Designed to perform. Built to last. GN 2000 IP

GN 2000 IP and GN 2000 for desk phone telephony
Designed to perform. Built to last.
The GN 2000 Series contact centre headsets feature superb call clarity. Tested to withstand rough
handling and comfortable enough to wear all day. Best of all, the GN 2000 Series offers far more than
you would expect from an affordable headset:
ß Optimised for contact centre use
ß Day-after-day durability due to robust design
ß Wideband sound for natural sounding audio quality with the GN 2000 IP
ß Large ear-cushions for extra comfort - delivered with foam and leatherette ear cushions
ß Choice of noise-cancelling microphone or SoundTube boom arm
GN 2000 IP
Built to last, the GN 2000 series is our toughest contact centre headset yet. The GN 2000 Series is a
straightforward, easy-to-use headset. It’s available with either a special noise-cancelling microphone
mounted on a flex boom arm or SoundTube equipped with a standard microphone. Experience crystal
clear communications as the noise-cancelling microphone reduces unwanted background noise – even
in noisy offices.
Large ear cushions provide exceptional comfort thanks to fully gimballed mountings. That
means our earpieces automatically adjust to the shape and angle of the ear. And less manual
adjustment means you can concentrate on the call and not on the headset.
The GN 2000 IP provides full frequency response up to 6,800 Hz so you enjoy optimum call clarity. The
GN 2000 is the smart alternative for compatibility with telephone systems that are not prepared for
wideband telephony.
What’s more, this remarkable headset also features our PeakStopTM technology, which cuts off sudden
loud noises above 118 dB SPL.
GN 2000
The GN 2000 is also available with a USB connector for dedicated IP applications. Furthermore, the
GN 2000 USB headset gives agents true stereo-quality sound. Complete with in-line sound controls, the
GN 2000 USB is a true plug-and-play product that is Microsoft Windows® compliant.
GN 2000 IP and GN 2000 for desk phone telephony
Robust design:
ß All-metal boom arm pivot
ß Plastic-rubber composite
Solid construction and impact-resistant materials ensure a long useful lifetime in tough work
Choice of large, soft foam or leatherette ear cushions
Self-adjusting for all-day comfort, plus outstanding inbound sound quality.
Rich, wideband sound with GN 2000 IP
Always enjoy optimum call clarity with a frequency response of 150 – 6800 Hz.
Standard telephony frequency response with GN 2000
Enjoy sound quality optimised for traditional telephony 300 – 3400 Hz.
Interchangeable SoundTube boom (accessory)
Improved hygiene.
Choice of boom arm with microphone:
ß Flex boom arm with noise-cancelling microphone
ß SoundTube boom with standard microphone
Choose the boom arm with the microphone that matches your contact centre environment.
Mono or duo sound
Depending on the specific contact centre environment, select the headset with sound in one or ear
both ears.
Acoustic shock protection
Protection against sudden loud noises emanating from the telephone network.
The GN 2000 also comes in a USB variant
The GN 2000 USB with integrated USB adapter provides ultimate stereo-quality sound.
The GN 2000 IP and GN 2000 are compatible with standard desk telephones.
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The GN 2000 series meets the electric strength test and impulse test requirements of the international standard IEC 60950-1 (as well as the EN 60950 AS/NZS3260
and UL 60950 standards).
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