, or network folders with no need for middleware.
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Manage your fleet
Monitor and manage your entire
fleet with a single, comprehensive
solution—HP Web Jetadmin. And
the HP Universal Print Driver
provides IT with all the tools they
need with one common driver.
Change happens, you’re covered.
Protect your investment with
HP FutureSmart Firmware.
Monitor your fleet and help reduce your costs
IT needs simplified tools to monitor, customize and control their printing fleet, while business
owners need to control costs. HP JetAdvantage Management Solutions offer administration
features that let you configure and upgrade MFPs on your schedule.
Keep a close watch, even from afar
HP Enterprise MFPs are supported by the robust, enterprise-class solution, HP Web Jetadmin. 10
IT departments can remotely monitor and manage printing devices on the network, report on device
usage and activity, and manage and order supplies. HP Web Jetadmin features a simple interface
that allows for right-click and drag-and-drop actions, supplies management, and proactive
troubleshooting—and also includes customizable reporting features. Administrators can realize
cost-saving and security initiatives, with, for example, the ability to limit color output and enforce
security policies across the entire fleet. In addition, printer settings can be adjusted to save toner,
and times can be set for devices to go into sleep mode to save power. These features can help you
improve productivity and protect your investment while making it “greener” to deploy your MFPs.
Simplicity all around
Make it easy for everyone to print with one common driver. The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD)
enables both mobile Microsoft PC users and traditional desktop users to self-sufficiently access the
full features of nearly every HP device in your managed printing environment. 11 Empower IT by
dramatically reducing the number of drivers they have to manage—and by giving them the tools
they need to improve efficiency. With the HP UPD, your IT team can easily adjust device settings to
help reduce printing costs, improve security, and help meet environmental goals. Use the HP UPD in
tandem with HP Web Jetadmin to create fleet-wide managed printer lists, reports, and more.
Work with the future in mind
Upgrade your HP Enterprise MFPs on your schedule, with HP FutureSmart Firmware. 12 Protect your
printing investment by upgrading to new features, such as workflow and security enhancements,
without having to purchase new hardware. HP FutureSmart also helps reduce the time and cost to
train new users. A consistent user interface and menu design across all HP FutureSmart devices
makes the user experience intuitive and familiar.
HP MFPs are designed to be compatible with emerging solutions, so you can cost-effectively
upgrade and increase capabilities as needed. MFPs with a Hardware Integration Pocket allow you to
integrate security solutions, such as card and badge readers. 13 HP’s Open Extensibility Platform
(OXP) creates a unified environment for software solutions that run on your HP MFPs—providing
sound investment protection, consistency for end users, and easier management. These
HP innovations can help your MFP remain state-of-the-art long into the future.
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Maximize security
Defend your network with the
world's most secure printers 14 and
safeguard your sensitive data with
robust HP JetAdvantage Security
Solutions. Add features to your
MFPs as you need them through
the Hardware Integration Pocket,
and enjoy the peace of mind
HP offers with its award-winning
security solution,
HP JetAdvantage Security
Take the worry out of printing
As capabilities expand and devices become more integrated into your workflows, device security
becomes increasingly important. HP Enterprise MFPs feature a number of options to help safeguard
against undesired access.
• Count on built-in security—Self-healing security features—HP Sure Start, whitelisting, and run-
time intrusion detection—guard the latest HP Enterprise devices against complex threats.14
• Protect data in transit—You can protect sensitive business information in transit over the
network using various features like IPsec, IPP over SSL/TLS, or encrypted PDFs and email.
• Protect data residing on your MFP—Product models that include the embedded HP High
Performance Secure Hard Disk provide AES256 hardware encryption. And models that include a
Solid State Disk offer AES256 firmware encryption for your data. As an added security measure,
you can even securely erase the disk.
• Protect access to the MFP—Multiple embedded authentication methods integrate with your
existing infrastructure to protect access to the MFP and its functions. These include
Windows/Kerberos, LDAP, and user PIN authentication. You can disable host USB ports, network
ports, and other physical ports to prevent unauthorized use. Additional security solutions can be
added through the built-in Hardware Integration Pocket.
• Prevent theft—You can protect the physical device and the hard disk from theft with an optional
cable security lock.
Gain control of your fleet
HP JetAdvantage Security Manager (formerly Imaging and Printing Security Center) delivers the
most comprehensive printing security in the market, with policy-based protection for printing and
imaging devices. 15
• Deploy and monitor devices by applying a single security policy across the fleet.
Safeguard your fleet of HP devices with the
solution Buyers Laboratory LLC calls
trailblazing—HP JetAdvantage Security
• Achieve baseline security with the HP Security Manager Base Policy—no security expert required.
• Secure new HP devices as soon as they are added to your network and automatically configure
settings to comply with your corporate security policy with HP Instant-on Security. 16
• Improve the security of your infrastructure with efficient fleet management of certificates.
• Actively maintain and verify compliance with your defined security policies by using HP Security
Manager automated monitoring and risk-based reporting.
For environments where few devices are deployed, IT may choose to manage each device
individually via the HP Embedded Web Server management interface, which employs HTTPS for
encryption and has access controls. HP provides security wizards to assist in proper security setup.
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Meet the MFP, redefined by HP
HP LaserJet Pro MFPs
Reliable and easy to use, these laser all-in-one devices deliver best quality output on plain paper
and offer the core workflow features many small workgroups are looking for. Some are supported
by HP UPD and have core configuration, security, and monitoring features that can be managed via
HP Web Jetadmin.
Touch convenience
3.5” color touchscreen
for core workflow tasks
Professional prints
Best-quality color
output on plain paper
for office use and
marketing collateral
HP LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise MFPs
These workhorses are perfect for larger teams whose workflow and management needs are more
sophisticated. They support HP’s enterprise solutions and offer robust security options along with
advanced fleet monitoring, management, and reporting.
Data protection
Advanced security options
and configurations, full
LDAP features
On-the-go printing
Print from mobile devices
using optional touch-to-print4
technology or peer-to-peer
wireless direct printing3
HP LaserJet and PageWide Enterprise Flow MFPs
The industry’s first scan-optimized multifunction devices, HP Flow MFPs streamline complicated
workflows with built-in optical OCR, embedded scan-to-SharePoint and scan-to-cloud capabilities.
Simplify tasks
Easily manage jobs and
add file information more
efficiently, using the
intuitive touchscreen and
large keyboard
On-the-go printing
Print from mobile devices
using optional touch-to-print4
technology or peer-to-peer
wireless direct printing3
For more information
• HP mobile printing solutions:
• HP Flow MFPs:
• HP workflow solutions:
• HP management solutions:
• HP security solutions:
Brochure | The MFP redefined by HP
Based on published product specifications and internal HP analysis of leading printer manufacturers’ mobile print offerings as of July 2015.
Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz operations only. App or software and HP ePrint account registration may also be required. Some features require
purchase of an optional accessory. Learn more at
For wireless direct printing, mobile device needs to be connected directly to the Wi-Fi network of a wireless direct-capable MFP or printer prior to printing. Depending on
mobile device, an app or driver may also be required. Wireless performance is dependent on physical environment and distance from the access point in the MFP or
printer. For details, see
For touch-to-print capability, mobile device must support Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled printing. For more information, see
HP JetAdvantage Private Print is available at no charge and requires that the printer or MFP be connected to the Internet with web services enabled. Not available in all
countries. For more information, see
Requires purchase of server software such as HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing or HP ePrint Enterprise. Learn more at
HP JetAdvantage Connect works with leading mobile devices. A one-time plug-in must be installed for devices running Android™, Google Chrome™ and Microsoft®
operating systems. For details and a list of supported operating systems, see
Available on HP Enterprise MFPs with HP FutureSmart Firmware.
ADF supported media sizes may vary by product.
HP Web Jetadmin is available for download at no additional charge at
The HP Universal Print Driver is available for download at no additional charge at
HP FutureSmart Firmware is available on select HP Enterprise printers and MFPs. Some features enabled by future HP FutureSmart upgrades may not be available on
older devices if, for example, physical product characteristics limit the functionality of the new feature. To learn more, visit
Solutions deployed through the Hardware Integration Pocket may require additional purchase.
Based on HP review of 2015 published embedded security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features for integrity
checking down to the BIOS with self-healing capabilities. A FutureSmart service pack update may be required to activate security features. Some features will be made
available as a HP FutureSmart service pack update on selected existing Enterprise printer models. For list of compatible products, see For
more information, visit
HP JetAdvantage Security Manager must be purchased separately. To learn more, please visit Competitive claim based on HP internal
research on competitor offerings (Device Security Comparison, January 2015) and Solutions Report on HP JetAdvantage Security Manager 2.1 from Buyers Laboratory
LLC, February 2015.
HP Instant-on Security is part of HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, which must be purchased separately.
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