High Density Ethernet Switch with
48 Ports of 10GbE SFP+ and 4 Ports
of 40GbE QSFP+
Product Overview
The Edge-Core ECS5610-52S is a 48-port 10GbE SFP+ with 4-port of 40GbE switch designed from the ground up to be deployed and utilized in
medium to large data centers and Enterprise Campus. The ECS5610-52S is designed for high-availability and mission-critical Enterprise
environments in 1RU enclosure with redundant, hot swappable, load-sharing PSUs along with hot swappable fan try with n+1 redundant fans; and
port-to-power and power-to-port airflow direction options.
High Density L2 10G Ethernet Switch
Key Features and Benefits
Performance and Scalability
The ECS5610-52S is a high density 10Gb Ethernet switch encased in a
small 1U form factor. This switch meets the high performance, availability
and network scaling requirements of enterprise and cloud data centers.
Deployed as part of a distributed spine network, the ECS5610-52S
provides full line rate switching at Layer 2 or Layer 3 across 48*10GbE
ports with 4 x 40GbE uplinks.
The ECS5610-52S is capable of 1.28Tbps of network throughput. Given
the demand for bandwidth brought on by server virtualization.
Continuous Availability
Dual hot-swappable power supplies allow the system to continue
operation even in the event of a single power supply failure. To ensure
longevity, the ECS5610-52S employs data center-friendly front to back
cooling, dissipating unwanted heat efficiently and effectively.
Data Center Requirements
With Ethernet fast becoming the de facto standard for the
interconnection of data center devices, the ECS5610-52S is conceived
and designed to overcome the challenges in a high traffic load
environment, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly through the network
without delay. It features Jumbo frame up to 12K bytes.
802.1Qau congestion notification
802.1Qbb priority flow control
802.1Qaz enhanced transmission selection
Energy Efficiency
The ECS5610-52S is easy on the environment as well as your energy
budget. 175W typical power consumption at full line rate forwarding
over 48 x 10GbE DAC cables and 4*40Gbase-SR4.
Simple and Flexible Management
The ECS5610-52S features both an user-friendly web interface and a
command line interface for the advanced user. SNMP based
management is also fully supported. When used in conjunction with
ECView Pro, Edge-Core own network management system, the task of
monitoring and provisioning can be easily accomplished.
The ECS5610-52S is designed to fit in various applications in the
Enterprise environment. These applications include:
TOR Switch for 10GE Data Center: The ECS5610-52S can be
deployed as a ToR switch to interconnect up to 48 units of 10GE
servers in the same rack while providing 4 ports of 40GbE uplinks to
interconnect to the data center SPINE switches.
SPINE Switch for 1GE Data Center: The ECS5610-52S can also be
deployed as a SPINE switch interconnecting up to 48 ECS4510 or
ECS4610 together in a star network topology. In this deployment
scenario, ECS4510/4610 will act as a TOR switch interconnecting up
to 48 units of 1GE severs in the same rack.
Campus 10GE Aggregation Switch: In the Enterprise campus
environment, the ECS5610-52S can also be deployed as an
aggregation switch interconnecting up to 48 ECS4510 or ECS4610
together to form a medium-size L2 or L3 campus network. In this
deployment scenario, the 4 40-GbE uplinks can be used to
interconnect multiple ECS5610 to form a large-size campus network.
For a world always connected…
ECS5610-52S Product Specifications
Physical Ports
48 10Gigabit SFP+ ports supporting 10GbE or 1GbE
4 QSFP+ each supporting 40GbE or 4*10GbE
1 RJ-45 management port
1 RJ-45 console port
1 USB type A storage port on the rear panel
Switching Capability: 1.28Tbps
Forwarding Rate: 952Mpps
Packet Buffer Size: 9MB
MAC Address Table: 128K
L2 Features
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM)
Flow Control:
■ IEEE 802.3x for full duplex mode
■ Back-Pressure for half duplex mode
Storm Control:
■ Broadcast
■ Multicast
■ Unknown Unicast
Spanning Tree Protocol:
■ IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
■ IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
■ IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
■ BPDU Guard
■ BPDU filtering
■ Root Guard
■ BPDU forward
■ Loopback detection
■ Supports 4K VLAN
■ Port-based VLAN
■ IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
■ GVRP (256 VLANs)
■ IEEE 802.1v Protocol-based VLAN
■ IP Subnet based VLAN
■ MAC-based VLAN
■ Traffic Segmentation
■ Support Voice VLAN
■ VLAN Translation
■ VLAN Trunking
L2 Virtual Private VLAN
■ Q-in-Q
■ Select Q-in-Q
Link Aggregation:
■ Static Trunk
■ IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol
■ Trunk groups: 26
■ Load balance based on MAC SA/DA, SIP, DIP
IGMP Snooping:
■ IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping
■ IGMP SNP Proxy
■ IGMP Filtering
■ IGMP Throttling
■ IGMP Immediate Leave
■ IGMP Querier
MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration)
■ Support 5 Multicast VLAN
L2 Protocol Tunneling(CDP,PVST,STP,LLDP)
Supports jumbo frames up to 12KB
TEL: 886-3-5638888 FAX: 886-3-6686111
No.1, Creation Rd. III, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan 30077
QoS Features
Priority Queues: 8 hardware queues per port
Traffic Classification COS
■ IEEE 802.1P based COS
■ IP Precedence based COS
■ IP DSCP based COS
Traffic Scheduling
■ Strict Priority
■ Weighted Round Robin
■ Strict + WRR traffic scheduling
Two Rate Three Color Marker
Ingress traffic policing
Rate Limiting (ingress and egress, per port base)
■ GE: Resolution 64 Kbps ~ 10000000 Mbps
Denial of Service Protection (DoS)
IEEE 802.1X port-based and MAC-based authentication
VLAN assignment
QoS assignment
Guest VLAN
EAPOL frames pass-through
L2/L3/L4 Access Control Lists
DHCP Snooping
DHCP Snooping Option 82
IP Source Guard
RADIUS Authentication
RADIUS Accounting
TACACS+ Authentication
TACACS+ Authorization and Accounting
SSH (v1.5/v2.0)
User name password authentication
■ Local authentication
■ Remote authentication via RADIUS/TACACS+
Management Interface Access Filtering
■ Web
■ Telnet/SSH
Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
MAC filter
Instruction lock (link detection)
IPv6 Features
IPv4/IPv6 dual protocol stack
IPv6 Address Types Stack: Unicast & Multicast
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
Manual Configuration
Router Advertisement
HTTP over IPv6
SNMP over IPv6
SSH over IPv6
IPv6 Telnet support
IPv6 DNS Resolver
IPv6 Syslog support
IPv6 SNTP support
IPv6 TFTP support
Remote IPv6 ping
Ping over IPv6
Trace route over IPv6
IPv6 Source Guard
Sflow over IPv6
MLD v1/v2 Snooping
DHCPv6 Snooping
IPv6 DSCP remapping CoS
IPv6 DiffServ
RA Guard
ECS5610-52S Product Specifications
Switch Management:
■ CLI via console port or Telnet
■ Web management
■ SNMP v1, v2c,v3
Firmware & Configuration:
■ Firmware download/Upgrade via TFTP, HTTP,FTP
■ Multiple configuration files
■ Configuration file upload/download via TFTP, HTTP, FTP
RMON (groups 1, 2, 3 and 9)
BOOTP, DHCP client for IP address assignment
DHCP dynamic provision option 66, 67
Event/Error Log/Syslog
LLDP (802.1ab)
IP clustering
Port Mirroring
Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN)
Auto Traffic Control (ATC)
L3 Features
L3 IPv4 Host Table: 16K
L3 IPv4 Net Table: 8K
L3 IPv4 Multicast Table: 4K
L3 IPv6 Host Table: 8K
L3 IPv6 Net Table: 4K
L3 IPv6 Multicast Table: 4K
Unicast routing
■ Static unicast routes
■ RIP v1/v2
Multicast routing
■ IGMP v1/v2/v3
■ IGMP v2/v3 proxy
Proxy ARP
IP Redundancy: VRRP
UDP Helper
L3 Features IPV6
IPv6 hardware IP routing
IPv6 Routing
Static Route
MLD v1/v2
IPv6 Multicast routing
■ IPv6 MVR
Ordering Information
Optional Accessories
TEL: 886-3-5638888 FAX: 886-3-6686111
No.1, Creation Rd. III, Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan 30077
Data Features
Data Center Bridging
802.1Qau Congestion Notification (QCN)
802.1Qaz Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
802.1Qbb Priority Based Flow Control (PFC)
Electromagnetic Compatibility
UL (CSA 22.2 NO 60950-1 & UL 60950-1)
CB (IEC/EN 60950-1)
CE Mark
FCC Class A
Environmental Specifications
■ 0ºC to 40ºC (Standard Operating)
■ -40ºC to 70ºC (Non-Operating)
Humidity: 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
Vibration: IEC 68-2-36, IEC 68-2-6
Shock: IEC 68-2-29
Drop: IEC 68-2-32
Dimensions (W x D x H): 44 x 47 x 4.3 cm (17.32 x 18.50 x 1.69 in)
Weight: 8.5 kg (18.73 lbs)
Fan Tray: Hot swappable tray with 3+1 redundant fans
PSUs: Two redundant, Load sharing, Hot swappable
Input Voltage: 90V~264V AC, 50-60 Hz
Max Input Current: 6 A at 100/120 VAC; 3 A at 200/240 VAC
Please check for the warranty terms in your country.
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Product Description
1Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 500m; Wavelength: 850nm)
1Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 10Km; Wavelength: 1310nm)
1Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 10Km; Wavelength: 1550nm)
1Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 500m; Wavelength: 850nm)
1Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance:10km; Wavelength: 1310nm)
10Gbps, Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 350m; Wavelength: 850nm)
10Gbps, Small Form Factor Pluggable (Distance: 10km; Wavelength: 1310nm)
QSFP-SR4, 3.3v, DD, CML/CML, 0-70C, 100M, 82m/100m(OM2/OM3), lead-free infiniband
QDR/DDR interconnects