HP 9250c Digital Sender
Share, archive, and integrate paper documents into
electronic workflows with a dedicated device.
Employ a simple, flexible device
Send digital data securely
• Interact easily with an intuitive touch-screen or an
• Screen and monitor usage with existing protocols.
• Expand your options via a host USB port. Get more
• Leave no trace. Enhanced security features allow you to
external keyboard. Navigate through all device
functions with a full size external QWERTY keyboard,
or use the simple touch-screen graphical control panel.
Users can troubleshoot problems themselves and
manage jobs confidently.
functionality with a rich portfolio of HP and key partner
solutions. Maximize the return on your hardware
investment with integrated solutions such as accounting
measures or authentication via a card scan reader or
biometric applications.
Increase employee efficiency
• Focus on efficient, high-speed content capture. Enhance
the effectiveness of business communications and
facilitate document workflow with a dedicated device
and digital sending software.1 Scan business-critical
documents to e-mail, printer,2 network folder, and fax
services. Optional NSi AutoStore software adds the
ability to send directly to back-end applications,
barcode documents, process forms, and more.
• Scan and send in a flash. Quickly deliver digital
documents and ensure efficient archival with scanning
and digital sending at up to 55 black-and-white images
per minute (ipm) and up to 33 color ipm. The device
handles paper sizes from 3.9 by 5.8 inches (100 by
148 mm) to 8.5 by 14 inches (215.9 by 355.6 mm).3
• Convert paper into searchable text. Process documents
sent to network folders through Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) and convert them from image files
to searchable text files in popular formats, including
• Just drop off your job. A 50-sheet automatic document
feeder (ADF) supports two-sided scanning of doublesided originals up to legal size.
HP Digital Sending Software 4 uses your existing LDAP
or NTLM, Novell, or Kerberos network authentication
process to verify users, provide security for both the
sender and receiver, and control and track device
wipe the digital sender’s hard drive clean after
transmission to protect sensitive information.
Install and manage easily
• Count on best-in-class networking. Simplify sharing,
increase efficiency, and help reduce costs with the
embedded HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet print server. The
print server supports HP Web Jetadmin for powerful
network peripheral configuration and management.
• Manage multiple devices from a single server. Create
standard workflows across multiple devices or create
custom workflows for each digital sender through the
HP DSS 4 configuration utility. Support specific
business processes by designing custom menu keys.
• Route and process documents quickly and accurately.
Ensure that documents are coded correctly and sent to
the right destinations. The administrator may configure
custom keys on the control panel to prompt the user to
select the correct indexing information before the
document is scanned, reducing the risk of losing critical
Why digital sending?
Digital sending helps you convert paper documents into a
digital format so that you can work with information more
easily. The benefits to your business can be significant:
• Improve knowledge for increased worker productivity
• Streamline business processes and reduce costs
• Shorten document cycle times to be more competitive
and improve customer service
HP Digital Sending Software 4 (DSS 4) is included with the device, but must be installed separately. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is
enabled by DSS 4.
Required server is not included, sold separately.
Flatbed platen glass scans up to letter size and ADF scans up to legal size.
HP 9250c Digital Sender
1 Touch-screen,
customizable, graphical
control panel with 10-key
number pad
HP 9250c Digital Sender (CB472A)
2 50-sheet automatic
document feeder (ADF)
with automatic two-sided
scanning scans documents
at up to 55 ipm black-andwhite (33 ipm color)
3 Output bin
4 Flatbed scanner for nonstandard documents
5 External QWERTY
6 Open EIO slot
7 Network interface
8 Host USB port for thirdparty accessories
9 Device USB port for
firmware upgrades
10 40 GB HP highperformance EIO hard disk
provides job storage
11 256 MB standard device
memory and 480 MHz
11 10 9 8
Sending features
HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) 4 provides the digital sender with the following features:
Supported file types
Supported resolutions
Send to e-mail
MTIFF file
75, 150, 200, 300,
and 600 dpi
Scan a document and send it to one or more e-mail recipients.
Send to secondary
(secure) e-mail
75, 150, 200, 300,
and 600 dpi
Scan a document and send it to a third-party secure e-mail solution from vendors
such as Omtool.
Send to
LAN/Internet fax
150, 200, 300, 400,
and 600 dpi
Scan a document and send it to a Local Area Network (LAN) fax, Internet fax, or
Windows® 2000 fax destination.
Send to workflow
XML, searchable PDF,
TXT, RTF (Microsoft®
Word-compatible), and
75, 150, 200, 300,
400, and 600 dpi
Scan a document and save it to a network folder or file transfer protocol (FTP) site
along with a file containing additional information about the document. A thirdparty software program can then retrieve and decipher the information, and
perform the appropriate operation on the scanned image. With included OCR
software, you can convert scanned documents into multiple file types. A printer
can also be set up as a workflow destination, allowing scanned documents to be
Send to network
75, 150, 200, 300,
400, and 600 dpi
Scan a document and send it to a folder on the network.
Switch to simple, efficient, and reliable
document capture and routing.
Easy to navigate, easy to use
HP Digital Sending Software 4
The full size external QWERTY keyboard lets you
navigate through the same digital sender functions as
the graphical control panel using a familiar,
comfortable method.
The full capabilities of the HP 9250c Digital Sender
are realized with HP Digital Sending Software
(DSS) 4, which is included with the device, but must
be installed separately. Because it is the same
software that enhances digital sending on HP LaserJet
MFPs, HP DSS 4 provides a common administrative
utility and a common end-user interface across
multiple devices and device types. HP DSS 4 is the
entry-level member of a family of server-based
software products that enable paper documents to be
incorporated into electronic business processes at the
touch of a button. HP DSS 4 allows digitized
information to be sent quickly and securely to network
folders, printers, and fax services, improving overall
efficiency and business productivity, and reducing the
costs of sharing and storing information.
Common across several HP devices,4 the intuitive
touch-screen control panel features an integrated
design that allows you to monitor job status and
operate the device. Several menus provide access to
stored jobs and allow you to set system defaults and
customize settings for a particular job.
The control panel offers:
• Simple to use, custom menu keys that allow you to
route documents to many different predefined
• Helpful feedback and support for learning how to
use product features
• Clear instructions and illustrations
• Easy-to-read status messages in one location
Unique third-party solutions
Extend the capabilities of the HP 9250c Digital
Sender and maximize the return on your hardware
investment with third-party solutions. Whether you
need a document capture framework to meet all of
your distributed capture requirements, a
job accounting solution to control costs, or the right
security solution to protect the integrity of your printing
and imaging environment, HP and partner solutions
can help address your specific business needs.
Optional NSi AutoStore
For more advanced digital sending needs, the
HP 9250c Digital Sender supports the optional
NSi AutoStore software, which provides:
• The ability to send documents direct to back-end
document management and enterprise applications
• More advanced processing capabilities, including
forms processing and barcode reading
• The ability to route to Microsoft SharePoint Portal
Server (version 2003), Microsoft Exchange, and
Lotus Notes for easy integration into existing
management systems.
The control panel is also featured on the HP LaserJet M3027, M3035, M5025, M5035, and M4345 MFPs.
HP 9250c Digital Sender (CB472A)
Technical specifications
Scan speed, letter
Scanner resolution
Digital sending features
Additional digital sending
Hard disk
External keyboard
Control panel
Duty cycle
File formats
Paper handling
Operating systems
Up to 55 ipm black-and-white, up to 33 ipm color
600 by 600 dpi
Send to E-mail, Send to Folder, LDAP or local address book e-mail addressing, Kerberos and LDAP authentication, Group 1/Group 2 PIN authentication
DSS 4 (Authentication, Send to E-mail, Send to Secure Secondary E-mail, Send to Folder, Send to LAN Fax, Address Book Manager, Workflow applications
including Send to Printer and OCR) (HP DSS 4 is included with the device, but must be installed separately.)
480 MHz
256 MB
40 GB HP high-performance hard disk
Physical, full size, retractable external QWERTY keyboard
VGA graphical touch-screen, contrast control dial, numeric keypad, sleep button, reset button, stop button, start button, attention light, data light, ready light
Up to 60,000 images per month
PDF, TIFF, MTIFF, JPEG (additional formats available from send to workflow using OCR, including XML, searchable PDF, TXT, RTF (Word compatible) and HTML)
50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) with automatic two-sided scanning; flatbed platen glass for non-standard originals
ADF: 3.9 by 5.8 in (100 by 148 mm) to 8.5 by 14 in (215.9 by 355.6 mm) letter, executive, legal
Flatbed platen glass: Up to 8.5 by 11 in (216 by 279 mm)
ADF: 16 to 32 lb (60 to 120 g/m2)
Paper, transparencies, labels (via glass), cards (via glass)
One HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX network port, one open EIO slot, one device USB port, one host USB port for limited applications
Supports the standard SMTP, LDAP, and FTP protocol supported operating systems.
Note: Send to folder supports the following operating folders: Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, Professional x64, and Server 2003.
Network operating systems Via the HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet embedded print server: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0®, 2000, XP, XP 64-Bit, Server 2003
Network protocols
Via the HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet embedded print server: TCP/IP (IP Direct mode; may require software from the NOS vendor or third party vendor: LPD, FTP,
IPP), IPv4, Auto-IP, Apple Rendezvous compatible, Yrlnry, DLP, IGMP, NooyP / DHCP, WINS, SNMP (v 1, v 2c, v3), HTTP
HP DSS 4 supported network operating systems
Server OS requirements
Windows 2000 Professional (Server or Advanced) or Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Standard Server or Enterprise Server (Windows Clustering
Services also supported)
Pentium III or higher computer
256 MB of RAM (512 MB if generating OCR output)
200 MB of hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
Fast Ethernet 100 Base-TX, Ethernet 10 Base-T, or 10 Base-2 (BNC)
Novell support requirements Novell NetWare version 3.12, 3.2, 4.11, 4.2, or 5 running on the Novell NetWare server
Novell NetWare Client version 4.6 (or later) installed on the Windows computer that runs the HP DSS 4 software
LAN fax/Internet fax providers Anny Way Office Edition, AccPac, Biscom FAXCOM, Captaris RightFAX, Castelle FaxPress Premier, Castelle FaxPress, Castelle FaxPress Premiere, Cycos-mrs
Unified Communication, Esker Pulse / Fax, Esker LanFax, FAXSys, Intercope FaxPlus / Open, Fenestrae Faxination, GFI FAXmaker, Genifax, Gold Fax, Imecom
Integral Fax, Interstar LightningFax, Object Fax, Omtool, RedRock FaxNow!, RTEFax, Tobit DvISE, Topcall, Zetafax, NET SatisFAXtion
Windows SPNEGO Authentication, Kerberos Authentication, LDAP Authentication, LDAP over SSL Authentication Novell Authentication (NDS and Bindery
modes), PIN Authentication
Dimensions (w by d by h)
17.8 by 28.5 by 13.4 in (452 by 724 by 340 mm) with keyboard extended and 3.5 in (90 mm) free space behind the device
17.8 by 22.5 by 13.4 in (452 by 571 by 340 mm) without keyboard extended and 3.5 in (90 mm) free space behind the device
50 lb (23.09 kg)
What’s in the box
HP 9250c Digital Sender, power cord, User’s Guide, DSS 4, documentation CD, Mylar kit
Ordering information
Environmental ranges
Relative humidity
Power requirements
Power consumption
Power certifications
Maximum operating temperature: 32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)
Storage temperature: -22 to 140° F (-30 to 60° C)
Recommended operating humidity: 15 to 80 percent
Storage humidity: 15 to 85 percent
Power emissions: active (55 ipm): 6.7 B(A); idle: 5.0 B(A); sleep: 2.5 B(A)
Pressure emissions: active (55 ipm): 53 dB(A); idle: 35 dB(A); sleep: 14 dB(A)
100 to 240 VAC (± 10 percent), 50/60 Hz (± 2 percent)
Scanning (55 imp): 98 watts
Idle (ready): 35 watts
Sleep mode: 15.7 watts
Off: 0 watts
EMC: CISPR 22:1997/EN 55022:1998 Class B, EN 61000-3-2:2000, EN
61000-3-3:1995+A1, EN 55024:1998, FCC Title 47 CFR, Part 15 Class B
(USA), ICES-003, Issue 4 (Canada).
Safety: IEC 60950-1 (International), IEC 60825-1+A1+A2, UL/cUL Listed
(US/Canada), EN 60825-1+A11+A2 Class 1, 21 CFR Ch. 1/SubCh. J (Class 1
Laser/LED Device) GB4943-2001
One-year, on-site warranty for all hardware and accessories
HP 9250c Digital Sender
NSi AutoStore
ADF Mylar sheet replacement kit (includes 3 sheets)
Service and support
Next-day, onsite response, 3 years
Post-warranty, next-day onsite response, 1 year
Third-party solutions
For more information visit our website at
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