Collection Schedule and Rules flyer

City of Warren
Environmental Services Department
613 Main Ave SW
Warren, Ohio
All customers are issued one 96 gallon Toter. Please contact Anything over 2 cubic yards will be assessed a minimum of
the department if one is not at your residence.
$75.00 on the utility bill. Fees will be assessed to the account
holder and/or property owner.
All garbage, before deposit in the container, shall be bagged
and tied.
Limbs and brush must be cut in 4’ lengths or less and tied in
bundles—35# maximum.
All refuse including plastic, paper or cloth bags shall be put
into the container. No bags* shall be permitted outside the City of Warren will not collect construction debris at the curb.
container. To arrange delivery of additional Toters, please call Owner or occupant shall be responsible for removal and disthe office. If the Toter becomes full, an additional Toter must posal. Construction debris consists of wood, paneling, dry
be used. If it fits in the Toter with the lid closed, it should be in wall, bricks, concrete, roofing materials, floor tile, windows,
the Toter.
doors, etc.
*All leaves and grass to be collected outside of the container Roll-off boxes (6, 10, 15 & 20 yard) are available to rent and
must be in biodegradable paper bags.
can be used for the disposal of construction and other nonhazardous debris.
Toter(s) shall be placed curbside the evening before the designated collection day with the arrow facing toward the street A “non-collection” notice will be issued when the above guideand handle toward the house and be removed to an appropri- lines are not followed and your garbage may be left until the
ate rear or side location no later than 12 hours after pick up.
problem is corrected. A service fee of $45.00 may be assessed
when multiple non-collection notices are issued.
Each Toter must have at least 3 feet clearance around it.
Items such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, pool liners,
etc. will be picked up on your scheduled pick-up day. Please
make sure items are at least 3’ from Toter.
Proper Toter placement
Incorrect Toter placement
Additional information, including holiday schedule on reverse side
Garbage is delayed on the following holidays
New Year’s Day - service delayed one day
Labor Day - service delayed one day
Martin Luther King - service delayed one day
Thanksgiving Day - service delayed one day
Memorial Day - service delayed one day
Christmas Day - service delayed one day
July 4th, 2017
Pick-up will be on schedule for any holiday not listed above
What is NOT part of the standard collection:
Construction debris as defined by the Ohio Environmental
Protection Act.
 Construction debris can be disposed of by renting a roll
-off box. Roll-off boxes are available in 6, 10, 15, and
20 yard sizes.
Hazardous or Environmental Waste as defined by the U.S.
EPA Environmental and Hazardous Waste Codes.
Paint, solvents, or car parts are not permitted in the Toter,
nor will they be picked up curbside.
Bulk Waste: household appliances including, but not limited
to: washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens,
compactors, televisions, stereo equipment, computers and
computer accessories, such as printers, monitors, keyboards, etc., hot water tanks, furnaces, air conditioners,
dehumidifiers, humidifiers, sump pumps, workout equipment, basketball hoops, etc.
 Bulk waste shall be collected at an additional cost of
fifteen dollars ($15.00) per item, and upon arrangements made in advance by the parties disposing of
Tires from any of the following: motorized vehicles, bicycles, wagons, trailers, and any vehicle or equipment using
rubberized tires as mode of movement for that item.
 Used tires can be dropped off at the Environmental
Services Department from April 1 through October 31
during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Limit of five
(5) tires per household, per month. Proper proof of
city residency required. A fee of $20.00 per tire will be
applied to the utility account if tires are dumped from
the container.
Additional information on reverse side