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Wi-Fi Setup Guide
Model 7205
Universal Programmable
Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat
Leave this Setup Guide
with thermostat.
Wire and Install Thermostat
• Properly wire and configure thermostat.
Refer to the Installer Guide.
• Refer to the User Manual for programming
and maintenance.
NOTE: Wi-Fi works without common (C)
wire on most systems; requires common on
Heat Pump, Heat Only or Cool Only Systems
Helpful videos can be found at
Set-Up for Connection
Before beginning setup you will need to:
• Know your Wi-Fi network name and password
• Have a valid e-mail address
• Get the FREE app
Apple® Devices: Download the BlueLink Smart Connect® application
from the Apple® App Store
AndroidTM Devices: Download the BlueLink Smart Connect® application
from the Google Play Store
Desktop Computer: Go to www.bluelinksmartconnect.com and create an account.
NOTE: For Registration, your desktop PC must have a
wireless connection.
Login and Register
3.1 Open the BlueLink Smart Connect App.
Select REGISTER and enter a valid
e-mail address.
3.2 Enter the thermostat serial number. You can
locate this number on the back of the thermostat or on the enclosed thermostat registration card. NOTE: If you removed the thermostat to locate the
serial number, make sure to reconnect it before
selecting ENTER.
3.3 Complete the remaining registration screens.
Once you reach the Create Account screen,
select REGISTER.
Enter Network Information
4.1 Enter your network name (SSID) and password,
select ENTER.
NOTE: The network name and password are
case sensitive fields.
The application will now instruct you to put the
thermostat into Wi-Fi connect mode.
5 Enable Wi-Fi on Thermostat
5.1 On the thermostat, press and hold the
HOLD and RETURN buttons for
3 seconds.
5.2 The display will alternate the words WIFI and SCAN and the
symbol will flash.
NOTE: If you are already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will see the network name
(SSID) displayed 4 characters at a time with a solid
symbol. If needed, clear Wi-Fi
settings and return to step 5.1 (See Changing Your Wi-Fi Settings).
If you are not connected to 24 VAC, the thermostat
will display POWR NO (No Power).
6 Connect to Thermostat
6.1 The application will prompt you to go
to your smartphone, tablet or computer
Wi-Fi settings and select the bluelink_wifi network. See samples shown.
NOTE: Do not exit the application. Minimize it so
that you can return to the same screen after
selecting the bluelink_wifi network. This is
usually done by pressing the home button on your
smart phone or tablet.
AndroidTM Sample
Apple® Sample
7 Complete Setup
7.1 After selecting the bluelink_wifi network,
use the home key to return to the application and select OK.
7.2 The word WAIT will appear in the
thermostat display.
7.3 Once a connection is made, Connection Successful will appear in the application screen. At thermostat, your network name
followed by the MAC address will appear.
7.4 At thermostat, press RETURN to exit Wi-Fi setup mode.
NOTE: After setup is complete, make sure to
return your phone or tablet to the original wireless
Changing Your Wi-Fi Settings
First Clear Your Thermostat Wi-Fi Settings
1. Press and hold the RETURN button for 4 seconds.
2. The display will change showing the first User Option.
3. Press RETURN until you see the word WIFI in the display.
4. Press the button until WIFI CL appears.
5. Press RETURN to exit and clear all Wi-Fi settings.
Then Update Your App Settings
1. Open the app and select Update Account.
2. Enter your account password.
3.Select Wi-Fi Settings.
4. Select the thermostat you wish to change.
5.Choose WI-FI Network or WI-FI Password and
select Enter.
6. Update the information and select Enter.
NOTE: To complete setup, follow the instructions in
the app and refer to sections 5 - 7.
Record Network Information for Future Reference
Network Name (SSID)
Network Password
Thermostat Serial Number #
You may need this information later or if calling for support.
Visit www.bluelinksmartconnect.com for helpful videos.
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