Racal Acoustics RA155 Headset from Esterline Control

Racal Acoustics Medium-Noise Headsets
RA155 Atlantic Aviation Headset
Comfortable, high-performance headset
optimized for long military flights
Oxygen-mask compatible, RA155 Atlantic headset improves
communications, protects hearing, and minimizes fatigue
Designed for military aviation, our lightweight RA155
Atlantic headset supports crew comfort and flight
safety during long missions. It is ideal for use in
transport and early warning aircraft.
The headset consists of two noise-attenuating
earshells, flexibly mounted on a sprung headband,
and fitted with polyurethane-covered earpads with
excellent seal and minimum clamping force. The
adjustable headband’s padded cover distributes the
weight comfortably.
When required, oxygen-mask clips are fitted to the
outer faces of the earshells. A soft adjustable
neckstrap is provided for additional stability.
Features and Benefits
• Passive and active noise reduction (ANR) versions
for specific mission requirements
• Noise-canceling boom microphone
• Optional microphone and earphone types,
amplifiers, cabling, and switches
• Optional clips for oxygen-mask attachment
• Articulated, adjustable mic boom with easy return
to user-set position when oxygen mask is removed
• Sprung flexible headband, adjustable and padded
for maximum comfort
• Optional anti-perspiration cover
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